How Much is Logic Pro X? 

Logic Pro X is currently priced at $199.99. You can buy this excellent audio production software from the App Store and download it onto a Mac computer. This is the same price that the DAW has been for years, so chances are it will stay this way.

My name is Donovan, and I’ve been making music for decades. I love to write, record and produce, and I’ve spent a lot of time working with Logic Pro X and several other DAWs. I’ve purchased Logic Pro X and know how much it costs. 

This post will show you how much Logic Pro X costs. I’ll tell you how much you’ll need to pay to get access to the app, what you can expect from it, and why I think it’s a good investment for anyone looking for high-level audio production capabilities. 

Let’s jump in. 

Key Takeaways

  • The current cost of Logic Pro X is $199.99, and you can download it from the App Store to install it on your Mac. 
  • The cost of the App includes many software instruments and lots of other features, but you can also purchase extra plugins. These will be added costs on top of the purchase price. 
  • Logic Pro X is one of the most affordable professional-level DAWs available and is used by many musicians and producers. 

How Much is Logic Pro X? 

Logic Pro X costs $199.99. It’s available to buy from the App Store on your Mac. This is the price that the DAW has been for years, so Apple hasn’t raised its cost in quite a while. It’s pretty affordable, all things considered, and it’s a great music production app. 

The price of Logic Pro X includes many awesome tools and features that you can use to create all sorts of music projects. And it is a very easy-to-use interface that works well for people with all experience levels in audio production and music creation. 

If you purchase Logic Pro X, you can use it on several authorized computers. This is nice if you end up buying a new computer at some point. You don’t have to repurchase Logic when you get a new computer. You can simply download it again from the App Store without paying. 

The full version of Logic Pro X comes with a lot, giving the average user quite a bit to work with. Whether you want to record real instruments, make electronic music or samples, or just about anything else, Logic has you covered. 

You can also buy third-party plugins and other add-ons for Logic. This will increase the total price you pay and might add up quickly. But there are a ton of options out there if you want to expand your possibilities within the app. 

How Much is Logic Pro X with Tax? 

The tax you pay on Logic Pro X depends on your location, so there isn’t an exact amount to estimate for everyone. Some people might not need to pay any tax on top of the $199.99 price, while others might pay a few percentage points. 

In the US, you might need to pay state sales tax on your purchase, which is typically anywhere from 2-5% of the total cost. That equals out to $4-10 in potential sales tax. But again, this is just an estimate, and it doesn’t apply to everyone.

How Much is Logic Pro X UK? 

If you live in the UK, Logic Pro X costs £174.99. This is roughly the same as the price in US dollars but just adjusted to match current exchange rates between the two currencies of each country. 

The price of Logic Pro X doesn’t change with your location. You might pay in a different currency, but it will equal out to around the same amount when the exchange rates are factored in.

How Much is Logic Pro X with Student Discount? 

There isn’t exactly a student discount for Logic Pro X like there is with other Apple Products. But Apple offers the Pro Apps Bundle for Education that you should take advantage of if you want Logic and other apps at a discounted rate and are a student.

This bundle includes Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compression, and MainStage. This is basically every creative app that Apple offers, and you can get them all for $199.99 if you are a student! 

That’s a pretty sweet deal. Even if you don’t have a need today for all of those apps, take advantage of the bundle if you are in school! 

Is Logic Pro X Worth the Money?

I think that Logic Pro X is definitely worth the money. It’s not free, but it’s still one of the most affordable professional-level audio production apps out there. You basically get an entire recording studio for a few hundred dollars, which is a steal. 

If you are looking for a high-level DAW that will give you all the tools and features you need to create and produce quality music, Logic Pro X is an excellent investment. It’s a solid app all-around and one of the most well-known DAWs in the industry. 

It might not be worth it if you aren’t a professional musician or producer and are more casually interested in music. If you have no experience working with a DAW, you should explore GarageBand first because it’s similar in feel and function to Logic, but it’s free. 

You can also consider exploring the 90-day free trial that Apple offers with Logic Pro X. This gives you nearly three months to work with the software to see if you really like it before paying full price. That’s a pretty long trial period and a good deal.  

Logic Pro X System Requirements

Before purchasing Logic Pro X, you should ensure that your Mac meets the system requirements to install and run the software. 

These include running macOS 11.5 or later and having 6GB of available storage for installation. You’ll need 72GB of storage space if you want to download and install the full Sound Library. 

Check out the official system requirements from Apple here.   


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to how much Logic Pro X costs. 

Is Logic Pro X free on Mac? 

Logic Pro X is not free. It costs $199.99 for full access to the software. But Apple does offer a 90-day free trial of Logic, which is something to consider if you want to get a feel for the app but don’t want to pay the full price right away. 

How much is Logic Pro X for Windows? 

Logic Pro X is not available on Windows. It’s only available for macOS, meaning you can only use it on Mac computers. Even if you wanted to pay extra money for it, you couldn’t get Logic for Windows because a compatible version does not exist. 

Is Logic Pro better than GarageBand? 

Logic Pro is a much more capable DAW than GarageBand. Logic is a professional-level DAW, while GarageBand is more of an entry-level option. GarageBand can be a good learning tool, but Logic Pro is better if you want full audio production capabilities. 

Final Thoughts

Even though Logic Pro X costs $199.99, it is one of the most affordable high-level DAWs currently available. It’s the go-to option for running a Mac-based recording setup and a highly functional audio production tool. 

Remember that Logic Pro X is only available for macOS, not Windows or iOS. You can only run the app on a Mac computer. And also, remember about the student bundle if you want to get all of Apple’s creative apps for a discounted price. 

Do you think Logic Pro X is worth what it costs? Do you have any experience with other DAWs? Let me know in the comments below.

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