10 Best Turntables with Speakers

While many hardcore audiophiles will pour thousands of dollars into their vinyl setup, that’s not always feasible. What if you’re lacking space or simply want to listen to your record collection on the go?

That’s where a turntable with speakers comes in. Whether you opt for an all-in-one set or you’re looking for the best record player with built-in speakers, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Record players are more popular than ever! Sales have been on a steady rise in the last few years, resulting in a great market filled with some innovative gear.

A simple record player with speakers provides that tactile experience vinyl enthusiasts love so much. Yet, they’re simple enough for even the newest record collector to try out!

What Can You Expect from the Best Turntable with Speakers?

First things first, let’s go over what you can expect from a record player with speakers. Thanks to the resurgence of vinyl in the last few decades, the market has boomed! Record companies are releasing new albums on vinyl and many of those popular records from decades past are being reprinted.

Back in the day, listening to vinyl records was meant to be an experience. It was about sitting down and listening to music with no distractions. As a result, record players required large setups with several pieces of equipment. This included dedicated amplifiers, preamps, speakers, and more.

Those setups still exist today and are often recreated by those looking to achieve a high-fidelity sound.

But let’s be realistic: Not everyone has space or money to invest in a complicated system. Does that mean that listening to vinyl records is out of reach? Of course not!

Record players with built-in speakers and all-in-one sets were built to address those specific problems. They make this once-obsolete analog technology more accessible to the masses!

Generally, record players with speakers are far more affordable than larger setups. Not only that, but they take up very little space. Many big-name manufacturers even offer “briefcase-style” units that you can take with you on the go! These record players focus on simplicity and ease of use.

There’s no complex setup process to worry about. Most don’t even have all of the intricate settings that larger setups have.

While this does create some sacrifices in sound, it’s a trade-off that’s worth it to many record lovers. We’ll get into the pitfalls of turntables with speakers later.

Ultimately, these turntables prioritize simplicity and accessibility above all else. Some vinyl fans think that these devices separate serious collectors from novice ones. But if you ask up, putting the beauty of vinyl in the hands of more people is always a plus!

The Best Turntables with Speakers Reviewed

We have found the five best turntables with powered speakers and the five best turntables with built-in speakers. Check out the one you are looking for.

1. Crosley K100

  • Magnetic cartridge
  • Belt drive
  • 30-watt total speaker output

Crosley is another heavy-hitter in this market sector. Known for creating replicas of old-school turntables, the brand does a great job of scratching that nostalgic itch.

The K100 turntable is a good example of that attention to detail! It looks like a unit from the 1980s. However, it’s sporting some modern features that make things much simpler.

For example, the platter is solid and well-built. It’s made out of die-cast aluminum. Helping to minimize vibrations even further is anti-skid technology. The record player even makes lining up the stylus easier. It has hydraulic lift control and a convenient S-shaped tonearm.

The speakers that come with this unit sound pretty decent. They have integrated Bluetooth, so you’re not just limited to listening to your record collection.


  • Adjustable strobe pitch
  • S-shaped tonearm
  • Minimal skipping
  • Switchable preamp


  • No auto-stop function for platter

2. 1byone

  • Audio Technica stylus
  • Belt drive
  • 36-watt total speaker output

This record player from 1byone has everything you need to get started. The standalone speakers connect to the record player through simple ports on the back. Once you get everything balanced, starting your record is as simple as flipping a switch!

There are some great standout features of this unit. The thing we like most is the fact that you’re not just limited to the included speakers.

The speakers you get are very respectable and provide great sound for their size. But, you can always swap them out with other active speakers. The ports on the back accept most speakers with ease.

In addition to the basics, this record player is sporting Bluetooth connectivity, anti-skip technology, an adjustable tonearm, and a USB port for easy digitization.


