8 Best Bass Headphones

The bass in music is something you can hear and feel. Without it, music just doesn’t sound as good. And if you are looking for the best bass headphones this year is because you know that too.

Especially if you listen to genres such as Electronics or Rock Music, where the bass is even more needed or you want to use your headphone for producing and mixing. The fact is that finding a pair of headphones that have the type of bass you want can be a challenge.

And for us is a pleasure to give you a hand and share with you our best bass headphones selection and guideline. At the end of the day, it is all about that bass.

Why Does Bass Sound Feel So Good?

If I try to think about my very first experience of hearing and feeling a bass sound, it would be my mother’s heartbeat. I would love to be able to remember that. 

But yes, that was the first sound we ever experience. Nine-month of a steady and strong bassline as well as its vibration and body massage.

Isn’t mesmerizing that this was the first time we experience low frequencies? Can that be the reason that we get so much pleasure out of it? It has the power to lift us up and jump as soon as the DJ “pushes that button”.

The bass has its distinctive characteristics and very unique responsibility for the music! A friend of mine, a professional jazz double-bass player, once told me:

“The bass for music is like the foundation for a house. Without it, there is nothing to hold on to.”

How to Get More Bass in My Headphones?

There are a few ways you can increase the bass in your headphones. One way is to use an equalizer. Some headphones will come with bass settings on the ear cup. However, not all do. In the case of it not having a bass control, you can use your phone’s, computer’s, or stereo’s equalizer.

Another way to increase bass is by upgrading your ear cup’s materials. Most headphones come with protein foam or memory foam ear cups. Some brands allow for customization and upgrades.

The best bass ear cups are velour padding. This will create a tighter seal over the ears and maximize bass than listening to music with its max bass resonance.

Using low-impedance headphones or using a headphone amplifier can help too. Low-impedance headphones are more sensitive to audio quality. Using these will produce a punchier bass provided your audio files are of good quality. Amplifiers do exactly that; they amplify the sound.

But If the impedance of your headphones is between 33 and 100 ohms, you may consider having a headphone amp. Basically, if you cannot hear well enough the bass sound while listening to music, it means an external headphone amp is necessary. Your sound quality will improve including the bass that gets pushed by a headphone amplifier.

The last option you can do to improve the bass sound is by getting the new best bass headphones that have extra bass features.

The Best Bass Headphones Reviewed

Enjoy our selection of best bass headphones for this year. And even if in the selection we have made sure that all the items have great value for money and good customer satisfaction.

1. SkullCandy Crusher

  • Over-Ear
  • Closed-back
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Over 40 hours on a full battery
  • Bass adjustment
  • Impedance: 33 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz

SkullCandy headphones are known for their premium quality when it comes to headphones. These are no exceptions. The headphone’s design is simple and comes with four different options for colors. These headphones are wireless and are Bluetooth-enabled.

The battery life is up to 40 hours long. It’s made with memory foam for the ear cups and is lightweight for comfortable long-term use. The bass boost is adjustable along with volume control, call, and tracking. They have a closed-back design, so you won’t hear any background noises.


  • Foldable
  • Built-in microphone for answering calls
  • Multi-purpose button for calling, volume, pause, play, skip, bass adjustment
  • Super long battery life
  • Cool design


  • Plastic is flimsy and breakable

2. Sony WH–XB900N

  • Over-Ear
  • Can sync to Alexa & Bluetooth
  • Extra Bass
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Touch panel adjustments
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz

These Sony headphones have a modern design with two different color options. They are overhead headphones that include a digital noise-cancelling feature. It’s powered by Bluetooth and also features voice commands. This means you can sync it with your Alexa.

The extra bass feature gives the sound a deep and variable bass allowing you to hear every detail. The headphones are also lightweight for long-term wear.

The Quick Attention mode gives the option to switch to a call without taking off the headphones. Everything is powered by the Touch Sensor to answer calls, have volume control, and control your music.


  • Quite comfortable to wear
  • Long battery life
  • Looking good modern design


  • The touch sensors and flashing LEDs are prone to damage.

3. V-Moda Crossfade M-100

  • Cushions and shields can be customized
  • Over-Ear
  • Wired
  • Metallic body but light and durable
  • Adjustable bass
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz- 30KHz
  • Impedance: 32Ω

The V-Moda Crossfade are wired headphones but it doesn’t take away from the quality they have. The design is unique with a steel frame and hexagon-shaped ear cups with foam cushions.

They are lightweight enough to wear throughout the day. It has patented 50mm Dual Diaphragm Drivers that separate the bass from the highs and the highs while delivering a 3D soundstage.

The headphones are noise isolating and the bass is adjustable to your liking. And their sound quality is impressive. There isn’t any distortion and the sub-bass quality stands out compared to other brands.


  • Deep bass with clear vivid mids and extended highs
  • Foldable
  • Great sound quality


  • Ear clips are prone to breaking

4. Utaxo UT-BH003

  • Over-Ear
  • Wired also wireless
  • 30-hour battery life
  • ANC technology
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz

The Utaxo Bass Headphones are wireless and wired overhead headphones. They have active noise cancelling technology (ANC) to reduce noise and improve immersion in your music.

The headphones use a 45mm driver to deliver stereo sound with deep, powerful bass. The earcups are medium-sized with soft protein cushions for your added comfort.

They are adjustable and rotatable as well. The battery runs at 30 hours on a single charge but does have a rapid charge mode too. It also runs with 5.0 Bluetooth.


