How to Connect Two Bose Speakers

You can connect two Bose wireless speakers by using the Bose Connect app. The app allows you to set up one Bose speaker as the primary device and then connect to the other. You can also do this through the Bluetooth feature on your speaker. 

I’m Donovan, a lifelong audio enthusiast who is also a musician and producer. I’ve worked with many different speaker brands throughout my career and have set up several Bose systems. I know through first-hand experience how to connect two of these speakers. 

This post will show you how to connect two Bose speakers. I’ll walk you through all the simple steps to make this happen quickly and provide you with some other important related information. I aim to help you take advantage of everything your Bose speaker can do. 

Let’s get to it. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can connect two Bose speakers together using the Bose Connect app or through Bluetooth connections on your source audio device and the speakers. 
  • To use the Connect app, you need to set one speaker as the Primary Speaker and then connect the other one to it. 
  • To use Bluetooth, you need to first connect to one speaker and then press the Bluetooth button on both speakers to have them connect with one another. 
  • Pairing two Bose speakers can give you increased audio quality and more stereo-like performance. 
  • You can also manually connect some older Bose speakers with cables, just like you would with any other type of speaker. 

How to Connect Two Bose Speakers

Bose has some solid wireless speakers available that are easy to use, very portable, and sound great. Learning how to connect multiple Bose speakers together can enhance your listening experience and give you a more authentic playback experience. 

It’s pretty easy to connect two or more Bose speakers either by using the Bose Connect app or through Bluetooth connections. I’ll walk you through the steps of doing both in the sections below. 

Most people reading this post want to know how to connect two Bose wireless speakers. But a few of you will want to know how to connect more old-school or traditional types of Bose speakers, so I want to touch on that first. 

Really, you just need to run the proper cable from your audio source to your speakers. This is likely a speaker wire, but it could also be an HDMI or optical cable, depending on your setup. 

You can also daisy-chain multiple speakers to one another by running the same cable from the speaker connected to the audio source to your other speaker. This can only really be done with speaker wire unless you have multiple inputs on the speakers.  

This advice is all basic stereo setup, but I wanted to throw it in the mix before moving on to a more modern approach. Any old-heads out there will appreciate it and understand that you get better audio quality from a wired connection than a wireless one. 

How to Connect Two Bose Speakers with Bose Connect App

The easiest way to connect two Bose speakers is by using the Bose Connect app. You’ll need to download the app onto your phone, and it’s available for iOS and Android, so it should work for just about everyone. 

The Bose Connect app gives you hands-on control over your stereo and speaker setup, and I think it’s well worth using for anyone who has a Bose speaker. If you don’t use the app, you will definitely miss out on some features and functions that are pretty sweet. 

The first step to connecting your Bose speakers this way is to download that app. So do that now if you haven’t already. 

Then follow these steps to connect two Bose speakers with the Bose Connect app: 

1. Open the Bose Connect app on your phone. 

2. Turn on both speakers you want to connect. 

3. Tap the Party Mode icon in the app, which basically just looks like two speakers. 

4. You’ll see both of your speakers listed in the app if they are powered on. Drag the first one onto the second one, and the app will say Party Mode Enabled

5. Your two Bose speakers are now connected, and you can play audio through both of them from a single audio source. You can choose to play music through a stereo setting or mono, depending on your preferences. 

Pro Tip: I recommend choosing Stereo mode if you pair two speakers together. This will give you more authentic audio playback compared to listening to Mono, which is the default setup in Party Mode.  

How to Connect Two Bose Speakers with Bluetooth

You can also connect two Bose speakers without using the Bose Connect app. As I mentioned earlier, I think the app is the best way to go about things. But if you don’t have space on your phone or just don’t like using apps, you don’t need to. 

Bose wireless speakers can also connect to one another through Bluetooth. The process for getting everything connected is similar to connecting any other Bluetooth device to your phone or other audio source, and from there, you press another button to connect the second speaker. 

