How to Log Out of Spotify on Sonos

The best way to log out of Spotify on Sonos is to log into your Spotify account directly from a web browser not the app. Click on the Apps section from your Spotify account page and remove it. Then choose the Sign Out Everywhere option.

My name is Donovan, and I’m an avid musician, producer, and audiophile. I have set up several Sonos audio systems over the years and use Spotify on a regular basis. I know through first-hand experience how to troubleshoot both of these platforms. 

This post will show you how to log out of Spotify on Sonos. I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on making this happen quickly and easily and highlight why you want to do it on the Spotify web page rather than through the app. 

Let’s get rolling. 

Key Takeaways

  • The best and most effective way to log out of Spotify on Sonos is to log into your Spotify account from a web browser, not the Spotify app. 
  • Navigate to the Approved Applications section of your Spotify account and then choose Sonos and remove it. Then you want to select the Sign Out Everywhere option to ensure you get logged out. 
  • If you try to sign out of everywhere through the Spotify app, you will likely run into issues and not be able to make this work. 
  • You can access the Spotify main page to log in from your phone’s web browser, but you do not want to follow the process using the Spotify app. 

How to Log Out of Spotify on Sonos

Using Spotify and Sonos together is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite streaming music in the comfort of your home. It’s a convenient way to quickly access all of your liked music or explore new tunes. 

But sometimes, you’ll need or want to log out of Spotify on Sonos. And even though this should be an easy task, it’s not necessarily as straightforward as it should be. 

The first time I ever tried to log out of Spotify with my Sonos system, I ran into big issues. That issue was I couldn’t log out. Even though I followed the steps for doing so in the Spotify app on my iPhone, I’d log onto Sonos, and my profile would still be working. 

I also ran into this issue one time when I was traveling. I logged into my Spotify account at a rental house that had a Sonos system so I could play music. But then I couldn’t successfully log out, even though I thought I knew what I was doing. 

That led to some initial frustration, but it also helped me figure out how to log out properly. And the trick to doing this is taking care of things from the Spotify website rather than the app. You can’t successfully log out of Spotify on Sonos within the Spotify app. 

My guess is that this is a software or user experience design flaw on Spotify’s end. But it’s pretty frustrating, so I hope they figure things out to address and resolve the problem soon. For now, just don’t even attempt to use the app to sign out of Sonos. 

Instead, follow the steps below. These will get you logged out of Spotify on Sonos or anywhere else you have your profile saved and don’t want it to be. It’s still easy, but you don’t need to deal with the frustration of hitting a dead end with the app. 

Follow these steps to log out of Spotify on Sonos: 

1. Log into your Spotify account from a web browser. Again, DO NOT use the Spotify app because even though the app appears to let you log out, it doesn’t actually work correctly for Sonos. 

You can use the web browser on your phone to reach the Spotify main page and log in from there. But if you open the app on your phone and try to make this happen, you won’t get far. 

2. Click on the Apps tab in your Spotify profile. 

3. Select Sonos from the list of available apps. 

4. Select Approved Applications

4. Click Remove Sonos

5. Navigate back to the main Spotify page. 

6. Click Sign Out Everywhere

7. Open up the Sonos app to see if you are successfully logged out of Spotify. If you aren’t, you may need to repeat the steps or reset your phone or Sonos system before the changes will take effect. 

Pro Tip: This is another reminder that you need to log into Spotify from a web browser and not the Spotify app to complete these steps. The app has similar buttons and functions to remove Sonos, but it won’t actually work from here.  

Another thing to know is that once you choose the Log Out Everywhere option from the Spotify main profile page, you’ll need to sign back into every app or service that uses your Spotify account. Keep your profile information handy if you don’t have it memorized. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to how to log out of Spotify on Sonos. 

How do I disconnect Spotify from Sonos? 

The process for disconnecting Spotify from Sonos is essentially the same as logging out of your Spotify account on Sonos. You need to log into your Spotify account from a web browser and then choose to remove Sonos from the approved applications. 

How do I switch Spotify accounts on Sonos? 

You need to add another Spotify account to your Sonos app in order to switch between them. You can do this by adding a music or voice service from the Settings tap in the Sonos app. Select Music & Content, select Add a Service, and log in with the new account. 

How do I remove an account from Sonos? 

If you want to remove an account from another app that is not Sonos, you need to log into that app or service from its web page or app. If you want to remove your Sonos account, you can do that from the Settings menu in the Sonos app. 

How do I delete a music library from Sonos? 

You can delete a music library from Sonos within the Sonos app. Open the app and navigate to the Settings tab. Then select Music Library and tap Music Library Setup. Choose the music library or folder you want to delete and select Remove. 

How do I reset Sonos for a new owner? 

You should factory reset your Sonos speaker if you sell it or if there is a new owner or person using it. You can do this by unplugging the speaker and then holding the Bluetooth button as you power the speaker back on until the light flashes green. 

Final Thoughts

It’s not that difficult to log out of Spotify on Sonos if you do it the right way by handling the task from a web browser. But if you try to do this on the Spotify app, you won’t be able to successfully make it happen, even though the app will tell you it’s been done. 

Remember that you can log into the Spotify main page on the browser on your computer or from your phone. But don’t log into the Spotify app for this purpose because you won’t be able to log out of Sonos from here. 

What services/apps do you like to sync with Sonos besides Spotify? Let me know in the comments below.

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