Too Quiet? Here’s How to Make Your Speakers Louder

Whether you’re listening to your favorite tunes or watching a video, nothing beats pumping up the volume to 11!

There’s something about hearing the jams we love at Earth-shattering volumes! It’s not just a weird preference. Loud music causes the brain to release more endorphins, resulting in that elusive “music high.”

How to make speakers louder

Unfortunately, not everyone has a killer sound system at their disposal. If your speakers aren’t cutting it, we have you covered!

Here is how to make a speaker louder so that you can enjoy some bone-rattling sound.

How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder

Making a Bluetooth Speaker Louder

Bluetooth speakers have completely changed the way we listen to music. Originally developed as an alternative to data cables, wireless technology quickly made its way to phones and audio players.

Today, it’s pretty much standard. Could you imagine not having a Bluetooth-capable music device?

Once connected, Bluetooth speakers stream your tunes wirelessly, allowing you to enjoy your collection untethered. Bluetooth technology has evolved a lot in the last couple of decades.

But, there’s one thing that’s remained unchanged: The amount of sonic information making it to the speaker isn’t on the same level as wired connections.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever to turn the volume up. More volume won’t replace that lost information. But the perceived quality will certainly experience a boost.

Want to learn how to make speakers louder without wires? It’s easier than you think!

Place It Close to a Wall

Ask any seasoned sound engineer about this technique, and they’ll probably cringe!

But hey, you’re looking to simply enjoy your music, right? In this case, putting your Bluetooth speaker against the wall can make a huge difference.

It all comes down to sound reflections. You can’t see sound waves coming from your speaker. However, they travel throughout the room and interact with walls all the same. Against the wall, the vibrations and sound waves from the speaker are free to bounce off the walls and amplify.

It’s best to try this in an empty room. A heavily decorated room with tons of furniture will only lead to sound diffusion, which has the opposite effect of what you want.

If possible, place your speaker in the corner of the two walls. The sound waves will have two surfaces to bounce off of, leading to an even bigger sound.

You’re not just manipulating volume here. Bluetooth speakers against a wall will generate more bass, which is always a plus!

Place It on the Floor

Here’s a quick and easy trick! Placing your Bluetooth speaker on the floor in the middle of the room lets the sound waves naturally radiate.

Ever wonder why subwoofers are supposed to go on the floor? It’s because the sound can travel unencumbered. As a result, it sounds clear and unfiltered. The same goes for small Bluetooth speakers.

Sound waves can bounce off floors, too. They’ll reflect upward toward your ear, making your tunes sound even louder.

How to Make a Desktop Computer Speaker Louder

Getting Louder Computer Speakers

Those pint-sized computer speakers you’re rocking on your desktop are fine for little audio clips here and there. But when you want to really pump it up, they leave very little to be desired.

If you want to know how to make speakers louder on your computer, the key is to fork over the cash for an equipment upgrade!

Use an Amplifier

Believe it or not, amplifiers aren’t just for standalone speakers and enormous music setups! You can get one for your computer, too!

There are plenty of ways to enjoy high-fidelity audio on a computer. The first step in that puzzle is investing in a standalone amplifier. These devices serve the exact same purpose as a stage or studio amp. But, they’re on a much smaller scale.

Amplifiers take a low-voltage signal from your music source. In this case, that would be your computer. Then, it beefs up the signal enough to power a pair of speakers. More wattage doesn’t always mean that you’re getting louder sound.

That said, an amplifier will let you connect high-powered speakers that are capable of providing the volume you’re after.

It’s important to do your homework here! No matter how good your amp is, it’s not going to make crappy computer speakers sound any better.

Instead, it will just lead to distortion and possibly blown drivers. The trick is to upgrade your computer’s entire sound system. That means choosing complementary speakers that match your amp’s output.

That may seem like a lot of work, but trust us: The payoff is well worth it!

How to Make a Laptop Speaker Louder

Making a Laptop Speaker Louder

Learning how to make speakers louder on your laptop is tricky. Laptop audio components are notoriously weak. They have to be to achieve that slim and portable design!

Laptop manufacturers are doing a lot to improve sound quality. But, the volume is still lacking in most models.

