Are JBL Speakers Waterproof?

JBL does have a number of waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are built to get wet without worry. But only some single speaker models that the brand makes are waterproof, so always check that yours is before getting it wet. 

I’m Donovan, a lifelong musician and producer who runs and maintains several home studios. I’ve used many waterproof speakers over the years, including several JBL models. I’ve done some research to come up with the information here. 

This post will explain if JBL speakers are waterproof. I’ll give you some important things to consider, highlight what type of JBL speakers are safe for the water, and provide you with some other important related information. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • JBL does have a line of waterproof Bluetooth speakers, but not every speaker model the brand puts out is waterproof. 
  • JBL currently offers about a dozen waterproof speaker options. 
  • Always double-check that the JBL speaker you are using is actually waterproof before getting it wet or putting it in water. 
  • Most JBL waterproof speakers have an IP67 waterproof rating. This is a high rating against water and dust and should keep speakers safe and operational in up to a meter of water. 

Are JBL Speakers Waterproof? 

JBL is one of the most well-known and popular speaker brands and offers a wide range of products for music lovers of all kinds. There are many JBL speakers that are waterproof, but not every model is built to withstand liquid and moisture. 

Not every JBL speaker is waterproof, but the brand offers about a dozen speaker models with an IP67 waterproof rating. 

The waterproof speakers that the brand offers can get wet without worry. An IP67 rating means the device can be placed in up to a meter of water without damage. This rating can also protect from dust and other similar types of damage. 

That said, you don’t want to submerge a speaker completely underwater for a long time. There really isn’t any reason to submerge a speaker completely. But if you do, keep it in the shallow end and don’t go deeper than one meter (3 feet). 

The waterproof speaker models that JBL offers (I’ll list those in the section below) are all safe for in and around water use. They can get splashed or even thrown in the pool to float and will still operate normally. 

You don’t need to do anything special to keep JBL waterproof speakers in good working condition. I recommend drying them off a bit if they get completely soaked, but you don’t need to use a fan or towel after use. 

Never put a non-waterproof JBL speaker in the water. While some of the brand’s speaker models can take a splash without much concern, you don’t want to put a non-waterproof speaker directly in the water. 

Always double-check that your speaker is actually waterproof before putting it in any amount of water. Water and electronics don’t typically mix, and you can quickly ruin a speaker or other device if it’s not designed for water and it gets wet. 

How Do I Know if My JBL Speaker is Waterproof?

The best way to know if your JBL speaker is waterproof is to check the paperwork or user’s manual that came with the speaker. This will indicate if the speaker is waterproof, and what sort of waterproof rating it has. 

The current JBL waterproof speaker lineup includes these models: 

  • JBL Clip 4 Eco
  • JBL Go 3 Eco
  • JBL Boombox 2
  • JBL Boombox 3
  • JBL Pulse 5
  • JBL Charge 5
  • JBL Flip 5
  • JBL Clip 4
  • JBL Go 3
  • JBL Xtreme 3
  • JBL Flip 6
  • JBL PartyBox On-The-Go

Every one of the models above comes with an IP67 waterproof rating. This means they can go into about a meter of water without any damage. That also means they can be splashed without any concerns.

This list represents all of the current waterproof models that JBL sells. But it’s not necessarily an exhaustive list. There might be some speaker models that are still waterproof but aren’t actively sold by JBL, such as older models. 

That’s why you should check the user’s manual that came with your speaker. If you’ve lost this manual, you can find one online by searching for your speaker’s model name or serial number through JBL. 

JBL waterproof speakers don’t always have the waterproof rating listed on the device itself. Some speakers will have the IP67 rating in plain view, while others might not have this at all. 

Always double-check that your speaker is indeed waterproof before getting it wet. If you have any of the models in the list above, you can rest assured that those are waterproof. If you have a different model, do some research to ensure it is waterproof.   


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if JBL speakers are waterproof. 

Can JBL speakers go in water? 

Not every JBL speaker model is waterproof, but the brand offers many speakers that have an IP67 waterproof rating, making them safe in up to a meter of water. Always check that your speaker is waterproof before getting it wet to avoid damage. 

Can I put my JBL speaker in the shower? 

If you are using a waterproof JBL speaker, it can go into the shower without worry. Check that you have a waterproof speaker model before placing it into the shower. And don’t leave the speaker plugged in while using it in the shower. 

Can I put my JBL speaker in the pool? 

If you have one of the waterproof JBL speaker models, it should be safe for use in the pool. You don’t really want to submerge the speaker, but you can leave it in the water to float and still get normal operation. The waterproof models can be used in up to a meter of water. 

How do you fix a JBL that fell in water? 

If your JBL speaker is waterproof, you don’t have anything to worry about if it fell into the water. If it’s not a waterproof model, you should remove it from the water immediately and attempt to dry it out. It might work normally as long as nothing is damaged. 

What to do if your JBL speaker gets wet? 

JBL waterproof speakers are designed for getting wet, and you don’t need to do anything with these models. If you have a non-waterproof model, dry the speaker out with a fan or other method before attempting to use it again. 

Final Thoughts

Not every JBL speaker is waterproof, but the brand currently offers about a dozen models with an IP67 waterproof rating. These speakers are safe for use in the water and can technically be submerged into a meter of water without worry. 

If you have a waterproof JBL speaker, you can use it at the pool, at the lake, or even in the shower without worrying about getting it wet. If you have a non-waterproof model, try not to get it wet at all, or it might get ruined. 

What type of JBL speaker do you have? How do you like to use waterproof speakers? Let me know in the comments below.

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