How to Fix Bose Speaker Keeps Beeping

Your Bose speaker might be beeping for several reasons, including a low battery charge, issues with the charging cable, Bluetooth connection issues, a stuck button, or a glitch. All of these issues are pretty easy to diagnose and fix through a few simple steps. 

I’m Donovan, and I love everything about audio. I’m an avid musician and producer, but I also have a lot of experience working with various speaker brands. I have first-hand knowledge of dealing with common Bose troubleshooting problems. 

This post will explain some of the most common reasons why your Bose speaker keeps beeping. I’ll also give you a quick fix for each issue to help get your speaker running normally as soon as possible. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • The most common cause for your Bose speaker to keep beeping is a problem with the power cable. If the cable is not inserted correctly or is damaged, the speaker can beep to help indicate this problem. 
  • The speaker might also continue beeping when there are issues with Bluetooth connections, such as the speaker being unable to pair with your audio source device, like your phone. 
  • Beeping can also occur when the speaker has a bug or glitch. This is easily solved by resetting the speaker. 
  • The beeping can mean various things on different models of Bose speakers, so it also depends on which speaker you have. 

7 Reasons Why Bose Speaker Keeps Beeping

There are a few different reasons why your Bose speaker can be beeping. Typically this isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s good to know why it’s happening so you can fix things if needed. Continuous beeping usually indicates some sort of malfunction. 

It’s important also to note that your Bose speaker will beep during regular operation. When you turn the speaker on or adjust the volume, you will likely hear various beeps, chimes, or other audio alerts. 

These are all part of how the speaker is designed and shouldn’t be any cause for concern. It’s when the speaker beeps frequently and won’t stop that should be a concern. Even so, these problems are typically pretty easy to iron out. 

Like with any other sort of troubleshooting with your Bose speaker, it’s always a good idea to start with the small things before moving on to anything major. In other words, don’t assume the worst until you’ve had a chance to attempt some of the small fixes. 

I wrote this post in ascending order from the most common reason and fix (with the easiest solution) to the least common reason and fix (with the least ideal solution). Start with #1 and work your way through to the end. 

I’ve dealt with my Bose speaker beeping on a few separate occasions. Each of these was very easy to deal with by using one of the fixes I’ll show you below. But I’ve had some friends who had faulty products, which isn’t as easy to deal with. 

Reason #1: Bug or Glitch with Speaker

A bug or glitch is one of the most common reasons for your Bose speaker to beep without reason. These can happen without much explanation or warning, and it doesn’t indicate that anything is severely wrong with your speaker. 

A bug or glitch can cause a number of problems with your speaker, and continuous beeping is just one of these. These issues can also affect your speaker’s connectivity, volume, and overall performance. 

How to Fix It: 

Luckily, there’s a very easy starting point for dealing with beeping caused by a bug or glitch – reset your speaker. A quick reset can iron out many random problems associated with bugs in minutes. It will save you time and effort, so I always recommend starting here. 

To reset most Bose speakers, you just need to hold down the Power button for about ten seconds until the speaker cycles through a reset and turns back on. Then attempt to use your speaker, as usual, to see if the beeping goes away. 

Refer to your user’s manual for exact resetting instructions, as the button or buttons you need to press and hold can vary with different speaker models.

Reason #2: Faulty USB Charging Cable

Another one of the most common reasons why your Bose speaker is beeping is because of a faulty USB charging cable. Your speaker is designed to beep whenever there is an issue with the charging system to let you know something needs attention. 

This beeping might be annoying, but it’s a pretty clever design that helps you identify the problem and figure out a solution quickly. A single beep is probably something else, but continuous beeping is probably because of charging cable issues. 

How to Fix It: 

The quick fix for this one is to take out your charging cable and reinsert it. Sometimes you just have the cable plugged in wrong, and it needs to be put in better. Do this at the speaker input and charger input. 

If that doesn’t do it, the cable itself might be broken. If you have a replacement cable, try replacing it with that to see if it fixes the issue. You may or may not see visible signs of damage on the cable, and it can be broken even if it looks completely normal. 

Reason #3: Broken or Dirty Charging Port

Similar to issues with a broken or faulty charging cable, you might have a dirty or damaged charging port. If this is the case, your speaker will beep for the same reasons – to help indicate that something is wrong with the charging system. 

If you use your speaker outdoors often, dirt, dust, or other grime can build up in the ports, preventing the cable from getting a secure connection. The charging port can also get damaged if you drop the speaker or something bangs into it. 

You can do a quick visual inspection to see if the charging port seems broken or gunked up. You might need to shine a light in there to get a good look, but anything bent or out of place indicates damage. If the cable doesn’t stick in properly, that’s another sign. 

How to Fix It: 

If the charging port is dirty, you can carefully clean it out with a toothpick, Q-tip, or something else that’s small and will fit inside the port. Just be careful here not to use too much pressure, or you can damage the connection points. And don’t use any water or liquid to help with cleaning. 

If the charging port is broken, there isn’t much you can do about it. You may be able to bend the port frame slightly to allow the cable to fit back in correctly. But if it’s severely damaged, you’ll likely need a replacement speaker, which I’ll explain in more detail later in the post. 

