Why is JBL Speaker Skipping & How to Fix It

There are several reasons why your JBL speaker is skipping, including having a poor cell or WiFi connection, Bluetooth connectivity issues, and a bug with the speaker. All of these issues are fairly easy to fix to get your speaker working correctly again. 

I’m Donovan, a musician, engineer, producer, and audiophile. I spend most of my days wrapped up in audio projects and have used several different JBL speakers over the years. I know through first-hand experience how to troubleshoot issues with them. 

This post will explain why your JBL speaker is skipping. I’ll provide you with several possible reasons why this might be happening and give you a quick fix for each issue. The goal is to help get your speaker working properly as quickly as possible. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • One of the most common reasons why a JBL speaker is skipping is because of Bluetooth connectivity issues related to the speaker attempting to connect to multiple devices. 
  • Another reason for a JBL speaker to skip is when the audio source (like your smartphone) has poor cell or WiFi service. 
  • Glitches or bugs in your speaker can also cause skipping, and you can fix most of these by resetting your speaker and/or audio device. 
  • Out-of-date firmware can also cause skipping, and you might need to update your speaker to resolve the issue.
  • Low battery life on a JBL portable speaker is another potential cause for skipping, but this should not happen every time the battery is low.  

Why Is My JBL Speaker Skipping? 

There are a handful of reasons why your JBL speaker might be skipping. Most of these are easy to diagnose and fix, so it typically isn’t that big of a deal. But sometimes the cause can be a bad speaker that might need replacing or repairing. 

Regardless of why your speaker is skipping, you’ll want to get it fixed as quickly as possible so you can keep listening to music or anything else you want to. Skipping can be super annoying and easily ruin your listening experience. 

Below you will find several different reasons why your JBL speaker is skipping. I’ll also provide you with a quick fix to each problem to help you get your speaker up and running as it should. 

Run through each reason here until the problem is fixed and the speaker operates without interruption. And if none of the fixes work, I’ll provide you with some additional information to possibly resolve the problem. 

Reason #1: Weak Cellular or WiFi Connection 

One of the most common reasons for a JBL speaker to skip is that you have a weak cellular or WiFi connection to your audio source device, most likely your smartphone. This will cause skips as the device looks for a signal. 

When your phone doesn’t have enough signal to play music or other types of audio properly, it will sound like skipping from your speaker. And this problem actually has nothing to do with the speaker itself but with your phone, laptop, or other audio source. 

Since most people play music these days from some sort of streaming service, any interruptions in the signal will cause skipping-like effects. As the phone searches for a signal, it will cut in and out and affect how you hear things from the speaker. 

How to Fix It: 

To fix this cause of skipping, you’ll need to get better service to your smartphone or other audio source. You might need to move your phone and speaker around for better service. You should be able to see how many bars of cell service you have in any given location. 

If it looks like you have a WiFi connection but are still having issues, you might need to reset your WiFi router. This will typically iron out issues with the signal, and most routers can be reset by unplugging them and plugging them back in. 

Reason #2: Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Another common reason for a JBL speaker to skip is when you have Bluetooth connectivity issues. This is somewhat similar to the first reason on the list, but it’s worth examining directly to better deal with it. 

Bluetooth connectivity issues can appear if you have multiple known devices within range of your JBL speaker. For example, the speaker might recognize two smartphones and try connecting to both. 

But instead of actually connecting to one phone or the other, the speaker will connect to one and then connect to the other. This bouncing back and forth will cause the signal to appear and then disappear, sounding like skipping.

How to Fix It: 

The easiest way to deal with this issue is to turn the Bluetooth feature off on any device you do not want your speaker to connect to. So if you have two phones in the same room as the speaker, turn off the Bluetooth on the one you don’t want to use.

Your speaker might also recognize another device that isn’t a phone, like your laptop. So be sure to turn the Bluetooth off on the computer as well if you are using your phone as the source device. 

Reason #3: Source Device Too Far From Speaker

Whenever your audio source device gets too far away from your JBL speaker, this will also cause skipping. Bluetooth connections have a limited range, and the connection will fail when the speaker and source device are too far from one another. 

In addition to being too far away from the speaker, walls in your home and even larger pieces of furniture might interrupt the Bluetooth signal. So even if you are technically within range of the speaker, you still might get interruptions if you’re in a different room. 

How to Fix It: 

This problem is super easy to fix by moving your audio source device closer to your speaker. Keep your phone within about 20 feet or less of the speaker for the best direct connection, even if Bluetooth technically has a longer range than that. 

