6 Best Free Plugins for Logic Pro X

Plugins can expand your recording and production possibilities, no matter what DAW you are working with. There are several solid free plugins for Logic Pro X that you should consider downloading to increase your capabilities in the studio. 

I’m a musician and producer who has been writing and recording for over a decade. I have a lot of experience working with Logic Pro X, and I’ve explored many free plugins for the platform. I know which of these are the best to download and install. 

This post will show you all of the best free plugins for Logic Pro X. I’ll give you a short description of each plugin and tell you why you should consider getting them. My goal is to help you have all the tools you need to make fantastic music. 

Time to get rolling. 

Best Free Plugins for Logic Pro X

There are a lot of different plugins available for Logic Pro X and other top DAWs, but you’ll need to pay for many of these. If you really need them, paying might not be an issue. But if you can get some for free, that’s always better.

1. U-He Tyrell N6

(Image from U-He) 

Every Logic Pro X setup needs a solid synthesizer plugin, and the U-He Tyrell N6 is one of the best you can find for free. This awesome plugin gives you everything you need to create great synth sounds, whether you are looking for something classic or unique.

I like the virtual analog look and sound of this plugin. It gives you the ability to dial in classic tones without being overwhelmed with too many adjustments and parameters. But you can still explore as much as you want to to find something super cool and weird.

It comes with over 500 factory presets, so you can spend a ton of time exploring built-in synth sounds to give your projects a special boost. You can also use two LFOs to provide you access to eight waveforms, which opens up your possibilities even more. 

2. Klanghelm IGVI

(Image from Klanghelm) 

Another awesome free plugin for Logic Pro X is the Klanghelm IVGI. This is a saturation and distortion effects plugin that will give you a lot to work with to beef up your instrument tracks in any of your projects. 

The plugin allows you to adjust the dynamic range of your input signal to create distortion that bites without being too dirty. And you can saturate any tracks you want to with just a little or a lot, depending on your preferences.

You also have direct control over the plugin’s effects, which increases the value and capability of the unit quite a bit. It’s a fun tool to use on everything from guitars to keyboards and beyond, and definitely recommended.  

Free Vocal Plugins for Logic Pro X

Here are some of the best free vocal plugins for Logic Pro X. 

3. Akon Digital Multiply

(Image from Acon Digital)

The Multiply plugin by Acon Digital is one of the best free vocal effects for Logic Pro X. This excellent chorus effect can enhance your vocals by adding thickness and depth rather than recording multiple vocal takes. 

The controls on the plugins are easy to figure out, and you can make EQ adjustments and other tweaks by turning the knobs in the box. You can also put on filters and change the level of the effect to match whatever project you are working on.

I like this Multiply plugin because it has a unique chorus sound that will give texture to your projects. It’s not your standard chorus, which helps the effects stand out when you put them on a vocal track. 

4. Klanghelm DC1A

(Image from Klanghelm)   

All good vocals need solid compression to shine, and the Klanghelm DC1A plugin is a free compression effect that will hit the mark. This is a simple but effective option that is easy to put into action in any Logic Pro project you have with vocals. 

It has a simple design that isn’t overengineered, so you can put the compression effect into action without overthinking anything. And despite its easy-to-use design, you can get a wide variety of sounds to add to your vocals. 

You can also compress the left and right channels independently, which is a solid feature when you want to get creative. There is also a sweet Deep setting that uses a high pass filter to help boost lower frequencies. 

Free Guitar Plugins for Logic Pro X

Here are some of the best free guitar plugins for Logic Pro X. 

5. Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE

(Image from Impact Soundworks)

Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE is a pretty sweet guitar plugin you can use in Logic Pro X. The plugin features a fairly extensive library of guitar sounds and effects that can give you a lot to play with when recording your guitar tracks. 

The plugin includes effects like sustain, palm muting, and choke to give you authentic-sounding effects on any prerecorded track. And it also has many different adjustments that you can tweak to come up with your own unique effects. 

Shreddage 3 Stratus also has different voicing and fret algorithms to help you dial in the tone and sound you want. And a modular track mixer comes stacked with over 30 other effects you can add. 

6. Classic.Gtr Lite 

(Image from QuietMusic)

If you want a solid acoustic guitar plugin to use in Logic Pro X, take a look at Classic.Gtr Lite. This is the free version of a pretty popular VST plugin, and you can get a bunch of different authentic classical guitar tones from it. 

The plugin gives you direct control over the guitar’s sound, and you can adjust parameters such as attack, decay, sustain, and release. This gives you precise control over the end result, which every guitar player loves. 

The free version comes with seven different presets you can play around with. These give you plenty to work with when you want to add that unique and always popular nylon string sound to your Logic projects.  

How to Download Plugins for Logic Pro X

Downloading plugins for Logic Pro X is pretty straightforward. This first step is to download the plugin from the developer, which is almost always done on their website. Make sure you get the macOS version to be compatible with Logic Pro. 

Once the plugin is downloaded onto your Mac, you need to locate the file folder and install it into your system. You’ll need the component file to make this happen, but that will be in the file folder on your hard drive. 

The video below has some good tips and instructions for downloading and installing plugins for Logic Pro X. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to expand your capabilities within Logic Pro X, downloading and installing plugins can help you get there. The software comes loaded with tools and features, but having more right within reach never hurts. 

All of the plugins you see here are free, which makes them worth checking out whether you know anything about them or not. If you want or need more effects or possibilities with your GarageBand projects, these plugins will definitely help you out. 

Do you know of any free plugins for Logic Pro X that I didn’t mention here? Let me know in the comments below.

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