5 Best Portable Turntables

A Portable Turntable is a cute-looking little machine. It doesn’t need any pre-setting thus a great choice for those who are new to this game. Still, it is not easy to talk about portable turntables for so many reasons.

It is obvious that so many people have fallen in love with these portable gems for the appealing aesthetic, the practicality, and the possibility to spin records for such a little price. On the other hand, affordability is also the reason for low expectations when it comes to the quality of the body and its parts.

In my search, I was very meticulous to choose the best options available at the moment within the realm of portable turntables including durability.

The Best Portable Turntables Reviewed

Here is a list of our top picks, along with a quick review of each portable turnable so you understand its pros and cons.


Our first choice is based on a charming retro look and overall quality. You may have more expensive pieces of furniture in the house that do not look as good. And it plays vinyl and radio.

Bluetooth connectivity to play directly from your mobile or laptop and a huge amount of customer satisfaction has given us reasons to call this little jewel the best portable turntable with built-in speakers out there.

Simply plug and play. And if you have a set of speakers at home, you are able to connect through RCA cable (red/white cables). Bypassing the built-in ones when possible is recommended to improve the quality of sound.


  • Light and fancy
  • Ideal for beginner users
  • Plays 7″, 10″ & 12″ vinyl
  • 45 RPM adaptor included in the box
  • Headphone jack input 
  • 12-month warranty 


  • No dust cover

2. Wockoder

Decorative and nostalgic look, Wockoder presents its Portable Turntables in 4 different colors: Black – Blue – Denim Blue, and Red. It runs at three different speeds (33 – 45 – 78 RPM). Built-in speaker with RCA output if you want to connect them to your external ones.

Stream music from your mobile or laptop with the Bluetooth option. Affordable and easy to use this Turntable does not need any presetting. The suitcase-style allows you to take it where you want to give a retro touch to any party.


  • Decorative vintage style
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Beginners choice
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Built-in speakers
  • RCA output to connect to external speakers


  • Average material and quality of sound

3. Dodocool

The Dodocool Portable Turntable is affordable and easy to play. The vintage suitcase look is cute and makes it easy to travel with. It has built-in speakers and many modern options like Bluetooth, a USB port, Vinyl to MP3 converter.

You can connect to external speakers and bypass the built-in speakers. It is a basic Turntable, suitable for beginners. The sound quality of the internal speaker is average but it does the job. For limited budget can be a good option. It is very decorative and easy to take to a friend or family party.


  • Portable Suitcase
  • Plug and play
  • Affordable
  • Built-in speakers
  • Lifetime warranty and technical consulting, within 180 days
  • Three possible speeds are 33, 45, and 76 RPM
  • Bluetooth friendly
  • Vinyl to mp3 file converter
  • RCA channel connection for external speakers
  • AUX/USB/SD Card input
  • One extra Stylus (Needle)
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Cheap components material
  • Low quality of sound with built-in speakers
  • Some complaints about humming when connected to external speakers

4. 1byone

This 1byone Suitcase portable turntable is very affordable and simple to use. The tonearm is already balanced and no pre-setting is required. Input to connect to a mobile or computer device to listen through the built-in speakers.

They deliver an average quality of sound but can be bypassed with external with an RCA cable.  Thinkable present for newbie of this kingdom. Easy to carry and decorative vintage look. Poor quality of material on the overall but incredibly affordable. 


  • Vintage designs
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Ready to play no pre-setting required
  • Built-in speakers
  • RCA output to connect with external speakers
  • Good for beginner users
  • 3-speed selection for 33, 45, or 78 RPM


  • Everage sound for built-in speakers
  • Cheap material

5. Numark PT01 Scratch DJ

Best portable turntable for scratching. Good fun and easy to carry with a solid look. Numark PT01 is the DJ option for portable Turntables.

Built-in speakers and the only one on this list with changeable 6 D batteries  (not included). Good option if you are planning a street performance or you are seeking such an alternative. Otherwise, use the AC adapter to plug it in at home.

To improve sound quality, connect to an external speaker through the RCA output. It is mainly made of plastic and its quality is average. The latch on the Tonearm seems to be particularly breakable and the 45” vinyl adaptor is a little loose.