You also might need to change where your speaker is positioned if furniture or walls are causing interference. You generally want the source device and your speaker to have a clear shot from one another without any large objects in the way. 

Reason #4 – Low Battery

If your speaker is running low on battery charge, this can also result in skipping. A low battery doesn’t always result in the skipping issue, but it’s an easy one to fix so is always one of the things you should look into first. 

As the battery gets low, the speaker can’t keep a solid connection. This is why you might experience skipping when your JBL speaker bakery gets low. 

How to Fix It: 

Charging your speaker is the quick and easy fix for this issue. Just connect your speaker to the charging cable and plug it in. The skipping might disappear as soon as it is plugged in or will disappear once the speaker soaks up some charge. 

If your speaker runs out of battery charge entirely, it might take a while to charge back up enough to work correctly. If the battery dies, you might need to wait 15 minutes or more to power your speaker back on. 

Reason #5 – Out-of-Date Firmware

You might not realize that your JBL speaker has firmware that needs to be updated from time to time. If your speaker has out-of-date firmware, you can experience a number of issues, skipping being one of these. 

Only JBL wireless speakers have firmware, so you don’t need to worry about this issue if you are using more traditional-style wired speakers. 

How to Fix It: 

Updating the firmware on your speaker is the only way to fix this issue. You should be able to do this easily by either visiting the JBL website or using the JBL Portable app. The exact process depends on what model of JBL speaker you have. 

Refer to your user’s manual for instructions on updating the firmware on your exact JBL speaker model. You should also be able to find this information online easily. 

Reason #6: Random Bug or Glitch in Speaker

Sometimes JBL speakers can experience a random bug or glitch, and this can cause several issues, such as skipping. There isn’t always an exact reason why the speaker glitches out, and it just happens occasionally with all sorts of electronics. 

How to Fix It: 

Resetting your speaker should iron out any random bugs you encounter. Press and hold your speaker’s play and volume-up buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until it powers down and then turn it on like you usually would. 

Resetting your source device is another way to fix this problem because the bug could be in your phone instead of the speaker. So reset your phone if resetting the speaker doesn’t fix the issue. 

Reason #7: Defective or Broken Speaker

This last reason is the worst but also the least common. You might have a defective or broken speaker if you are still dealing with skipping after going through all the other fixes mentioned above. 

JBL speakers are usually pretty reliable, but that doesn’t mean they last forever. Sometimes you might get a defective speaker or experience internal damage that causes performance issues. 

How to Fix It: 

There is no great fix for a defective or broken speaker. If your speaker is under warranty, you might be able to send it back to JBL for a repair or replacement. Contact JBL customer service to find out. 

If you can’t get it repaired or replaced, you’ll probably need to purchase a new speaker and start again. That’s not great news, but it might be your only option if you are dealing with larger issues.   


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to why a JBL speaker is skipping. 

Why is my JBL speaker glitching? 

JBL speakers can glitch for several reasons, including a weak connection to the source device, Bluetooth connectivity issues, and low battery life. You can try resetting the speaker if the glitch is from the speaker itself. 

Why does my JBL speaker keep cutting in and out? 

Bluetooth, cellular, or WiFi interference are the most common reasons a JBL speaker keeps cutting in and out. Ensure you have a solid signal from your source device and that the speaker is not trying to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. 

Why does my Bluetooth speaker keep skipping? 

Any kind of Bluetooth speaker can skip for a number of reasons, such as signal interference, a low battery, or a glitch within the speaker itself. Ensure you have a good connection from your phone or other source device to rule out that reason. 

Why does my JBL keep popping? 

A popping noise from your JBL speaker can be caused by a broken cable if you have an audio source hard-wired into the speaker. If you are using Bluetooth, the popping is likely caused by your phone or because of a low battery or other issue. 

How do I fix my JBL speaker crackling? 

Many random issues with your JBL speaker, such as crackling, can be fixed by resetting the speaker. You can do this by holding the play and volume-up buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the speaker powers down. Then turn it back on as usual. 

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, it’s pretty easy to diagnose and fix a JBL speaker that’s skipping. Start with the small troubleshooting fixes, such as resetting your speaker or ensuring you have good cell or WiFi service, before doing anything drastic. 

Even though it’s rare, it is always possible that a damaged or defective speaker causes the skipping. Unless your speaker is under warranty, you’ll need to buy a new one to deal with this issue. 

How did you resolve your JBL speaker skipping? What model speaker was it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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