How to Connect JBL Speaker to Android

You can connect a JBL speaker to an Android device through the Bluetooth settings in the Settings app. You need to put the speaker into pairing mode by pressing the Bluetooth button and then select the speaker from the device list on your Android. 

My name is Donovan, and I’m a music maker, producer, engineer, and audio enthusiast. I’ve used several JBL speakers over the years and know how to connect these to various devices, including Android phones. 

This post will show you how to connect a JBL speaker to an Android device like a smartphone. I’ll walk you through all the steps to make this happen easily and provide you with some other related important information. 

Let’s get to it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Connecting a JBL speaker to an Android device is simple and follows the same process as connecting any other Bluetooth device. 
  • Turn the speaker on and ensure Bluetooth connectivity is activated on your Android before attempting to pair them together. 
  • You can access the Bluetooth connectivity settings on your Android through the Settings app. 
  • Select the JBL speaker from the list of devices in the Bluetooth settings on your Android, and the two devices will pair. 

How to Connect JBL Speaker to Android

Connecting a JBL speaker to an Android phone or other device is super simple. If you already know how to connect Bluetooth devices to your phone, the process is essentially the same with a JBL speaker. 

The key to connecting any Bluetooth device to your Android is to ensure that your Bluetooth connectivity is turned on first. If it’s not on, you won’t be able to connect anything to it, regardless of whether that device is powered on. 

Follow these steps to connect a JBL speaker to an Android device: 

1. Ensure that the Bluetooth is turned on on your Android phone or other Android-powered device. You can go to the Settings app and then select Connections. Choose Bluetooth and then double-check that this feature is turned on. 

2. Power on your JBL speaker by pressing the power button. 

3. Press the Bluetooth pairing button on your JBL speaker. This will turn the speaker into pairing mode so your Android phone will recognize it. 

4. Tap the Settings app on your Android. 

5. Tap Connections

6. Tap Bluetooth

7. Select your JBL speaker from the list of available devices. 

8. Tap Pair on the popup window if you see it. 

9. The Bluetooth light on the speaker should stop flashing, and you will hear a noise indicating that it’s been paired successfully. 

It’s also possible to pair multiple JBL speakers to your Android. This is a great way to get a full-sounding stereo from a few separate portable speakers. You can connect up to 100 JBL speakers, which is more than anyone will likely have. 

To do this on newer JBL speakers, you’ll want to download the JBL Portable app onto your Android device. This will help you manage the connections and pair multiple JBL speakers together. 

Follow these steps to pair multiple JBL speakers to an Android device: 

1. Follow all the steps mentioned above to connect the first speaker to your Android device. 

2. Power on the other speakers you want to connect. 

3. If you have a JBL speaker with the PartyBoost feature, you can connect multiple speakers through the JBL Portable app on your Android. Select the connected speakers, and they should all pair within 30 seconds. 

If you have an older JBL speaker with the Connect+ feature, you don’t need to use the JBL Portable app. Instead, press the Connect button on the speaker after it’s powered on. It should connect to the other speaker connected to your Android in 30 seconds or less. 

4. Repeat the process for any additional speakers you want to connect. 

5. Play some audio and check that all the speakers you want are operating correctly. 

JBL Speaker Not Connecting to Android

You can do a few different things to troubleshoot the problem of your JBL speaker not connecting to your Android device. Run through any or all of the tips in this section to help figure out the issue and get the devices connected. 

First off, double-check that you have the Bluetooth turned on on your Android. A lot of people miss this step and assume something big is wrong when it’s really a minor issue. 

Also, ensure you are close enough to the speaker for the Bluetooth connection to work. If you are far from the speaker, like in a different room or outside, you might be unable to establish a Bluetooth connection. 

And remember that you need to turn your speaker on and have it in pairing mode for your Android device to recognize it. 

Another thing that happens often is that your phone or other Android device will automatically connect to another Bluetooth speaker. You might need to manually switch the connections, which you can do in the Bluetooth sections of the Connections settings. 

If none of those things work, try restarting your Android and the speaker. This can get rid of some glitches and bugs that don’t have an easy explanation. Attempt to connect again once the devices are both reset. 

Finally, make sure that you have your Android software updated. If you are using an outdated OS, you might run into issues such as being unable to make successful Bluetooth connections. 


Here are a few short answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to connecting a JBL speaker to an Android. 

How do I put JBL wireless speaker in pairing mode? 

Your JBL speaker will have a pairing or Bluetooth button that needs to be pressed to turn it into pairing mode. Turn your speaker on and then press this button for a few seconds. The light should flash, indicating that the speaker is now in pairing mode. 

How do I connect my JBL Bluetooth to my Samsung phone? 

You can connect your JBL Bluetooth speaker to your Samsung phone the same way you would connect any other Bluetooth device. Turn the speaker on and press the pairing button. Then open the Bluetooth connectivity in the Settings app on your phone and choose the speaker. 

Where is the connect button on JBL speaker? 

The connect button on JBL speakers can be different than the pairing button on some models. If you want to put the speaker in pairing mode, press and hold the button with the Bluetooth symbol. Press the connect button to connect to other JBL speakers. 

How do I manually connect my JBL speakers? 

You can manually connect your JBL speakers by pressing the Bluetooth pairing button on the speaker. This is typically located right next to the power button, but it can vary depending on which JBL speaker model you have. Then you can connect to the speaker with your phone. 

How do I connect my JBL Free to my Android phone? 

You can connect your JBL Free speaker to your Android phone, similar to connecting any other type of speaker or Bluetooth device. Turn the speaker on and press the pairing button. Then select the speaker in the Bluetooth section of the Settings app on your phone. 

Final Thoughts

You can easily and quickly connect a JBL speaker to your Android by turning on the speaker and pressing the Bluetooth pairing button. Then choose the speaker from the list of available devices in the Bluetooth connections section of the Settings app. 

After you connect the speaker to your Android for the first time, the device should remember the speaker the next time you want to pair it. The two devices should pair automatically as long as you are within range and the speaker is turned on. 

What type of JBL speaker do you have? Does it work well with your Android device? Let me know in the comments below.

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