Reason #4: Low Battery Power

Having a very low battery can also cause your Bose speaker to beep. If this is the case, it will likely beep once or twice every few minutes rather than beeping continuously. This is another design element that helps you know when you need to charge the battery. 

The beeping might get more frequent as the battery gets closer to dead, but this depends on the model of Bose speaker you have. Some will give you a steady beep until the battery dies, and others will beep when it’s close to dead but then will just go dark. 

How to Fix It: 

This is another reason with a straightforward solution – plug your speaker into a power source and the beeping should go away. It might take a few minutes for the speaker to charge up enough to get reconnected. 

If you let the speaker die completely, it can take a few minutes for it to charge back up enough to turn on. But once it does, connect a device and see if the beeping has gone away. If it didn’t, you know the battery is not the issue.  

Reason #5: Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Bluetooth connectivity issues are another reason why your Bose speaker will beep. This one is similar to charging issues where the speaker will beep continuously, not once or twice. It’s another design feature aimed at helping you know what’s going on with your speaker. 

If the speaker can’t establish a connection with a Bluetooth device, it will beep or chime to let you know. As the speaker attempts to connect, it will likely beep each time it’s unable to do so. This should be more frequent than the low-battery type of beep. 

The frequency of this type of beeping can vary depending on which Bose speaker model you have. But most of them are designed to beep fairly frequently when Bluetooth connectivity issues occur. 

How to Fix It: 

You’ll likely need to diagnose your Bluetooth connections from the settings menu on the device your speaker is attempting to connect to. This might be your phone or computer, depending on which you want connected with your speaker. 

Look at the available devices in the Bluetooth settings and check for your Bose speaker. You might need to manually connect it from there or remove the device and attempt to pair it again if it’s listed but still not connecting. 

Restarting your speaker and/or source device can also help fix this issue, so try that as well. 

Reason #6: Stuck Buttons

Sometimes you might end up with a stuck button or two on your Bose speaker. This can happen if you get something on the speakers or they build up with dirt and grime after regular use. It’s more common in older speakers that have seen a lot of use. 

Spilling something on your speaker can also cause stuck buttons – even if it is a waterproof model. Other times, the buttons can be stuck because the speaker’s internal components are worn down and not working properly. 

How to Fix It: 

Try wiping the buttons with a paper towel or sanitary wipe to remove any gunk or build-up that is in or around the buttons. You don’t want to get too much moisture into the speaker’s internal components, so be careful with this. 

Wipe everything up to see if that improves the speaker’s performance and gets rid of the beeping. If it doesn’t, you might be dealing with a problem that isn’t fixable, so continue to the last reason. 

Reason #7: Damaged or Faulty Speaker

The worst-case scenario for your speaker to keep beeping is because it is broken or faulty. This isn’t good news because there isn’t much you can do to fix the problem. It doesn’t happen that frequently, but I’ve heard it happening on a friend’s Bose speaker. 

Bose has a pretty good reputation for making high-quality speakers and other products, but nothing is invincible. These speakers can wear out, get damaged, or simply not be put together properly in the first place. 

How to Fix It: 

If you suspect your Bose speaker is broken or faulty, you should contact customer service to see if they can help you troubleshoot. You might be able to get a replacement speaker if yours is under warranty. 

If your speaker is broken and not under warranty, you’re pretty much out of luck. They aren’t easily fixable through any DIY means, and you’ll probably need to purchase a new one. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to why a Bose speaker keeps beeping. 

Why is my speaker making a beeping sound? 

Your Bose speaker can make a beeping sound for a number of reasons. Beeps will sound when the volume is turned up or down, when you establish a Bluetooth connection, or when there are issues with the power supply. Not all beeps indicate something is wrong. 

How do I stop the beeping sound? 

If the beeping sound is caused by a power supply issue with your Bose speaker, you can fix it by inserting the cable properly, changing the cable for a new one, or removing any grime or dirt from the charging port. Other beeps happen during regular operation. 

How do I stop my Bose SoundLink from beeping? 

If you can’t get your Bose SoundLink speaker to stop beeping, you can try to reset it. Hold down the power button for about ten seconds until it cycles through a reset. The beeping also might be caused by a damaged power supply cable. 

How can I reset my Bose speaker? 

To reset most Bose speaker models, press and hold the power button for about ten seconds until the speaker powers down and cycles through a reset. This can fix some random issues, such as the speaker beeping or not operating as expected. 

How do I stop my Bluetooth from beeping? 

If your Bluetooth speaker is beeping, it typically indicates an issue with the charging cable or Bluetooth connections. Ensure that the cable is functioning properly and that it is fully inserted into the charging port. 

Final Thoughts

When your Bose speaker keeps beeping, it’s most likely because of issues with the charging cable or port. Double-check that you have the cable installed properly and search for any signs of damage before attempting other fixes. 

A quick reset of your speaker is another easy fix for this problem. If that doesn’t work, go through everything else on this list until the issue is resolved. You’ll most likely be able to get your speaker working in a few minutes. 

What type of Bose speaker do you have? What’s your favorite feature of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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