  • Small, light, and portable
  • USB interface for recording vinyl
  • Rechargeable parts if you want to upgrade
  • RCA output to connect with external speakers
  • Vinyl to mp3 file converter
  • Plug on the wall power supply or use it with 6 D batteries
  • Mobile and computer input


  • Tonearm latch easy to break
  • Loose 45” adapter

How to Choose the Best Portable Turntable

Let’s break down the good and the bad when talking about portable turntables.


Bear in mind that quality Turntables were never meant to be portable. In fact, a portable turntable is a new thing that has happened for a couple of decades. Cleary for being practical while on a budget. We do not want to expect too much when it comes to quality build thought. We didn’t pay for that.


People know that and positively rate portable turntables for their look and practicality based on affordability. These are the factors that have given momentum to these new products on the market today. Many more people now can manage this expense as you can even find a portable turntable for under 50 dollars.

What We Get from Portability

First, let’s think about the word “portable”. Let’s say that anything considered “portable” should be light and small.


These features are already a big contradiction when talking about quality turntables. The turntables on the market demand a heavy body. Weight absorbs vibrations and becomes a must to deliver a good quality sound.

Dealing with Vibration

Any portable record player has a motor to make the Platter spinning. The motor is either below the Platter (Direct Drive Turntables) or on the side attached to the Platter with a rubber belt (Belt Drive Turntable).

When you spin a record the motor creates some vibrations. A heavier body record player will absorb better these vibrations and some choose to buy an isolation platform to reduce them. Or make their own out of racketball like this guy. 

The fact is that vibrations for a Turntable are just a BIG NO! The mechanism is very delicate and they rather prefer to stay on a steady spot, well leveled, and with a heavy body to hold on to the position.

But, today’s manufacturer of the best Portable Turntables has chosen plastic for the Plinth (Turntable’s body). Necessary to deliver lightness and affordability.

Portable But No Counterweight

To make it practical for new users, portable turntables come without a counterweight. This is an adjustable weight placed on the far end of the Tonearm. Its job is to give the Stylus (Needle) the recommended vertical weight on the vinyl record. Also called “the tracking force ”.

You use this adjustment before playing a more qualitative Turntable for the first time as part of the initial setting of Balancing the Tonearm”.

A lack of counterweight

So, why is the Tracking Force of the Stylus so important?

Imagine the Stylus riding on the groove of a record. If its weight is not sufficient, it may jump off the groove of the record due to the spinning force.

A stylus off the groove can seriously scratch the whole vinyl while wearing itself at the same time. Same, but different, if the tracking force is too heavy on the vinyl.

In this case, the stylus is stable on the groove but it’s applying way too much weight to it. Excessive tracking force wears the vinyl and eventually scratches the records.

Bear in mind that the tracking force of the stylus is usually between 1.5 to 3.5 grams. In a more professional Turntable, you will find this information in the manual.

If you already own a Turntable with no Counterweight, you can check the tracking force of the needle with a digital scale.

Budgets & Turntable Limits

What gear do you need to play a record?

Apart from the Turntable itself you also need a preamp, a receiver/or amplifier, and external speakers. These are all expensive components that improve the quality of sound. How can Portable Turntables have all of this within and be so cheap? That is my point.

If you decide to buy this kind of Record Player you are paying for practicality and not for quality. As said before, many people seem to be happy to have these all-in-one products once they know the deal.

Speed Issues

Some people seem to experience some speed problems when listening to their records on some of these portable turntables. That means that the records spin either faster or slower than they should and give the song either a higher or a lower pitch. 

Well, this man has found his own way to repair his portable Turntable with such an issue.

Final Verdict

I hope this article has been of any help to for you to choose the best portable turntable for yourself. Treat your new arrival right and clean your record before any use to prevent wearing the stylus or scratching your records. Use a carbon fiber brush to do so. They are efficient and affordable. Also, hold your record from the sides when you put it on.

I personally put the first choice for the best portable turntable to be VOKSUN Vintage, only because I particularly appreciate the design and I do value how things look.

I hope this article was of any help. If you want to have a look at more options, check out our selection of the best vintage turntables.