Hi there, my fellow music makers! My name is Donovan Sharpe, and I love everything about playing, writing, recording, and producing music. I’ve been around music in one way or another for nearly my entire life. It’s a passion that just keeps growing. 

As a kid, I grew up traveling to music festivals with my parents, and my dad was always in bands. Some of my earliest memories are of live music, and I remember being mesmerized nearly every time I saw performers on stage. 

As I got older, I knew that music would be my main pursuit. I played in many bands during school and started writing and producing my own songs before I was technically an adult. I now have several decades of experience in all aspects of the music business. 

I’ve been to music school, played in several touring bands, and have spent countless hours in recording studios over the years. I’ve built several home studios and am very familiar with what it takes to make great home recordings. 

Why I Made This Site

There has never been a better time to record your music. With an almost endless amount of tools and resources at your disposal, nearly everyone with some talent can start recording from their bedrooms. 

I think anyone interested should be able to record their music, which is why I made this site. I wanted to share all the tools, tips, and resources I’ve learned over the years with others so that more great music can be made. 

But getting started with the home recording process can be difficult when it comes to choosing equipment or learning how to use different software platforms properly. I aim to help simplify this so you can dive in and start quickly. 

What I’ll Write About

The topics covered here will range from gear reviews to how-to guides and a whole lot more. I want to provide you with the information you need to make informed buying decisions and also help you become a better home audio engineer and producer. 

I’ll give you honest assessments of the recording equipment I’m familiar with to help you understand how it works and why you might want it in your home studio. I’ll cover various topics to give you as much information as possible. 

I’ll also compare and contrast different home recording software to help you understand which might be best for you. Everyone has their own preferences and workflow, but knowing a bit about the software before you buy it is always nice. 

What You’ll Learn

One of my favorite things about recording music is that you learn something new with nearly every project. I’ve gained a lot of experience through trial and error, and I want to help you solve the same issues I’ve had, only faster!

The articles you’ll find here will give you an in-depth look at some great music recording equipment, so you can make an informed decision on any gear you are thinking about buying. I’ll also let you know how each piece of equipment can improve your setup. 

You’ll also learn a lot about different audio production software. These programs are great, but they can also be overwhelming. The posts here will walk you through common troubleshooting issues and allow you to unlock the full potential of the software you are using. 

I’ll also do my best to provide thorough answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in the world of home studio recording. There is an endless amount of information to learn here, but the goal of this site is to be a great resource you can turn to again and again. 

How I Create the Content

Much of the content you’ll find here comes from my years of direct experience with the topics. After spending so much time involved with music, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge, which helps me write the articles you’ll see. 

I also have a vast network of other musicians, engineers, producers, and other music industry professionals at my disposal. I turn to these friends and acquaintances often when I have questions, which helps me develop even better content. 

For the gear reviews, I try to get my hands on as much equipment as possible to see how it works and where it can fit into a home setup. For the items I don’t have direct experience with, I ask my friends and other experts who are familiar with them. 

The how-to guides and comparisons come from my experience with various audio recording software. I’ve spent countless hours within these programs, and now I get the chance to help you solve the same problems I’ve encountered, only quicker!

Let’s Make Music!

Another big reason for creating SoundsWow is connecting musicians and engineers from all walks of life. The more we all help each other out, the more opportunities appear and the better the music gets. 

So feel free to reach out with any questions, suggestions, or other comments as you navigate through all the information here. The digital age allows us to make music in many ways, so let’s dive in and start creating!

You can contact me here.