  • Minimal skipping
  • Respectable sound quality
  • Easy to set up
  • USB port for vinyl digitization
  • Can be used with external gear


  • Tonearm can be tricky to adjust

3. Victrola Modern 3-Speed

  • Ceramic stylus cartridge
  • Belt drive
  • 50-watt total speaker output

Victrola is one of the more popular manufacturers of these types of record players. This particular model shows why. It’s easy to set up, a breeze to use, and dripping with style. The record player is available in a range of vibrant colors and comes with a sleek glossy finish.

This is a three-speed belt-driven record player. There aren’t too many settings to fiddle with. Once you have the correct speed chosen, just place your record, set the needle, and go.

The 50-watt speakers are down nice. If you’d rather implement this turntable into your existing setup, you can do that, too. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth technology, it offers more capability than standard record players.


  • Sleek design
  • Three-speed options
  • Can be implemented into an existing setup
  • Good for beginners


  • The stylus isn’t the best quality

4. Voksun

  • Audio Technica magnetic cartridge
  • Belt drive
  • 30-watt total speaker output

This mid-century modern-inspired turntable from Voksun is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. We’re happy to say that it performs just as well. The record player has some great features that you normally wouldn’t find on a unit in this price range.

This includes an adjustable counterweight on the tonearm. With a simple twist, you can fine-tune the counterweight to minimize distortion and unwanted vibrations. Pair that with the anti-skating system and you have a solid record player that actively works to make your records sound as good as possible.

The included speakers are pretty solid. They’re wrapped in a matching wood veneer to provide a cohesive look. You can also utilize separate active speakers if you choose to do so.


  • Three-speed operation
  • Comes with an adjustable counterweight
  • Solid construction
  • Simple design


  • No dust cover

5. Crosley T100

  • Ceramic cartridge
  • Belt drive
  • 30-watt total speaker output

Here’s another great option from Crosley. This is a two-speed turntable that you can get in a few different colors. The record player itself is very simple in design. There are only a handful of controls to worry about, making the system very easy to use for those who don’t have a ton of experience with vinyl.

The speakers that come with the record player deserve a special shoutout. They sound quite good considering their size. There’s a separate tweeter, which helps to improve sound quality in the upper register.

The cone for the mid-range and bass is quite large, too. As a result, the system is a great choice for bass-heavy music. It’s not going to provide you with audiophile-level quality, but the bass sounds punchy and responsive.


  • Two-speeds and pitch control
  • Good for bass-heavy music
  • Can be connected to the existing setup


  • Prone to collecting dust

6. SeeYing

  • Two-speed
  • Belt drive
  • Headphone jack, line-out, and Bluetooth

If you need a small record player that you can tuck anywhere, this option from SeeYing may be for you. It’s an all-in-one system that has two integrated speakers.

The speakers can get pretty loud, which is surprising for the size. If you have space, this record player does have RCA outputs to use external passive speakers as well.

Overall, the turntable is very easy to use. The volume knob doubles as the power switch. Aside from an auto start/stop and speed adjustment switch, there are no other physical controls. The system does have Bluetooth connectivity built-in, so you can easily stream music wirelessly when you don’t want to listen to a record.


  • Compact footprint
  • Integrated dust cover
  • Can be used with external speakers
  • Simple operation


  • Not as many performance controls

7. SeeYing TT-185BT

  • Two-speed
  • Belt drive
  • Headphone jack, line-out, and Bluetooth

Also from SeeYing is this multi-purpose record player. It’s not just a standard turntable. There’s also a built-in tuner for FM radio. You can also stream music wirelessly thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity.

The record player portion is pretty simple. Like the previous SeeYing model, there aren’t any complicated settings. It’s relatively limited in terms of what you can do. You won’t find counterweight adjustments. There is, however, two speeds so that you can listen to smaller 45 records.

The speakers are located on the sides of the unit. While they are not the best in terms of quality, they do have respectable volume. The design of the record player helps to minimize vibrations and skipping, so you can pump up the jams without having to worry about ruining your records.


