4 Best Logic Pro X Keyboard Skins

If you want a quick, easy, and affordable solution to streamline workflow in a Logic Pro X studio, a keyboard skin is a great way to accomplish this. You can become an efficient engineer without spending a lot of money on equipment by using one. 

While most keyboard skins made for Logic Pro X have a similar look, a few options are designed to fit and feel better than others. That’s why knowing which options are best is always a good idea. 

I’ve been an avid musician for decades and have worked in the music industry for a long time. I write, record, and produce as often as possible and have first-hand experience using several different keyboard skins with Logic Pro X. 

This post will spotlight some of the best Logic Pro X keyboard skins. I’ll tell you why I think each option is high-quality and provide you with some other vital details to help you make an informed purchasing decision that can assist in your studio. 

Let’s get rolling. 

Key Takeaways

  • You always want to ensure that whatever keyboard skin you choose fits your keyboard correctly. There are several variations of Mac keyboards, so match your skin accordingly. 
  • Keyboard skins are an affordable and effective way to improve workflow in Logic Pro X because they provide a quick reference for utilizing key commands and other controls within the app. 
  • You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a keyboard skin, and often the best choice comes down to personal preference over anything else. 
  • It’s a good idea to view or try out a keyboard skin in person if you are able to. This helps ensure you can get a good fit and like the feel of it. If you can’t do that, make sure you have a receipt or return policy to exchange the skin if it’s not to your liking. 

What Makes the Best Keyboard Skins for Logic Pro X? 

Here are a few essential factors to remember when looking for the best keyboard skins to use for Logic Pro X. 


You need to ensure that whatever keyboard skin you choose fits your Mac keyboard properly. Look at the manufacturer’s specifications for combability with your specific Mac model, or better yet, try the skin on in person if you can. 


Another important factor to think about is how the skin feels. Do you want extra grip or something that feels just like your original keyboard? The material the skin is made of can change how it feels, so pay attention to that when purchasing. 


The layout and design of a keyboard skin can help or hurt your Logic Pro X workflow, depending on your needs and preferences. If you have any specific layouts or designs you like, make sure you get a keyboard skin that matches this.


Keyboard skins are not high-price items, and most are relatively affordable. But there is still a pretty wide cost difference between models, so always be sure to match any budget concerns you have with the cost of a skin. 

The Best Logic Pro X Keyboard Skins Reviewed

Best for MacBookEditor’s Keys Logic Pro X Keyboard Cover
Best for Touch BarXSKN Logic Pro X 10 Silicone Shortcuts
Best for Magic KeyboardXSKN Logic Pro X 10 Shortcut Silicone Skin
Best Budget Option HRH Logic Pro X Hotkey Silicone Protector

1. Editor’s Keys Logic Pro X Keyboard Cover

  • Easy fit that stays in place and feels natural.
  • Compatible with newer 14-inch and 16-inch MacBooks.
  • Provides keyboard protection from dust and dirt in addition to Logic Pro X shortcuts. 
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.

If you have a newer MacBook Pro and use Logic Pro X, the Editor’s Keys Logic Pro X Keyboard Cover is a great keyboard skin to use. This option will work with 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models but won’t fit anything before recent year versions. 

This keyboard skin has a slim and natural fit that will easily slip over your keyboard, providing you with a natural and not-too-bulky feel. The skin has all the Logic Pro X shortcuts so you can dial in workflow and stay efficient and effective as you work. 

The skin is made of a durable and long-lasting silicone material that also gives your keyboard excellent protection from dust and dirt. So it not only functions as a shortcut skin but also as a way to prolong the life of your MacBook. 

This is a relatively expensive option for a keyboard skin, even though it still doesn’t cost very much. And again, it will only work with newer MacBook Pros and not other Mac keyboards you might be using within Logic Pro X. 

My Verdict: Awesome all-around keyboard skin for Logic Pro X that gives you clear shortcuts and fits newer MacBook Pros very well. Not the cheapest option, but it also provides long-lasting protection from grit and grime. 

2. XSKN Logic Pro X 10 Silicone Shortcuts

  • Compatible with MacBooks pros that have a touch bar. 
  • Hotkeys for Logic Pro X included on the layout of the skin. 
  • Brightly colored layout makes it easy to control Logic, impacting workflow for the better. 
  • Affordable but still offers plenty of control benefits in addition to protecting MacBook from dust and debris. 

