How to Fix JBL Speaker Keeps Cutting Out

A JBL speaker can cut out for a number of reasons, including the speaker being out of range from the source device, low battery life, a glitch, out-of-date firmware, or issues with your source device service. All of these are pretty simple to fix. 

My name is Donovan, and I’m a producer, musician, and general audiophile. I’ve used all kinds of speakers over the years and have direct experience with JBL models. I know how to deal with troubleshooting issues through first-hand experience. 

This post will explain the common reasons why your JBL speaker keeps cutting out. I’ll also give you a simple fix for each problem so you can quickly get your speaker up and running. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • One of the most common reasons for a JBL speaker to cut out is issues with your Bluetooth connection, such as your phone being too far away from your speaker. 
  • A low battery can also cause connectivity issues, and this will typically clear up after you charge the speaker to full capacity. 
  • Sometimes connectivity issues and cutting-out problems are caused by random glitches with your speaker or source device. Resetting these should resolve the issue. 
  • On rare occasions, a speaker might keep cutting out because something is broken or corrupted within the speaker itself. This might require you to purchase a new speaker. 

7 Reasons Why JBL Speaker Keeps Cutting Out

Bluetooth speakers are wonderful when they work, but you might experience problems with connectivity from time to time. Typically, these are no big deal, and you can find a quick fix that will get your speaker running correctly again. 

If your speaker keeps cutting out, run through all of the potential reasons listed in this section. You may need to go through all of them until you find a solution, but usually, you can get the speaker to work as it should with a quick fix. 

Reason #1: Source Device Too Far From Speaker

The most common cause for a JBL speaker to keep cutting in and out is that your source device is too far away from the speaker. Most people use their phones as a source device, but it can be any device with a Bluetooth connection to your speaker, like laptops or tablets. 

Bluetooth has a limited range, and when you get too far away from the speaker, you’ll experience interruptions with the signal. This appears as audio cutting in and out when you are trying to listen to music or anything else. 

For example, if your phone is in your pocket and you leave to go outside into the yard, your JBL speaker will start to skip in and out. As you move farther away, you will probably lose signal altogether. When you get closer, it might reconnect. 

Distance isn’t the only thing that can interrupt the signal from the source device to the speaker. Thick walls or other materials between the two can also result in the speaker going in and out. 

How to Fix It: 

This issue has a very simple fix – just get the source device closer to the speaker. You might need to leave your phone close to the speaker rather than in your pocket. If you’re on the other side of a wall, put the source device in the same room as a speaker. 

Bluetooth technically has a range of about 30 to 40 meters or roughly 100 to 120 feet. But this isn’t always accurate and depends on certain conditions and other variables. Staying within 20-30 feet or 10 meters should keep a solid connection at all times. 

Reason #2: Low Battery

A JBL speaker with a low battery can also cause connectivity issues, resulting in the speaker cutting in and out. When the battery gets really low, it won’t have enough power to send or receive an adequate signal, and you’ll notice the problem. 

This doesn’t happen with every speaker every time the battery gets low. But if you are using an older JBL speaker, it might have more connectivity issues when the battery gets low. Newer speakers will typically stay connected right until the battery dies completely. 

How to Fix It: 

Charging up your speaker is the quick and easy way to resolve this issue. If your battery is really low, you might need to charge it up for 15-30 minutes before you get a good connection. But many models will work great once you plug in the charging cord. 

If this issue happens to you often and you are using an older speaker, consider leaving it plugged in at all times. This kind of defeats the purpose of having a wireless speaker, but at least you can still use it.  

Reason #3: Outdated Firmware

You might not realize that your JBL speaker has firmware that occasionally needs updating. This is similar to other modern electronic devices like your smartphone. You can experience a number of issues with outdated firmware, connectivity issues included. 

It’s not always obvious when you need to update your speaker because you don’t get automatic reminders like you might on your phone. And if this is the first time you’ve ever heard about updating the speaker, you are likely overdue. 