Interestingly enough, many laptops are perfectly capable of going beyond the “100 percent” volume setting. But, manufacturers place built-in limits to prevent that. Luckily, some simple workarounds can help you bypass pesky limitations.

Apple Mac Computers

Apple has a reputation for creating a “walled garden” environment for users. For the most part, it’s not a huge deal, as the power of Mac machines provides more than enough flexibility. But when you want to change things like max volume, your options are limited.

Currently, there are no official ways to pump up the maximum volume of Mac laptops.

That said, you can use third-party programs to get the job done. One popular app for Mac users is Audio Hijack. This app is built to let you record audio from any program running on your machine. You can use some of its volume control features to push the built-in speakers to the limit.

The app is not free, so you will need to shell out some cash. But once you do, increasing audio is super simple. All you have to do is map the system as if you were recording audio. Tell the app which program you want to pull audio from. Then, add the volume module.

With this module, you can increase the maximum volume output of the speakers by as much as 4X. Program the app to divert the signal from the module to your external speakers, and you can enjoy some impressively loud volume!

Windows PCs

Windows machines are a bit easier to tweak. You have a couple of routes to go here.

The first is to use Windows’ built-in sound configurations. Start by navigating to the Control Panel. Select the “Sound” menu under “Hardware and Sound.”

Click on the “Enhancements” tab and find the selection called “Loudness Equalization.” Check that box and hit “Apply” to save your changes.

This feature reduces perceived loudness differences. It makes quieter sounds louder, boosting the overall maximum volume.

Another option is to fiddle with equalizer settings. Under the same “Enhancements” tab as before, hit the “Equalizer” option. This will bring up a full EQ system with several bands. Just turn up each band to give the volume a boost.

If you don’t want to make permanent changes to your PC settings, you can always download audio-enhancing programs. Like the one for Mac computers, they can push your built-in speakers further.

How to Make iPhone Speaker Louder

Get a Louder iPhone Speaker

The speakers on an iPhone are surprisingly loud already. Since the iPhone 6, Apple’s flagship devices have made quite the impact on volume junkies!

But of course, they could always be louder! Like any other small device, iPhones have to utilize small speakers. Despite all of Apple’s technology, these speakers still produce somewhat directional sound that’s nowhere near powerful enough to fill a room.

Here are some ways to get a better listening experience.

Adjust Limiter and EQ Settings

How to make speakers louder on an iPhone? Your easiest option is to take a trip to the “Settings” app. Head over to the “Music” menu, and you’ll see two options that will impact speaker capabilities.

The first is the EQ. Apple provides a bevy of preset equalizer settings to help change audio quality. The one you want to choose is called “Late Night.”

The “Late Night” setting is similar to the “Loudness Equalization” setting we went over for Windows laptops. It normalizes the sound, making the quieter parts of your song closer in volume to the louder parts. Overall, it provides a nice boost in volume.

Another setting you can adjust is the volume limiter. Found in the same “Music” menu within the “Settings” app, this feature makes a huge difference. Apple introduced the limiter to prevent the volume from going past a certain threshold. It’s great for parents wanting to avoid any potentially damaging volume levels on kids’ devices.

You can adjust the limiter threshold to increase the speakers’ capabilities. Or, you can just turn it off entirely!

Put Your iPhone in the Right Spot

Like Bluetooth speakers, placement is everything! You can adopt a lot of the same tricks for your iPhone. Put it against the wall to take advantage of those reflections or set it on the floor.

Of course, putting your thousand-dollar phone in a place where someone could accidentally step on it isn’t the best idea. So, you can put it in a bowl or cup instead!

A bowl serves the same purpose as a wall. It creates an echo chamber or reflections to amplify the sound waves and send them flying! It’s a quick and easy solution that is surprisingly effective. Make sure that the speaker side of your phone is pointed down for the best results!

Turn up the Tunes

Whether you’re using a wireless Bluetooth speaker or your smartphone, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of your speakers. Give these tips a try and see which one works best for you. You’ll be surprised by what a bit of fiddling and ingenuity can do!

As long as you’re safe, pump up the jams and have some fun. Feel the music and let out your inner rockstar!

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