The XSKN Logic Pro X 10 Silicone Shortcuts is the keyboard skin to use if you have a MacBook with a touch bar to control your Logic-based studio. Not everyone is a fan of the touch bar models, but it has a different layout than other MacBooks, so you’ll need a specific skin. 

I really like how brightly colored the layout and design are on this model. It makes it very easy to see all of the hotkeys and shortcuts you might want to use and can function as a great learning tool if you are just getting used to working in Logic Pro X. 

The skin is also very durable and has a nice feel. It will last a very long time, and you don’t need to worry about it wearing out or becoming ineffective. And if it does get dirty, you can easily pop it off and wash it to make the skin brand new again. 

If you aren’t a fan of brightly colored keyboard skins, this option will most likely annoy you. It’s pretty colorful and definitely not an incognito choice. It also has a very slim fit, which can take some getting used to when installing it on your Mac. 

My Verdict: Perfect keyboard skin to pair with a MacBook with a touch bar. It also makes for a good learning tool because of the brightly colored design that makes it easy to see all of the hotkeys and other controls. 

3. XSKN Logic Pro X Shortcut Silicone Skin

  • Works with the Apple Magic Keyboard, so can be an option for any Mac you use with Logic Pro X. 
  • Brightly colored design is easy to see and read, helping you learn quick keys and shortcuts to improve workflow. 
  • Silicone material is super durable but also soft and thin for a natural feel that doesn’t get in the way. 
  • Washable design makes cleaning easy when needed, extending the lifespan of the skin and your Mac. 

If you are like me and use Apple’s Magic Keyboard no matter what Mac you use in the studio, you’ll love the XSKN Logic Pro Shortcut Silicon Skin. This model is designed to fit the magic keyboard perfectly, giving you many benefits along the way. 

This option gives you quick and easy access to all of the Logic Pro X shortcuts and hotkeys you need to boost your workflow and improve efficiency. And this comes in a brightly colored layout that makes it easy to see or use as a learning tool if you are a beginner. 

The skin is also extremely strong and durable to provide lasting protection to your keyboard that you can count on. It has a slim fit that sits snugly over your keys and won’t affect your ability to type or control every aspect of your audio projects. 

With a pretty tight fit, this option can be somewhat challenging to get off and on, especially the first few times you do it. That’s not a big deal, but be patient when getting the skin on your Magic Keyboard. 

My Verdict: Awesome keyboard skin that works with the Apple Magic Keyboard. Good design and layout feature bright-colored keys and quick access to any shortcut you need. Makes for a good learning tool. 

4. HRH Logic Pro X Hotkey Silicone Protector

  • Affordable but still effective. 
  • Slim design that is easy to install. 
  • Muted colors that will blend in more like the natural look of your keyboard. 
  • Durable design that is also easy to remove and washable. 

If you are looking for a very affordable Logic Pro X keyboard skin, look no further than the HRH Logic Pro X Hotkey Silicone Protector. This is the cheapest option on the list and doesn’t cost much more than the coffee you might be drinking while reading this. 

Despite a very low price tag, the keyboard skin still gives you everything you want regarding layout and protection. It features all the shortcuts for Logic Pro X to give you easy reference you can use to your advantage in your recording projects. 

The skin is made from an extremely strong and durable silicone material that holds up well under regular use. You can also easily take it off at any point if you want to wash it, keeping your skin and computer in good shape for a long time. 

This model doesn’t have the bright colors of some other options on the list, so I don’t think it’s as good of a learning tool. If you are a beginner musician or producer using Logic Pro X, an easier-to-see option might be worth looking into. 

My Verdict: Great option if you are on a budget and the lowest-price keyboard skin for Logic Pro X on the list. Still durable and effective despite being very affordable, with a nice feel that is easy to wash. 

Final Thoughts

All of the keyboard skins for Logic Pro X shown here can help you dial in your workflow or improve your skills in the studio. Knowing the shortcuts and hotkeys within Logic is an excellent tool to have on your side, and these skins help accomplish that.

In addition to helping you become a better producer within Logic Pro X, these skins also help protect your computer. That makes them an easy way to help ensure your expensive Mac will last a long time. 

Do you like to use a keyboard skin when working with Logic Pro X? Do you have any tips to help beginners learn all the shortcuts and hotkeys within the app? Let me know in the comments below.

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