  • Small and compact
  • Built-in radio tuner
  • RCA outputs for external speakers
  • Minimal skipping


  • Speakers aren’t the best

8. Victrola 50’s Retro

  • Three-speed
  • Belt drive
  • Headphone jack, line-out, USB, and Bluetooth

This Victrola turntable is designed to be a staple in your entertainment center. It has multiple listening modes, allowing you to enjoy your media how you want.

In addition to a record player, it has a radio tuner, CD player, and Bluetooth connectivity. Best of all, it’s all packaged in a compact body that looks like it would fit right into a 1950s diner!

This is a beautiful unit with a lot to love. The turntable mechanics are quite solid. Thanks to the weight of this system, you don’t really have to worry about skipping or distortion.

It has three speeds and some simple controls. There’s also a USB port on the back. The equipment comes with encoding software so that you can easily digitize your collection.


  • Beautiful vintage design
  • AM/FM radio tuner
  • Built-in CD player
  • USB connectivity


  • Volume levels are unmatched across modes

9. Victrola Navigator 8-in-1

  • Three-speed
  • Belt drive
  • Headphone jack, line-out, USB, and Bluetooth

If the vintage wood-style gear is more your game, this Victrola model is a good choice. All of the system’s various features are wrapped in durable wood. Old-school elements like metal accents and faux leather give it an authentic look.

When it comes to functionality, this record player has it all. It supports almost a wide range of media formats. Not only are you getting a vinyl turntable, but you’re also getting a CD player, a cassette player, Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, and more. It’s truly an all-in-one system.

The best part is that the various functions are easy to use. The unit is compact and contains everything you need to get started. Just choose the mode and start listening!


  • Multiple ways to enjoy music
  • Durable wood construction
  • Comes with remote control
  • Respectable sound quality


  • The driver can be a bit loud


  • Three-speed
  • Belt drive
  • Headphone jack, AUX-in port, and Bluetooth

This record from WOCKODER is very simple. It’s a true “plug-and-play” unit without all of the fuss. Everything is built into the device. The stereo speakers are located on the front of the unit, which is great for directing sound where you want. The cones are protected by an attractive fabric grill.

There are some extra features to increase functionality. On the back of the unit, you’ll find RCA outputs. They can be used for external active speakers if you want more power. There’s also an AUX jack and Bluetooth for listening to your digital collection.

Overall, this is a no-frills record player. It’s affordably priced and covers all your bases. It’s not going to provide impeccable sound quality, but the record player sounds pretty decent and is easy enough for anyone to use.


  • Rubber feet for low vibrations
  • Arm riser
  • Sleek wood base
  • Can be used with external active speakers


  • Bluetooth can be a hassle to connect

Built-in Speakers vs. All-in-One Sets

Once you start looking for that perfect record player, you’re going to come across a couple of distinct options. When a brand advertises that the record player “comes with speakers,” this could mean several different things. There are units that are connected to powered speakers and units that have speakers built-in.

Confused yet? Let’s dig a bit deeper into how these options vary.

1. Turntables With Powered Speakers

Systems with powered speakers are best if you’re planning on using the record player in your home. They’re not exactly the most portable things around, but they take up much less space than those bigger setups.

As you might have guessed, these record players come with attached power speakers. The speaker system isn’t built into the unit itself. Rather, you can connect the included speakers and arrange them how you like.

The speakers used are powered. These are also referred to as active speakers. Basically, each speaker has its own amplification system built right in. Most power the separate drivers individually, too. This results in great sound and clarity.

The biggest benefit of record players with powered speakers is that you can bypass all of the extra gear you would normally need. Record players need extra power to produce sound.

The preamp must bring that analog signal to line level, which is then boosted by the amplifier. With powered active speakers, all of that is done within the system. There’s no need to invest in separate gear or worry about complicated settings. It’s “plug-and-play” at its finest!

Most modern record players using powered speakers also come with additional perks. They may have Bluetooth technology for wireless streaming, turning a basic music setup into a multi-functional powerhouse.

