How Long Do Speakers Last?

A high-quality set of speakers can easily last ten years or more if used appropriately, and even cheap speakers can last for years. But there isn’t a set timeframe for how long a given set of speakers will last because multiple factors are at play. 

I’m Donovan, a home studio enthusiast and audiophile. I’ve worked in several home studios, built a few more, and have used many different speakers over the years. I know through first-hand experience and research how long they last. 

This post will explore how long speakers last. I’ll explain a range of factors that can impact speaker life and highlight some other related information. I aim to help you figure out what your gear can do for you and how well it should hold up. 

Let’s get after it. 

Key Takeaways

  • High-quality speakers can easily last ten years or more, with several decades of use being possible. 
  • Speakers don’t have a set range of life because numerous factors are involved with how long they might last. 
  • Speakers that are treated poorly won’t last as long, even if they are high quality or expensive. 
  • Even cheaper speakers can last for years, assuming you treat them well and don’t play excessively loud music all the time. 

How Long Do Speakers Last?

Most speakers are built to last a long time, and you can expect to get many years of use out of a good set. There isn’t an exact timeframe for this because many factors contribute to speaker life, but 5 to 10 years or more is pretty easy to expect. 

Speakers are mechanical devices, meaning they have parts that move around during regular operation. Over time, this everyday wear and tear can add up, eventually leading to the speakers wearing out. 

But a high-quality set of speakers can easily last for decades. My parents have a set of speakers that they’ve used for nearly my entire life, and they are still running strong and sounding great. 

The life of a speaker also relates to how you treat it. If you are blasting music as loud as possible all the time, this will likely cause them to wear out much faster because the speakers are working harder to push more volume through. 

And if you keep the volume below max and don’t push your speakers too hard, they will last longer. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t blast music as loud as you want to. Just know that this can lead to them wearing out faster. 

The quality of speaker you choose also plays a significant role in how long it will last. Cheaper speakers are made with lower-quality parts, which leads to a shorter lifespan. More expensive speakers are made with higher-quality parts and will last longer. 

So if you get a good set of speakers, you shouldn’t need to get a new pair for at least five years. And there is a very good chance they will last a decade or more. That’s why I think purchasing high-quality speakers is always a good investment. They might last forever! 

How Long Does a Bluetooth Speaker Last?

Bluetooth speakers function in essentially the same way as other types of speakers, aside from having a wireless connection to the audio source. So this means they should last as long as other types – for years. 

But again, how long any type of speaker lasts, Bluetooth included, depends on how you treat it. Since many Bluetooth speakers are designed for portable use, and people often take them outside into the elements, they might not last as long. 

The battery in a Bluetooth speaker is likely to wear down faster than the actual speaker components. With that in mind, you might only get a few years of use from a portable Bluetooth speaker you use often. 

But if you have a Bluetooth soundbar or home audio system without a battery, it’s safe to assume that these will last for years, just like regular speakers. 

There is no way to know for sure how long your Bluetooth speakers will last. If you don’t abuse them and choose a high-quality model, you should get a lot of life out of it. Ultimately, Bluetooth speakers haven’t been around for decades, so it’s hard to know how long they will last.  

How Long Do Computer Speakers Last?

The lifespan of computer speakers can be shorter than other types of speakers. This is true for external speakers that you connect to your computer. Built-in speakers should last for the lifetime of your computer. 

Most external computer speakers that people use are not very great in terms of quality. Cheap computer speakers typically don’t have that great of construction, which means lower quality. 

A decent set of computer speakers should still last you for several years, but you probably won’t get decades of use from it. But since these type of speakers are typically affordable, buying a new pair isn’t that big of a deal. 

You can get high-quality computer speakers that will last a long time. These will be more expensive than your average computer speaker, but you’ll get much better lifetime use out of it. It’s worth investing in higher-quality options if you want speakers to last.

The built-in speakers on a laptop computer should last as long as the computer, but there’s always a chance they can break down. Since these speakers typically can’t produce that much volume, they will last a long time.   

How Long Do Subwoofers Last?

A high-quality subwoofer can also last for years, but since this type of speaker deals specifically with the low end, there’s always a risk of blowing them out. Many people who use a subwoofer like to push them to the limit, which creates more wear and tear in the long run. 

Subwoofers are designed to handle a lot of loud volume and low-end frequencies. But this also causes the internal components of the sub to work pretty hard, and the more you push them, the quick they will wear out. 

I’ve had subwoofers that lasted for five years or more in my home studio and car. But I’ve also blown plenty of them over the years by listening to loud music. I think it’s worth the abuse, but just know that they will wear out quicker when pushed. 

Again, quality comes into play here. A more expensive subwoofer should last longer than a cheap one. No matter what type of sub you choose, it probably won’t last as long as regular speakers because of how subs are intended to be used in the first place.


Here are a few short answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to how long speakers last. 

Do speakers wear out over time? 

Speakers do wear out over time, but they can still last a long time if used properly. Speakers are mechanical devices with parts that can wear down through regular use. But most speakers are well-built and can last for years. 

When should you replace speakers? 

You can typically hear when a speaker has gone bad pretty easily. You’ll notice cracks or static in the sound when audio is played through the speakers, and this can indicate a blown speaker or damage to other internal components. But there is no exact timeframe for replacement. 

Do speakers lose sound quality over time? 

Speakers can lose sound quality over time, but they can also maintain the same quality for a very long time if used appropriately. Cheaper speakers will also wear down faster than higher-quality options, and this loss of sound quality can be more noticeable. 

How can you tell when a speaker goes bad? 

You can use your ears to tell when a speaker goes bad. If the sound quality is really terrible and things don’t change when you switch up audio sources, you are likely dealing with a bad speaker. Some speakers will stop playing altogether when they go bad. 

Do speakers go bad with age? 

Some speakers can wear out with age, but heavy use is a more common cause of damage and wear. If speakers aren’t used very often, they typically won’t wear down that fast and can potentially last for decades. 

How long do iPhone speakers last? 

iPhone speakers should last as long as the device itself. There isn’t an exact timeframe for this, but if taken care of, an iPhone should be able to last for five years or more of regular use. The speakers can get damaged, but this is difficult to predict. 

Final Thoughts

A good set of speakers will last you for years, and a decade or more is very possible. There isn’t an exact timeframe that speakers are known to last, but high-quality options are designed for near-lifetime use if treated properly. 

The more you push your speakers, the faster they will wear out. This doesn’t mean you can’t listen to loud music, but it does mean you might need to buy new speakers quicker if you like to bump. But I think that’s very much worth it. 

How long have you seen speakers last? What type of speakers were they? Let me know in the comments below.

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