Free Logic Pro X Templates

Logic Pro X comes with several free templates that you can use to set up a new project quickly and get to recording. These templates are great for anyone with little experience and can also help boost workflow and efficiency. 

I’m Donovan, a lifelong musician who loves writing, recording, and producing as often as possible. I have years of experience working with Logic Pro X and have utilized many free templates to help me with my various projects. 

This post will highlight some free Logic Pro X templates. I’ll show you each template built into the app and provide some other information to help you take advantage of them. My goal is to help you become a better producer with Logic Pro. 

Let’s get after it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Using a Logic Pro X template can help you set up a project quickly and effectively without having a lot of know-how or experience working with the app. 
  • Several templates come built into Logic Pro X, and you can access these from the New Project windows when you open the app. There are also third-party options available, but they are more challenging to find and often not free.  
  • A template can be a solid starting point when you want to create a new project. The cool thing about using a template is that you can still make any custom changes you want but don’t have to build an entire project from the ground up. 

Free Logic Pro X Templates

Logic comes with several free templates that you can use quickly and easily. These can help you set up a new project without having much experience and are a good way for beginners to dive into the creative process. 

The templates can also be used by people with more experience who want a streamlined project setup that can save time and speed up workflow. 

You can access the free Logic Pro X templates simply by opening the app on your Mac. You’ll see a window like an image below appear when you open Logic. Select the Project Templates tab to view all the free templates. 

(Screenshot taken in Logic Pro X on my Mac)

There are six free templates to choose from here: Hip Hop, Electronic, Songwriter, Orchestral, Multi-Track, and Music for Picture. Select whichever template you want to use and then click Choose

A Logic project will open, and you’ll see all of the presets and tracks in place for the template you chose. You can start recording quickly by using any of these templates. Exploring all of them is a good idea to know what each has to offer. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the free templates within Logic Pro X. 

1. Hip Hop

The Hip Hop template is intended for Hip Hop and Rap music. Logic says it features “a gritty mix of Drum Kits and analog synths.” When you open the Hip Hop template, you’ll see a drum track already in place, and you can build your song from there. 

This template will let you explore the various virtual drummers that come with Logic. And you can also adjust the rhythm and pattern of the drums in the editor’s window. You can also play with the synths and record vocals to get an awesome track. 

2. Orchestral

The Orchestral template features “a complete set of orchestral instruments arranged for scoring and notation.” This template can be great for anyone who plays classical music or is a composer who wants to make a score in Logic Pro X. 

Even if you aren’t actively into those types of music, I still recommend playing around with this template because it’s a lot of fun to make complex orchestral music. And Logic gives you the power to become a conductor with just a few clicks. 

3. Multi-Track

This template is just as its name implies – a multi-track setup meant to help you record many tracks into one project. Using this template will save you considerable time and effort rather than setting up each track individually in a new project. 

The Multi-Track template will give you 24 tracks to work with and come set up with mix-ready effects on all of them. You can add whatever instruments or vocals you want and get rolling from there. 

4. Music for Picture

If you want to score a film, then the Music for Picture template is for you. This option gives you a host of tools and settings commonly used when making music for film, and it will save you time and effort if you choose to use it. 

I don’t have much personal experience with this template because I don’t make that much music for film. But I have a few friends who like everything this template has to offer and work full-time as composers. 

Free Logic Pro X Vocal Templates

If you want to use a free vocal template in Logic Pro X, the Songwriter template from the new project window is a good way to go. This will give you a few solid vocal settings to take advantage of for recording different types of music. 

The vocal tracks in this template are set up with a few effects that will help you get a good sound, even if you don’t have an expensive microphone. But if you really want good vocals, investing in a nice mic is always a good idea. 

Free Logic Pro X Templates EDM

The Electronic template is the best free Logic Pro X template for EDM, House, and other types of electronic music. This is another solid template that comes built into Logic Pro X, and you can access it from the new project window. 

The Electronic template gives you a nice variety of drum beats and synths that are commonly used in this style of music. It’s a great way to start creating electronic beats and songs, even if you are just starting as a producer. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to free Logic Pro X templates. 

Does Logic Pro X have templates? 

Yes, Logic Pro X does have a handful of templates you can use for free. These include the Songwriter, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Orchestral, Multi-Track, and Orchestral templates. These are great to utilize when you want to set up a session quickly or have limited experience. 

Where can I find templates in Logic Pro? 

When you launch Logic Pro, you are directed to the main menu, where you can choose which type of project you want to open. Select the Templates option from here to be directed to the available free templates, and select whatever option you want. 

What is a Logic Pro X template? 

A template is an empty Logic Pro X session that is already set up with tracks, settings, effects, and other parameters. Templates can help you get started with recording quickly because you don’t need to add all of these elements yourself. 

How do I create a template in Logic Pro X? 

If you want to create your own template, you can set up a project with whatever tracks and settings you choose. Save the project without recording any parts and label something you’ll know is a template. Then you can open the template and use it to start new projects. 

Final Thoughts

The free templates that come with Logic Pro X are well-worth exploring whether you are new to using the app or have been at it for years. They can all get you rolling with a new project easily and effectively while saving you time along the way. 

I think that using these templates is a great way to help you learn how to use all the features and functions in Logic Pro X. When you see how the templates are set up and gain experience using them, you can apply this knowledge to projects of your own down the road. 

Have you ever used one of the free templates in Logic Pro X? Which one did you choose, and what was your experience with it? Let me know in the comments below.

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