How to Play Apple Music on Sonos

Playing Apple Music on Sonos is simple, and you can make this happen directly from the Sonos app. From the Settings menu in the Sonos app, select “Music & Content” and then “Add a Service.” You can then select Apple Music from the list of available services.

My name is Donovan, and I’m a lover of all things audio related. I have years of experience setting up home studios and audio systems, and I have worked with Sonos systems and Apple Music. I know first-hand how to link these two services together. 

This post will show you how to play Apple Music on Sonos. I’ll walk you through the simple steps to make this happen and provide you with other important information. I aim to help you take advantage of your Sonos system and Apple Music. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • You need to have the Sonos app and an Apple Music account to play Apple Music on your Sonos system. 
  • You can add Apple Music as a music service from the Sonos app through the Settings menu and then the Music & Content section. 
  • Apple Music has an Android version, so you don’t need to be an iPhone or Mac user to take advantage of everything this streaming service offers. 
  • You can add several other music streaming services to Sonos the same way you add Apple Music. This can help you have access to all of your favorite music and content to play on your Sonos system. 

How to Play Apple Music on Sonos

Apple Music is a popular music streaming platform that works well with Sonos speakers systems. Knowing how to utilize both together is a must if you like to use this streaming service and have a Sonos system. 

Sonos can work with several streaming platforms, and Apple Music is one of them. This platform alone gives you access to nearly 100 million songs! You need an Apple Music account for this to work, so get that set up if you don’t already have one. 

You must also have the Sonos app to get Apple Music to work with your system. This app provides a super convenient way to control everything related to your Sonos speakers, so I recommend downloading it even if you don’t use Apple Music. 

You can still use Apple Music and Sonos even if you aren’t an Apple device user. That’s great for anyone who doesn’t have an iPhone or Mac and still wants access to a vast selection of music. 

Follow these steps to play Apple Music on Sonos: 

1. Download the Sonos app onto your phone or computer if you haven’t already done so. Sign up for an Apple Music account as well. You’ll need both of these to play the streaming service on your Sonos system. 

2. Open the Sonos app. 

3. Tap the Settings tab. 

4. Select Services & Voice

5. From the Music & Content section, tap Add a Service

6. Select Apple Music from the list of available music services. 

7. Tap Add to Sonos

8. You’ll be prompted to sign into your Apple Music account and a few other small steps from here. Just follow all of the instructions within the Sonos app to complete setting things up. 

9. Listen to your Apple Music account through your Sonos system. 

Quick Tip: You won’t be able to set up an Apple Music account within the Sonos app. You can access your Apple Music library within the app by signing into an existing account, but you’ll need to have Apple Music ahead of time to make the above work correctly. 

Why Won’t my Apple Music Play on Sonos?

You might have issues getting Apple Music to play on a Sonos system for a few reasons. Most of these are easy to navigate and troubleshoot, and you can get things running in a matter of minutes. 

I’ll provide you with a few quick troubleshooting tips in this section. If you are having issues with playing Apple Music, run through all these to see if you can reach a quick resolution. 

The first thing you should do if you are having trouble playing Apple Music on your Sonos system is to ensure the volume is up on your source device, like your phone or computer. This sounds simple, but starting with the simplest solution is always best. 

Also, remember that you must have an Apple Music account before linking that and Sonos together. Without an account, you won’t be able to sign in to Apple Music from the Sonos app. 

You also might be dealing with software issues. This can cause some bugs and problems and will occur if you are running an outdated version of the Sonos app or Apple Music. Download and install the current version of these if needed. 

You might need to update your operating system on your phone and computer as well. Like running outdated apps, this can cause various potential problems. Download and install the latest operating system on your devices if needed. 

Random bugs and glitches can also be the cause of Apple Music not playing on Sonos. If everything seems updated and normal, and you still have issues, a quick reset of your source device and/or Sonos speakers can fix things. 

You can reset your Sonos speakers by turning them off and back on. You can do the same with your phone or computer. You also might need to do a hard reset of your phone, which is a more in-depth reset. The process for this varies from device to device. 

If none of the above troubleshooting tips resolve the issue, you should contact Sonos customer service. A representative should be able to steer you in the right direction to get Apple Music playing on your system. 

How Do I Play Apple Music from my iPhone to Sonos? 

Playing Apple music from your iPhone to Sonos is easy, and the same instructions for doing so from the first section of this post apply here. 

Every iPhone should have Apple Music installed, but ensure you are signed into your account through the app. You also need to have the Sonos app on your iPhone. 

With those two things in order, just follow the instructions from the first section of this post above, and you should be able to play Apple Music with no problem. And make sure your Sonos speakers are turned on. 

You can also connect to your Sonos system through WiFi and control everything directly from your iPhone. AirPlay will also work on some Sonos speakers if you don’t have WiFi access. But you generally need a WiFi connection to operate a Sonos system.    


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to how to play Apple Music on Sonos.

Why won’t Sonos play music from my phone? 

There are a few reasons why music from your phone might not be playing on Sonos. Make sure that the volume is up on your phone to get started with troubleshooting this issue. Remember that you need the Sonos app downloaded onto your phone as well. 

Why won’t my Sonos connect to AirPlay? 

You might have trouble connecting Sonos to AirPlay for several reasons, including a low battery on your speakers or interference with other devices. Make sure that your battery is charged or plugged in and that you don’t have another device connected to your Sonos system. 

Does Sonos use WiFi or Bluetooth? 

Nearly all Sonos speakers use WiFi as the primary connection between the speakers and the source devices. A few use Bluetooth, but you’ll need an established WiFi connection to operate most Sonos systems. 

How do I know if my Sonos speaker is AirPlay compatible? 

You can check the technical specifications that come with your Sonos speaker to know if that particular model is AirPlay compatible. Only a few Sonos speakers are AirPlay compatible, and most of them are not set up for this, especially the older models. 

Does Sonos One work with Apple AirPlay? 

Sonos One does work with Apple AirPlay, which gives you an easy way to play music from your Apple device. Not all Sonos speakers are AirPlay compatible, but the Sonos One will work with this feature. 

Final Thoughts

Download the Sonos app and sign up for Apple Music to get started with playing these two together. From there, open up the Sonos app and add Apple Music from the Music & Content section of the Settings menu.  

The Sonos app has many other useful features and functions when you want to play Apple Music or any other compatible streaming service. It’s a must for any Sonos user, so be sure to use it to your advantage. 

How many songs do you have in your Apple Music library? What’s your favorite music streaming service? Let me know in the comments below.

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