Are JBL Speakers Trackable?

Some JBL speakers are trackable by using the JBL app. But these speakers are not entirely trackable like other commonly used devices, such as your cell phone. The speaker must be turned on and within range to track it successfully. 

My name is Donovan, and I’m a musician, producer, and all-around audio enthusiast. I’ve used several different JBL speakers over the years and have done some research to find out which models are trackable and how to do so. 

This post will explore if JBL speakers are trackable. I’ll tell you how you can potentially track a JBL speaker and also highlight some issues you might run into. My goal is to help you keep tabs on your speaker and make it easy to find it if needed. 

Let’s dig in. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can track some JBL speaker models by using the JBL app. The app has a Find My Speaker function that can help you pinpoint the last known position of the speaker. 
  • Not every JBL speaker model will work with the JBL app, so not every speaker is trackable. If you have an older speaker, you might be unable to track it. 
  • JBL speakers are only really trackable if they are powered on. When the battery dies or the speaker is turned off, locating them successfully becomes challenging or impossible if the speaker is lost or stolen. 
  • If your speaker is showing up as an available Bluetooth device on your phone or computer, it typically means that the speaker is somewhere within 30 feet of where you are.

Are JBL Speakers Trackable? 

There are two ways to think about whether JBL speakers are trackable, and I’ll address both here. The answer is yes to both, but there are a few important considerations to remember. JBL speakers are not as easily trackable as some other devices. 

You probably want to know if a JBL speaker is trackable in the event that it gets lost or stolen. Portable speakers can be easy to misplace, and they can also be easy for thieves to steal. 

Luckily, there are a few ways you can track a JBL speaker if it gets lost or stolen. Using the JBL app is one easy way to make this happen, and I’ll outline all the steps of finding a speaker using the app in the next section. 

You can also use a Bluetooth scanner to track your JBL speaker. But this method only has a limited range, and the speaker must be powered on for it to work. So this isn’t the same as tracking the speaker using GPS. 

The other way to think about a JBL speaker being trackable is if the device itself can be tracked by other people or services when in use. A speaker can be tracked to an extent in this way, but nowhere near the same as the device you use to control it (your phone). 

When using the JBL app to control your JBL speaker, the company might track some of your habits or usage. Look into the privacy policy when you use the JBL speaker to find out the details of all of this. 

But the speaker itself is not easily trackable by anyone or any company looking in from the outside because the speaker does not have GPS enabled within it. 

How to Track a JBL Speaker 

There are a few ways you can try to track a JBL speaker. Again, it’s important to remember that Bluetooth devices are not as easy to track as GPS devices. Sometimes you can’t really track a Bluetooth device at all. 

If you have a newer JBL speaker that is compatible with the JBL app, you can use the app to help track your speaker. The JBL app has a find my speaker type of function that will show you the last known location of the speaker. 

This will give you a general range of where your speaker was last used or connected to your device. And it can help you track the speaker if you’ve simply misplaced it or left it somewhere and forgot about it. 

But since this app feature doesn’t use GPS coordinates to locate the exact current position of the speaker, you might not end up tracking your speaker. The speaker isn’t trackable if someone stole it and the battery is dead.  

If you have an older JBL speaker that doesn’t work with the JBL app, you can get a Bluetooth Scanner app to help track it. These apps are easily available, and you can download them onto an iPhone or Android. 

A scanner app will send out a Bluetooth signal and search for any devices within range of the source device, like your phone. If you see your speaker pop up on this scan, you can search for it easily. 

A scanner won’t pinpoint the exact location of your speaker. It will only let you know that the speaker is within range of the scanning device. So you’ll still need to search for it within a 20-30-foot or more radius, which should be relatively easy to do.

The downside of using a Bluetooth scanner is that you won’t be able to find your speaker if it’s not turned on. So if the battery is dead, it won’t show up on the scanner even if the speaker is right in front of you. 

One alternate solution to help you track a JBL speaker more easily, rather than relying on the JBL app or a scanner, is to use a GPS-tracking device like Apple’s AirTags. These items are easy to use and effective. 

You can simply attach the AirTag or other GPS tracking device to your speaker. Then you’ll be able to easily track it if it gets lost or stolen much more effectively than just using the built-in tracking abilities of the speaker itself, which aren’t that effective.  

These tracking devices can last up to one year on a single battery, which is impressive. Be sure to attach the device in a somewhat hidden way so thieves cannot easily identify it and rip it off if it does get stolen.    


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if JBL speakers are trackable. 

Do JBLs have a tracker? 

Some JBL speaker and headphones models can be roughly tracked using the JBL app. They don’t have all-the-time-type of trackers, but this lets you figure out where the last known location of your JBL was. It’s easier to track them when they have a battery charge. 

Does JBL have GPS? 

JBL speakers do not have GPS, although they can be loosely tracked using Bluetooth and the JBL app. Without a GPS, you can’t really track the device if it’s turned off. But the app will allow you to generally trace the speakers, somewhat similar to GPS. 

Can a Bluetooth speaker be tracked? 

You can use a Bluetooth scanning app to track a Bluetooth speaker or other Bluetooth devices. But these scanners will only work when the device is turned on and within range of your cell phone. Bluetooth speakers are more challenging to track than GPS-enabled devices. 

How do I find my JBL Bluetooth speaker? 

You can use the JBL app to find the last known location of your JBL speaker if it’s been lost or stolen. This isn’t an exact way to track the speaker, but it can help you search. You also might be able to use a Bluetooth scanner if the speaker is on and within range. 

How far can you track Bluetooth? 

You can typically only track Bluetooth devices within the standard Bluetooth range. This is around 20-30 feet, even though the manufacturer might list the range as more than that. The Bluetooth device must also be powered on to track it. 

Why does JBL need a location? 

If you are using the JBL app, it will ask you to allow location services. The app requests this to be able to use the Find My Speaker function, which shows you the last known location of the speaker. But this is likely also used for marketing purposes.  

Final Thoughts

JBL speakers are somewhat trackable, but you can only track them if they are powered on and within range of your phone. You can also use the JBL app to find the last known location of the speaker, but this won’t indicate the exact location if it has moved. 

You can also use a third-party device, such as Apple AirTags, to help better track your speaker. Just attach these GPS trackers to your speaker somehow, and you’ll be able to track them even if the battery on the speaker dies. 

Have you ever successfully tracked a JBL speaker or other Bluetooth device? How did you do it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  • Darryll

    Are JBL 5 speakers trackable

    • Donovan

      Hey Darryll – I don’t think the JBL 5 is trackable, but I’d check out the JBL site or look at your owner’s manual to know for sure.