Firmware issues can cause your speaker to cut in and out, and they can also result in other problems, such as the speaker not charging or turning off randomly. If you are experiencing any or all of these, it’s time for an update. 

How to Fix It: 

Updating the firmware on your JBL speaker should fix the problem of it cutting in and out. This is easy to do with a computer or phone and only takes a few minutes. 

If you have a newer JBL speaker, you should be able to update the firmware on the JBL app on your phone. You’ll probably need to connect to the speaker via Bluetooth and have cell or WiFi signal to complete the download. 

You might need to physically connect the speaker to a computer with the charging cable on older speakers. Then you can visit the JBL website and find the proper firmware update to complete the download. 

Refer to your user’s manual for exact instructions on how to update the firmware on your specific JBL speaker model. 

Reason #4: Glitch or Bug in your Speaker

A glitch or bug with your speaker is another potential reason for a JBL speaker to cut in and out. Glitches can happen to any wireless speaker, and there isn’t always a direct cause for them to appear. 

A glitch or bug doesn’t have an exact definition in this case, and it’s more related to your speaker acting weird. And when it cuts in and out, that’s definitely not normal and falls under the weird category. 

How to Fix It: 

A hard reset of your speaker will likely fix the issue. You can perform a hard reset on most JBL speakers by simultaneously holding down the play and volume-up buttons until the speaker powers down. Then turn it back on, and the problem should be solved. 

Refer to your user’s manual or look online for your specific speaker model for exact resetting instructions if it can’t be done by holding down the buttons I just mentioned. 

You also might want to reset your phone or other source devices because the glitch or bug could be coming from that. 

Reason #5: Issues with Source Device

Your audio source device can also be the potential cause for the JBL speaker to cut in and out. In other words, the problem might not be with your speaker at all. And there are numerous things to keep an eye out for with this in mind. 

If your phone has poor service, this can cause the audio source to skip. Since the phone can’t play the music or audio app without service, it won’t be able to send a signal to the speaker, and you’ll run into issues. 

You also might be running an outdated OS or app version on your phone. Similar to outdated firmware on your speaker, this should be updated regularly for proper performance. And you might also be dealing with a glitch or bug on your phone. 

How to Fix It: 

Restarting your source device is a good place to start with this potential problem. This can often deal with the problem quickly, and you’ll get a solid connection after a restart gets rid of any possible bugs or glitches. 

You should also update your phone’s OS and make sure your audio app is updated. And if you’re out of service, you might need to wait until you have a cell or WiFi signal to play audio on your speaker again. 

Reason #6: Aux Cord Interference 

Aux cord interference is a less common but still potential cause for the speaker to cut in and out. If you have a JBL speaker with an AUX cord input that you are using to connect to your source device, this can interfere with the Bluetooth connection. 

When you have an Aux cord connection to the speaker, the speaker still might try to pull a Bluetooth signal from the source device. When this happens, it can cause the audio signal to go in and out as the speaker switches between the two source signals. 

If you aren’t using an Aux cord, then this isn’t your problem. But if you’ve had issues with the speaker signal jumping in and out while the Aux is plugged in, that’s likely your problem. 

How to Fix It: 

You can fix this problem easily by turning off the Bluetooth on your source device whenever you have the Aux cord plugged in. This will prevent the signal from jumping around from the Aux to Bluetooth, and you should get solid audio. 

You can also fix the problem by unplugging the Aux cord and just using Bluetooth. But since your phone might have difficulties deciding between one or the other, it’s best to stick to one at a time. 

Reason #7: Faulty Speaker

The last reason on this list for why your JBL speaker is cutting out is also the worst-case scenario – that you’re dealing with a faulty speaker. This means that there is something drastically wrong with the speaker, and it might not be able to be fixed. 

Your speaker might be broken if you have tried all the other fixes on the list and get this far without resolving it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is always a possibility, and it does happen from time to time. 

How to Fix It: 

There isn’t much you can do if your speaker is actually broken. You can’t really get spare parts or take the speaker apart to investigate what’s technically wrong. You’ll likely need to cut your losses and purchase a new speaker. 

