How to Pair Sony Speaker to iPhone

To pair a Sony speaker to an iPhone, you should place both devices close to one another, power them on, and press the pair button on the speaker. Then you can connect to the speaker through the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone. 

I’m Donovan, a lifelong musician and audio enthusiast. I have years of experience working in recording studios and have set up many home audio systems. I’ve owned several Sony Bluetooth speakers and know how to pair them properly. 

This post will show you how to pair a Sony speaker to an iPhone. I’ll walk you through all the steps to make this happen and provide you with related information. My goal is to help you use your speaker and iPhone effortlessly. 

Let’s get rolling. 

Key Takeaways

  • To pair a Sony speaker to an iPhone, both devices should be turned on and placed close to each other. 
  • With both devices on, press the pair button on the Speaker and then connect through the Bluetooth settings app on the iPhone. 
  • If you’ve already connected to the Sony speaker previously, the two should connect automatically when turned on and close to one another. 
  • Pairing a Sony speaker to an iPhone is the same process as pairing any type of Bluetooth speaker. 

How to Pair Sony Speaker to iPhone

Pairing your Sony speaker to an iPhone is pretty easy, and it’s the same process as any other type of Bluetooth speaker you might already have experience with. Knowing how to do this is essential for anyone who owns both of these devices. 

The directions for pairing I’ll give you here apply to just about every Sony Bluetooth speaker and iPhone model. The process is the same, regardless of which speaker or iPhone model you use. 

The exact placement of the pairing and power buttons on your Sony speaker can vary from model to model, but they all have essentially the same design. 

Follow these directions to pair a Sony speaker with an iPhone:

Step 1: Place your Sony speaker and iPhone next to one another. These devices typically need to be within 3 feet of each other for effective pairing. 

Step 2: Power on both devices and ensure they both have a good charge. Plug them into a power source if they do not. 

Step 3: Ensure that your Bluetooth connection is active on your iPhone. You can swipe down from the top left of your iPhone screen to access the quick controls. Tap the Bluetooth icon if it’s not highlighted in blue. 

You can also turn Bluetooth on your iPhone by tapping the Settings app. Then tap Bluetooth and turn the slider on to make your iPhone discoverable. 

Step 4: Press and hold the pairing button on your Sony speaker until it flashes. This puts the speaker into pairing mode, and your iPhone should detect it as a potential device. 

Step 5: Open the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone by tapping Settings and then Bluetooth. 

Step 6: Select your Sony speaker from the list of available devices. The speaker’s name will be whatever name was designated by the manufacturer, which is likely Sony followed by the the speaker model. You can change this if you want to rename the speaker. 

Step 7: The speaker and your iPhone should now be paired. 

Quick Tip: You should only need to run through the Bluetooth settings connection process the first time you connect the two devices. They should pair automatically after that when they are in range and both powered on.  

Sony Speaker Won’t Connect to iPhone

There can be a few potential issues that prevent your Sony speaker from connecting to your iPhone. I’ll give you a brief look at each of those here to help you trouble should instances when your speaker won’t connect to your iPhone. 

Make Sure the Speaker and iPhone are Within Range

You need to have your Sony speaker and iPhone within range of one another to get them to pair. Place them 3 feet away from one another or closer to encourage effective pairing. 

Turn Bluetooth On from iPhone

If your Bluetooth is turned off on your iPhone, you won’t be able to get your Sony speaker to connect. You can do this from the Bluetooth settings app or the control center icon. Swipe down from the upper right of the iPhone screen to access to Bluetooth button. 

Other Device Connected to Speaker

If you have other devices in the same room that have been set up with your Sony speaker, this might prevent the speaker from pairing with your iPhone. Turn the other devices off, or at least turn off their Bluetooth. 

Reset the Speaker

Sometimes you’ll need to reset your Sony speaker and this can iron out random issues and bugs like it not connecting to your iPhone. Press and hold the power button your speaker until it cycles through and resets. 

Too Many Devices Saved in iPhone

Too many other Bluetooth devices saved on your iPhone might impact how it connects with others, such as your Sony speaker. You can delete any devices you don’t actively use from the Bluetooth settings menu on your iPhone. 


Here are a few short answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to how to pair a Sony speaker to an iPhone. 

Why is my iPhone not connecting to my Sony speaker? 

You should make sure that your iPhone and Sony speaker are within range and press the pairing button on your speaker. Then choose the speaker from the list of available devices in the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone. 

How do I put my Sony wireless speaker in pairing mode? 

You just need to press the pairing button on your Sony wireless speaker to put it in pairing mode. You might need to hold the button for a few seconds, and most speakers have a power button and a pairing button. 

Why won’t my Sony speaker show up on Bluetooth? 

Your Sony speaker might not show up on Bluetooth if it doesn’t have a strong charge or is out of range of the device you want to pair it with. You also might need to delete some other saved devices if your phone or device has many of these. 

How do I reset my Sony Bluetooth speaker? 

Most Sony Bluetooth speakers can be reset by holding down the power button until the speaker cycles through the reset process. This can fix some issues with the speaker, like not pairing with certain phones or other devices. 

How do I know if my Sony speaker is in pairing mode? 

Your Sony speaker will be in pairing mode when the indicator light flashes, or the power light turns on. These indicators can vary depending on which Sony speaker you have, so refer to your owner’s manual for more information. 

Final Thoughts

Pairing your Sony speaker to an iPhone is simple. You just need to press the pairing button on the speaker and ensure the Bluetooth is turned on on your phone. The two devices should pair automatically when in range after their first connection. 

Keep in mind that a quick restart of your Sony speaker or iPhone can help resolve unexpected issues you might be having with Bluetooth connectivity. This is always a good place to start when troubleshooting Bluetooth issues. 

What kind of Sony speaker do you have? Is it easy to connect to your iPhone? Let me know in the comments below.

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