  • Powerful Bass
  • Adjustable headband
  • Clear sound and rich bass


  • Not as durable as they look

5. Picun P28S EQ

  • Over-Ear
  • 40-hour battery life
  • EQ bass mode
  • Wired also wireless
  • Four drivers
  • Frequency Range:20-20kHZ. 
  • Controls on headphones

The Picun P28S has a sleek design with two different colors available to choose from. The headband is adjustable with swivel protein ear cups for comfort and durability. It’s a wireless headset that can be plugged in to be wired too.

The headphones have four drivers (dual drivers in each ear cup) and come with an EQ bass mode to deliver quality sound. The Bluetooth connectivity can travel up to 33 feet. It has up to 40 hours of battery life and a short rapid charge for up to four hours.

The Picun gives you full control of the volume, answering calls, switching songs, and a built-in microphone right on the headphones.


  • Comfortable for long wear
  • Strong and steady wireless connection
  • Good bass


  • You may hear muddy sound

6. Audio-Technica ATH-WS990BT Solid Bass

  • Over-Ear
  • 30-hour battery life
  • Wired also wireless
  • Fully controlled on the ear cup
  • Supports aptX
  • ANC technology (Active Noice Canceling)
  • Impedance 150 ohms, when using noise-canceling 
  • Impedance 30 ohms, when not using noise-canceling* 
  • Frequency Range:5 Hz-40kHZ. 

The Audio-Technica ATH are both wired and wireless headphones that use Bluetooth connectivity. The overall design is simple, but the ear cups use 53mm Deep Motion Drivers and ANC. They use high-flux magnetic circuitry to deliver powerful bass and full-range audio.

The magnetic force allows for detailed mid-to-high frequencies and deep, low frequencies. It has a mic with full volume control, answering calls, and controlling playback of music and videos. It can also support aptX. The battery life will last up to 30 hours on a single full charge.


  • Bass is solid
  • Quite durable
  • Comfortable to wear all-day


  • ANC doesn’t work well

7. Bose SoundLink

  • Over-Ear
  • Wired also wireless
  • Sync two devices at once
  • Advanced microphone system
  • Made with impact-resistant materials
  • Active EQ

The Bose SoundLink has a stylish, modern look with two color options. You can use it wired or wirelessly. If using it wirelessly, you can connect it to two devices and switch back and forth through Bluetooth. The battery life lasts up to 15 hours when using Bluetooth.

The headphones have an advanced microphone system for taking calls in noisy environments. The Active EQ delivers crisp and strong sound at all volume levels. The Bose SoundLink is made with impact-resistant materials but is still lightweight for long wear.


  • Comfortable to wear all-day
  • Crunchy bass/crisp highs
  • Long battery life


  • Headband may easily fall apart

8. Ghostek soDrop 2

  • Over-Ear
  • Bass-Sensitivity
  • Supports aptX
  • Built-in microphone
  • Bi-Directional Noise Reduction
  • HD Sound

The Ghostek has a unique design with two options for color. It’s made with high-quality soft leather and brushed aluminum metal accents.

The ear cups are hexagon-shaped for added comfort and Bi-Directional noise cancellation. It can be used both wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.0 and wired. It has a built-in microphone and full control settings on the ear cup for ease of use. It has HD crystal clear sound with aptX support.


  • Super comfortable
  • Long battery life
  • Superb sound quality


  • Not very durable

What is Sub-Bass?

When it comes to technical terms, bass in headphones has a certain audio frequency. This ranges from 60Hz to 250hz. The ideal bass is crisp, loud, and clear. It doesn’t overpower the song when played at higher volumes.

The sub-bass is a little different in terms of frequency. It’s similar to the bass in your headphones but the frequency is only at 20Hz.

Typically, you’ll hear an extra thump to your music at the end. Sub-bass is something that music producers and creators will play around with. Most headphones don’t come with this feature but some brands do make them.

Types of Bass Headphones

When most people think of bass in headphones, they generally don’t realize there is more to it. There are several types you’ll encounter when purchasing a pair.

1. Heavy Bass Headphones

These are high-frequency headphones with extra bass. Some brands will advertise their product as having heavy bass. Whether this feature is helpful is debatable.

Many believe that heavy bass compromises sound quality, while others don’t see a difference. Heavy bass does have ear health issues if it’s listened to at a high volume for a long period of time.

2. Flat Response Bass Headphones

These bass headphones are the opposite of the above type. Flat response bass is the most common. The frequency is balanced which makes it ideal for all music types. It works exceptionally well with rock genres.

3. Bright Response Bass Headphones

These types of headphones tend to produce frequencies equal to a concert speaker, or a small bass-boosted speaker. Bright Response headphones are great for many types of music.

4. Balanced Bass Headphones

This type of bass headphone has a balanced sound signature. They have a very high-frequency response and range. These are the best types of headphones that are usually hard to find. They have high-quality bass. This makes them enhanced without being too high or flat.

These headphones prioritize their settings and frequencies according to the music. It matches the treble, bass, and other sound qualities according to the music.

Final Thoughts

While we reviewed the above list of the best bass headphones, there is one that stands out from the rest. The Bose SoundLink is our top choice for various reasons. The design is stylish and different compared to other brands. It also can connect to multiple devices at once.

The headphones are comfortable for long wear with good battery life. The most important reason it stands out is the sound and bass quality. It’s better than the others we looked at.