But be sure to contact JBL customer service before you buy a new one. There’s always a chance your speaker might be under warranty, and they will send you a new one for free. Or they might be able to troubleshoot a fix I didn’t mention here. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to why a JBL speaker keeps cutting out. 

Why does my JBL speaker keep turning off and on? 

There are numerous reasons why your JBL speaker can turn on and off, but it’s most likely a battery or charging issue. It’s important to distinguish between the speaker turning off and on or cutting in and out to troubleshoot the problem. 

Why is my JBL speaker glitching? 

There isn’t always a direct cause or reason why a JBL speaker starts to glitch. But having out-of-date firmware is one of these. You can try resetting the speaker by simultaneously holding down the play and volume up buttons. This typically resolves minor glitches. 

How do I fix my JBL Bluetooth speaker? 

To fix your JBL Bluetooth speaker, you need to properly identify the issue that you are dealing with. A quick reset of the speaker can help with minor problems and glitches, as can updating the device’s firmware. 

How do I know if my JBL speaker is blown? 

It’s pretty rare for a Bluetooth speaker to blow because it doesn’t handle the same levels of volume, volts, and wattage as traditional speakers. Symptoms of a blown speaker include bad sound, rattling, and visibly torn speakers. 

How do I force reset my JBL? 

Most JBL Bluetooth speaker models can be reset by holding down the play and volume-up buttons at the same time for a few seconds until the speaker powers down. Then you can turn the speaker on as usual, and it should operate normally if you are experiencing issues. 

Final Thoughts

A JBL speaker cutting in and out is a frustrating problem you might encounter if you own one. Luckily, there is usually an easy fix to determine the cause of this, and the reasons mentioned in this post should steer you in the right direction. 

If you have the option to purchase device protection or coverage when you get your speaker, it can save you some money in the long run if your speaker ends up breaking. This is never required, but it can help you get a new one for free if you need it!

Have you ever had a JBL speaker that keeps cutting in and out? What model was it, and what did you do to fix the issue? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  • rex dela vega

    flip 6 jbl while listening on my speaker suddenly music blutooth stops then need to pair again any suggestion how to fix

    • Donovan

      That sounds like your speaker might be connecting to another device. Or the phone or control device you are using bounces to another Bluetooth speaker or connection. Turn off the Bluetooth on any device you don’t want to use with the speaker and see if that fixes the problem. A quick reset of the speaker might do the trick as well.

  • Cameron

    When my speaker is playing at the high volume with bass it cut out how can I fix this problem please help I haven’t tried everything on YouTube nothing isn’t working

    • Donovan

      Hey Cameron,

      Did you run through any of the fixes on this list? A quick reset is always the best place to start, and that might iron out the issue quickly. If the problem only occurs when the bass hits at loud volumes, it could be something internal. Meaning that you have a loose component in the speaker, and when it gets vibrated by the high volume/bass frequencies, it causes the cutting out. That’s not an easy problem to fix if it is the issue. Try backing off the volume just a bit to see if that helps, or give the speaker a quick shake to hear if anything sounds loose inside. You might need to call customer service to better assess if it does. Hope that helps!

  • Johnathon daleyy

    JBL extreme 3 I’ve only hade this for 6 months and the problem is that I will cut from wifi and the sound of it shutting down will sound but the light is still on and then it will come back on and reconnect I’ve tried the reset options it would work for a bit then do it all over again. I would take it back but I lost the receipt. I checked the firmware it’s up to date and my phone is new getting pissed off

    • Donovan

      Hey Johnathon,

      If you’ve done the reset and also checked for firmware updates, there might be something more significantly wrong with your speaker. I suggest contacting JBL customer service, even if you don’t have the receipt. They might be able to walk you through some troubleshooting tips or check to see if your speaker is under warranty and work out a replacement. If it’s only six months old, there’s a good chance you can get a new one for free if the issue is not fixable. Hope that helps!