my home recording studio

Hi, my name is Giorgio. I am a native Italian man, a passionate lover of music. I left Italy 20 years ago and for the last 10, I am based in Barcelona, Spain. I have been a singer and writer for a swing circus band called, till April. All amazing musicians who taught me tons of stuff about all the possible aspects of music and with whom I share one of the most unforgettable moments of my life.

As one of the guys in the band is a professional sound engineer, he has taught me how to run the hundreds of shows we’ve played over the many years together. Thanks to that I learned how to use a mixer, the different types of microphones and how to set our stage before every concert. I loved doing the job as I felt learning so much about something that I get pleasure out. Best feeling ever! Thanks to this growing knowledge I decided to make my own recording studio at home to practice and create on my own.

In my earlier memories, it was my dad who introduced me to music with his vinyl collections. We would spend hours listening to David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Depeche Mode, London Beat, Queen, and more and more of these cool people back then. Of course, I naturally learned how to use the turntable when I was very young. As the internet wasn’t yet an option to search for the lyrics.

Music has been since then my North Star to understand my passion and direction to take in life.

Some years ago, my path led me to Asian countries. I lived there for over two years and eventually fell in love with a traditional Chinese Violin called Erhu. It has been my best friend since and I have been practicing daily for two years up to now. However, there are a lot more world instruments in my home studios such as a Birimbao from Brasil or Kalimba from Africa.

about instrument

Jiha, who is a guitarist and a percussionist, has a little collection of other unusual instruments like a Kanjira or a Woodpack Drum. With them, we create our own music samples and projects.

Jiha is not only my partner but also involved in this project with me. Together we create all the content, graphics, and research necessary to develop the creation of each article on this site.

With all these instruments we create samples to make our own music and often jam with our baby loop station and pedals. We love the unusual instruments. That’s where our site Soundswow comes from. We have minimal equipment and those instruments in our home recording studio, to share our love of music.

I want to give you the right knowledge to experience music to its maximum potential, saving you time and money from research and wrong purchase.

How We Create The Content?

Every article on this website is planned and edited by me. It is the result of many hours of research and personal knowledge. It provides valuable and legitimate information with the purpose to meet the highest quality standards on each one of them. Sometimes I get help from other music professionals and freelance writers. Yet, no article gets published without my direct supervision and approval. 

I chose all the products reviewed and nominate the best available product at the time of writing. Every product choice and best overall is also the fruit of my own experience and research.

As a result of the work behind every one of our articles, you know that you are purchasing products that have a strong value for money and are as durable as possible. A lasting and qualitative product is what we want you to purchase.

And don’t worry as we have done all the due research for you. We want you to reduce the possibility of having to look for the same product in a short time. And, as we care about the environment, we don’t want you to buy something that stops working after a few months.

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