2. Turntables With Built-In Speakers

Now, the best record player with built-in speakers offers ultimate portability. But, it’s not as cut and dry as you might think! Even within this subcategory, there are some variations in what you’ll find in the market.

The simplest option is going to be true all-in-one systems. This means that everything is built into one streamlined machine. The speakers, amplifier, and preamp are housed in one body, allowing you to enjoy your vinyl collection anywhere. In most cases, setup is as easy as just plugging the record player in!

Despite all of the technology packed into one gadget, these systems are usually very affordable. You can find them in a wide range of designs to suit your unique needs, too.

Another option is a simple “all-in-one” record player. While the name of these devices might lead you to believe that they have everything you need, that’s not always the case. Many brands advertise “all-in-one” systems that don’t include any speakers!

Instead, they have the phono preamp and amplifier built-in. You would have to provide your own passive speakers.

Unlike active speakers, passive speakers aren’t powered. They simply take the signal from the amplifier and make it audible. These systems are still beneficial because they save space with the built-in amp system. But, you’ll need to make a separate purchase to actually hear your music.

The Issue with All-in-One Record Players with Speakers

The best turntable with speakers is a great investment if you’re looking for a stylish system that’s easy to use. But, we’d be remiss if we didn’t touch upon some of the negative aspects they bring to the table.

Whether you choose to get a system with separate powered speakers or one with built-in speakers, you are going to have to sacrifice sound quality. There’s no getting around it: Sound quality cannot be compared to larger setups or professional audiophile turntable.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. Vibrations

Vinyl records work on the simple concept of vibrations. The stylus travels through the grooves and picks up vibrations. Those vibrations are then turned into sound through the cartridge and amp.

Unfortunately, this makes the entire system sensitive to vibrations as a whole. Have you ever had a record skip because you rattled the table your record player was sitting on? Now imagine having constant vibrations directly underneath the record platter!

That’s what happens when you have built-in speakers. The speakers are usually located directly below the record itself. If you were to crank up the volume, the sound quality would surely suffer.

2. Size

Another thing that’s going to affect the sound quality is the size of the unit. To squeeze all of those components into a small package, small speakers are used. Sound waves need room to travel! That’s why larger speaker cones sound so great. They can manipulate the air and replicate audio efficiently.

Smaller speakers are incapable of doing that. As a result, you might notice some issues across the entire frequency spectrum. Oftentimes, speakers can sound a bit tinny and shallow.

3. Lack of Customization

Finally, the biggest disadvantage of record players with speakers is the lack of customization. This isn’t a huge issue when you first buy your record player.

But at some point, you might want to put more money into your setup. This isn’t possible with an all-in-one unit. Everything is built-in, making it impossible to make changes to the equipment.

Are Turntables With Speakers Worth It?

Don’t let sound quality issues turn you off. These systems are still worth the investment if they match your needs. Remember, all-in-one systems are geared towards simplicity and accessibility. If you don’t have the means to create a larger setup, smaller turntables are a fantastic choice.

While they aren’t going to provide you with hi-fi sound, the technology has come a long way in recent years. The best turntable with speakers can provide you with decent sound without all of the fuss. That alone is well worth the consideration.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to spend a fortune or be an expert with analog technology to enjoy vinyl records! The best turntables with speakers eliminate that learning curve and price wall that used to come with vinyl. Now, everyone can enjoy what record players have to offer!

Our top pick for the best turntable with speakers goes to the Crosley K100 Belt-Drive Turntable With Bluetooth Speakers, while the best record player with built-in speakers is the Victrola Navigator 8-In-1 Record Player With Built-In Speakers. Both have great value for money, quality build, and huge customer satisfaction.

These systems are all very easy to set up. You don’t have to worry about finding matching speakers or putting money into investing in separate equipment. They come with everything you need to get started.

Vinyl records can do a lot to enhance the listening experience. With the right record player, you can finally hear what vinyl lovers around the world love about this old-school technology!