Follow these steps to connect two Bose speakers with Bluetooth: 

1. Power on the first Bose speaker you want to be connected to. 

2. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your phone or computer that you are connecting to. The way to do this depends on what device you have, but you can typically quickly turn on Bluetooth from a control panel or a settings app. 

3. Your Bose speaker should automatically go into pairing mode when it’s turned on and search for Bluetooth devices. Select the speaker from the list of available devices in the Bluetooth menu on your source device. 

If you don’t see the speaker, press the Bluetooth button on the speaker to put it into discoverable mode. 

Your phone or computer is now connected to the first speaker. 

4. Turn on the other speaker you want to be connected to. 

5. Press the Bluetooth button and the Volume Up button on the first speaker until you hear a noise. 

6. Press the Bluetooth button and the Volume Down button on the second speaker until you hear a noise. 

7. The two speakers will discover one another, and you should hear them both say “Party Mode” when they are connected to one another. 

8. Play audio from your phone or computer to ensure the speakers are connected to one another and operating in party mode. 

The main reason I like to use the Bose Connect app rather than connecting through Bluetooth is that it simplifies the process and makes things easier to troubleshoot if you don’t establish a connection. 

If you have trouble connecting via Bluetooth, it can be challenging to figure out, and you’ll need to just keep trying. But if you use the Connect app, it will be pretty straightforward when things aren’t operating correctly. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to how to connect two Bose speakers. 

Can I connect all my Bose speakers together? 

As long as you are using Bose portable speakers that work with the Bose Connect app, you can easily connect multiple speakers together. You just need to set up one speaker as the primary in the app and then connect the others to it from there. 

How do I manually connect two Bose speakers? 

You can manually connect two Bose speakers by using the Bluetooth function on your source device (phone) and the speakers themselves. Just connect one speaker to your phone through Bluetooth, and then press the Bluetooth on the other speaker to pair it. 

How do I connect two Bose SoundLink 2 speakers? 

You can use the Bose Connect app to quickly and easily connect two Bose SoundLink II speakers. Just select one of the speakers as your primary speaker and the other one to connect with it. This applies to most Bose wireless speakers. 

How do I group my Bose speakers together? 

You can use the Bose Connect app to easily group all of your speakers together. Make sure the speakers you want to group are turned on, and then set up a primary speaker in the app. Then connect all other speakers to the primary within the app to create a group. 

Can you mix Bose speakers? 

You can mix different models of Bose wireless speakers through the Bose Connect app. As long as you set up one speaker as the primary option, you can quickly group any other speakers you have turned on within the app. 

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty easy to connect two Bose speakers together, and you can either use the Bose Connect app or do it through Bluetooth. I recommend using the app because it simplifies the process and helps you better troubleshoot any issues that arise. 

Remember that you should choose stereo playback in the app after you connect the speakers together for optimum audio playback. If you keep things in Party Mode, you’ll just hear the audio in mono, which isn’t as ideal. 

What type of Bose speaker do you have, and have you ever connected two of these together? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  • Tom Perkins

    App used to work fine. Now it is unusable. It goes into a loop asking me to drag a speaker down to connect to my phone – but it is already connected. It takes me to a “pair product: step 1” screen and tells me to open Bluetooth in settings on my phone. Then it tells me to connect, but again, I’m already connected. It never gets to the point (like it used to) where it tells me to drag the one speaker to the other to connect them.
    I am still able to connect them via the Bluetooth method, but I like being able to use Stereo and being able to control each speaker’s volume level.
    I can’t find any troubleshooting help anywhere for this issue and it is driving me crazy. I’ve deleted the app and re-loaded it. Forgotten the speakers in my bluetooth settings, then re-set them up…..what else can I do?

    • Donovan

      Hey Tom, that sounds like a frustrating problem! Have you tried updating the app and/or the OS on your phone or whatever you are using the app on? Sometimes compatibility issues can cause random issues like this. Or just try restarting your phone as a first step. If neither of those work, it’s probably a good idea to contact Bose customer support for more info.