How to Connect Sonos Speakers to TV

There are several easy ways to connect Sonos speakers to a TV. The Sonos app is the most straightforward, but you can also use a regular Bluetooth connection, a TV remote, or an audio receiver with a Bluetooth transmitter. 

I’m Donovan, a lifelong musician and audiophile with years of experience working as a producer and audio engineer. I’ve set up multiple Sonos speaker systems and know through first-hand experience how to connect them to a TV. 

This post will show you how to connect Sonos speakers to a TV. I’ll provide you with several methods of making this happen and give you easy-to-follow directions for each. I aim to help you get your Sonos speakers up and running quickly. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • Using the Sonos app is probably the easiest and most straightforward way of connecting Sonos speakers to a TV. This is a good option for anyone who isn’t very tech-savvy. 
  • You can also connect the Sonos speakers, similar to how you would connect any other Bluetooth device to your TV. If you have experience setting up Bluetooth devices, you can handle things through the settings on your TV. 
  • Some TV remotes have Bluetooth connection features right on the remote. You can press the Bluetooth button on these remotes to set things up quickly. 
  • Another option is to use a Bluetooth transmitter connected to the aux input on your receiver. This is a good method for anyone with an existing entertainment system they want to keep intact. 

How to Connect Sonos Speaker to TV

You can connect a Sonos speaker to your TV in a few different ways. One of the primary reasons people like to use this speaker system is because it is so easy to set up, and you don’t need much technical background to make it happen. 

In the sections below, I’ll provide you with all the most common ways to connect a Sonos speaker to your TV. Using the Sonos app is always a good place to start, and this is the easiest way to go about it if you aren’t that comfortable with modern tech. 

But there are other situations where you may want to connect your Sonos speakers through different means, so read through all of the tips and guidelines below to help get your system up and running quickly. 

1. How to Connect Sonos Speaker to TV with Sonos App

Using the Sonos app is how I recommend everyone start with connecting a Sonos speaker to your TV. The app is super-simple and straightforward to use, and it will give you step-by-step directions for getting everything set up quickly and correctly. 

The first step is to download the Sonos app onto your phone. You’ll need to download the proper version of the app to match the type of phone you have, but there is an iOS and Android version. 

Once the app is downloaded, open it up and turn on all your speakers. You’ll be prompted on the next steps, but you will likely need to connect each speaker to the WiFi network and do anything else the app requires. 

Follow all the steps from the app, and you should get your Sonos system running quickly. If you run into any issues along the way, you can either start over from the top or reach out to Sonos for help through the app. 

Pro Tip: Remember that you can do many other things within the Sonos app to control your listening experience, like adjusting the volume, making EQ settings, and controlling the music to your liking. 

2. How to Connect Sonos Speaker to TV with Bluetooth 

Using a regular Bluetooth connection is another easy way to get your Sonos speaker set up with your TV. If you already know how to connect Bluetooth devices to your TV, the process is essentially the same for connecting Sonos speakers. 

You obviously need to have Bluetooth capabilities on your TV and your Sonos speakers. Not every TV or Sonos model is Bluetooth-equipped, so double-check before attempting this connection method. 

Turn your TV and Sonos speakers on to get started. Then open up the Bluetooth settings on your TV by using the remote control or the control buttons on the TV itself. 

Next, press the pair button on your Sonos speakers. Your TV should recognize the speakers as a possible device, and then you can choose them to connect from there. It might take a few seconds to pair, but you should be all set after that. 

Since every TV can have a slightly different way to access the Bluetooth settings, I won’t include that here. Refer to your TV user’s manual if you need help accessing the settings. 

3. How to Connect Sonos Speaker to TV with Remote Control 

You can also use your remote control to help connect your Sonos speakers to your TV. This method also uses the Sonos app, but it allows you to control your speakers using the same remote you control the TV with. 

You need to download the Sonos app onto your phone to do this. Open up the app and then click on the settings section. 

From the settings section of the Sonos app, select System and then TV. In the TV selection, you’ll find a remote control install wizard. Click on this, and you’ll be directed through all the steps of connecting the speakers to your TV and controlled with your remote. 

Using your TV remote to control your Sonos system can give you better access to make any sound adjustments you want while listening to music. You can use a single remote instead of two, which simplifies things. 

4. How to Connect Sonos Speaker to TV with Bluetooth Transmitter

If you already have an existing entertainment system and don’t want to disconnect it, you can still easily connect a Sonos speaker to your TV with a Bluetooth transmitter. 

A Bluetooth transmitter is a small device that plugs into an existing electronic device (like your audio receiver) that doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities. 

Once plugged in, you can connect Bluetooth devices (such as Sonos speakers) to your receiver, and the audio will work with your TV. 

You need to purchase a Bluetooth transmitter to make this happen, but they are pretty affordable and easy to find online or at an electronics store. Once you have it, plug the device into the aux input on your receiver. 

Turn on the Bluetooth transmitter once it’s plugged in. Then you can use the Sonos app to finish the setup and choose the transmitter as your audio source. When the transmitter is turned on, the Sonos app should recognize it. 

Once you have the transmitter pair to your Sonos speakers, you just need to select the aux input on your receiver and play audio on your source device to hear your speakers with your TV. 

Pro Tip: Using the aux input on your receiver with a Bluetooth transmitter will allow you to play music or other audio from your source device and hear it from your Sonos speakers. But it might not make your TV audio play from the speakers. This method is more recommended for listening to your Sonos speakers through an existing TV entertainment/audio setup than it is for listening to TV audio directly through the Sonos speakers. 

5. How to Connect Sonos Speakers to TV with Wired Connections

The last way to connect your Sonos speakers to a TV is through wired connections. Some older model Sonos speakers must be hard-wired directly to the TV to hear audio rather than with a wireless connection. 

Even though you don’t get the convenience of wireless here, connecting speakers to your TV using regular wires is still really easy. You just need to have the proper cables to make it happen. 

Depending on which Sonos speaker you have, you’ll need to get a cable that works to connect them to a TV if you don’t already have one. This might be an Aux to RCA cable, an HDMI or ARC cable, or an optical audio cable. 

Plug one end of the cable into your speaker and the other into the back of the TV. Make sure both devices are plugged in, power them on, and you should be set up. You might need to adjust the settings on your TV for the audio to output to the speakers. 

Pro Tip: If you are an audiophile like me, a wired connection is always preferred over a wireless one. You’ll get better audio quality, and your system won’t be as susceptible to interference and other possible glitches when things are hard-wired.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to how to connect Sonos speakers to a TV. 

How do I connect my Sonos speaker to my Samsung TV? 

Using the Sonos app is one of the easiest ways to connect the speakers to your Samsung TV. The app will walk you through all the steps to connect to your TV in a matter of minutes and will provide step-by-step directions. 

How do I connect my Sonos to my TV without a soundbar? 

You can still connect Sonos speakers to a TV without a soundbar by using the Sonos app or going to the Bluetooth settings on your TV and connecting from there. The speaker will have a Bluetooth pairing button, and your TV will recognize it as a device to pair with. 

How do I connect my Sonos speakers? 

It’s easy to connect multiple Sonos speakers together by using the Sonos app. All you really need to do is have all the speakers turned on and within range, then you can coordinate which of them to connect using the app. 

Can all Sonos speakers connect to TV? 

All Sonos speakers can be connected to a TV in some way, but the process for doing this can differ for various models. Some speakers will connect wireless, some will need to be directly wired, and others can connect using the Sonos amp. 

Do Sonos speakers have Bluetooth? 

Not all Sonos speakers have Bluetooth, but most of them do. Some of the older model Sonos speakers only have hard-wired connections, meaning you need to plug them directly into a TV or other source device. 

How do I set up my Sonos speaker for the first time? 

Using the Sonos app is one of the best ways to set up these speakers for the first time. The app will walk you through all the easy steps for a successful setup. You can also follow the directions with any paperwork that comes with your Sonos speaker.   

Final Thoughts 

You can quickly and easily connect a Sonos speaker, or an entire Sonos system, to your TV using any of the methods mentioned in this post. Using the Sonos app is the easiest way to go about things, but they will all get the job done. 

Remember that you can also connect several different Sonos speakers together to get a surround-sound experience from your TV. Again, the Sonos app is a great resource to make this happen and allows you to connect any devices you want to easily. 

What is your current Sonos speaker setup? How many speakers do you have, and was it easy to connect to the TV? Let me know in the comments below. 

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