How to Reconnect Sonos to WiFi

You can use the Sonos app to reconnect to a new WiFi network quickly. There are two versions of the Sonos app (S1 and S2) that you can use, depending on your speaker setup. You can also use an ethernet cable from your router for wired configurations.

I’m Donovan, and I’ve been an audio enthusiast for most of my life. I have built or helped set up many home studios and theaters over the years and have first-hand experience using Sonos systems. 

This post will show you how to reconnect Sonos to WiFi. This information will be helpful if you change the name or password on your WiFi router, get a new router, move your Sonos system to a new location, or factory reset your speakers. 

Let’s get to it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Using the Sonos S1 or S2 apps will help you reconnect your system to WiFi if and when you need to. 
  • The Sonos S1 app can be used to reconnect to WiFi if your system is already in a wireless setup or if you have older Sonos devices that aren’t compatible with the S2 app.  
  • The Sonos S2 app can be used for brand-new speakers, routers, or WiFi networks. 
  • You can also use an ethernet cable running from your WiFi router to your Sonos speaker or other device if you have a wired setup. 

How to Reconnect Sonos to WiFi

One of the best aspects of using Sonos for your home stereo or theater system is its WiFi connectivity. But that also means that WiFi is essential for using Sonos, and you need to know how to reconnect to it if and when needed. 

There are a few different ways to reconnect a Sonos speaker or other device to WiFi. The steps you take to do this will depend on how you have your current system set up or if you are using a brand-new router or network. 

I’ll walk you through the easy steps to do all of these in the section below. I’ve attempted each of these connection methods with various Sonos products, and the process is basically the same, but the steps are slightly different for each. 

How to Reconnect Sonos to WiFi with S1 App

If you have an older Sonos speaker or setup, you might need to use the older version of the Sonos app. This is the Sonos S1 app (iOS or Android). You likely have this app on your phone already, but download it now if you don’t. 

If you have a newer setup, you can go ahead and skip to the next section for using the S2 app, as this is the most modern version of that app and won’t work with older setups. 

These instructions need to be done on a mobile device with the S1 app, and it won’t work with a computer. 

1. Launch the Sonos S1 app on your phone. 

2. The app will search for your system or other Sonos devices but will give you a message saying, “Unable to connect to Sonos,” because the system won’t be connected to WiFi. 

3. Tap Learn More

4. Tap Changed Router or WiFi Settings?

5. The app will walk you through the steps of reconnecting your Sonos to WiFi from there and will ask for your network and password information. Enter this and anything else the app requests, and you should be reconnected quickly. 

How to Reconnect Sonos to WiFi with S2 App

Most people will use the Sonos S2 app to handle reconnections. This is the current version of the app and is compatible with all newer Sonos speakers and devices. Download that onto your phone if you haven’t done so already. 

This also must be done on a mobile device because the app and connection process won’t work from a Mac or PC. 

1. Launch the Sonos S2 app on your phone. 

2. The app will search for your system but won’t be able to connect because there is no WiFi setup and after a few seconds will show you the message, “Unable to connect to Sonos.” 

3. Tap Let’s fix it. You can also go directly to the Settings section of the app and tap either Unable to find your Sonos system or Update your network settings. All of these will lead you to the same reconnection process. 

4. Follow all of the instructions in the app to complete the reconnection process. You’ll be asked for your network name and password, so have that information nearby. 

How to Reconnect Sonos to WiFi for Wired Setups

If you are using a wired Sonos setup, the process for reconnecting to WiFi is even more straightforward. All you need to do is connect your router to your Sonos speaker or device to establish the connection. 

You’ll need an ethernet cable from your WiFi router to your Sonos speaker to make this happen. Just plug both ends in, and the speaker will recognize the WiFi signal and you’ll be all set. 

If you don’t see all of your speakers in the app after you connect the ethernet cable, you need to reset them so they will recognize the new router. For most Sonos speakers, you can unplug the device, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in for a reset. 

Here are some more tips from Sonos for resetting and rebooting if you want more clarification on the process.  

Pro Tip: Using a wired connection might seem old-school or inconvenient, but you will end up with better audio quality. I recommend using a wired Sonos connection if you are an audiophile and want the best possible sound quality. 

Why Is My Sonos Not Connecting to WiFi?

There are a few reasons why your Sonos might not connect to WiFi. Knowing these will help you identify the issues and reconnect quickly. Most of these issues are easy to deal with, so read the tips in this section to help you troubleshoot. 

The first thing you should do is ensure that you have an active WiFi signal. You might need to restart your router if you have network issues. If you think you have a WiFi signal but the speaker is not connecting, start here. 

You also need to reconnect your Sonos system anytime you use a new router or network. If you’ve recently upgraded your router or simply changed your network name or password, you’ll want to go through the steps above to get reconnected. 

Also, keep in mind that your speakers need to be within a close enough distance of your WiFi router to get a signal. If they are in a room far from the router, you might not have enough signal to establish a connection. 

In a worst-case scenario, you might be dealing with a bad or faulty speaker. If you can’t get it to connect to WiFi and have tried everything in this post, you should reach out to Sonos customer service for further assistance.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to how to reconnect Sonos to WiFi. 

How do I reconnect Sonos when my WiFi changed? 

You’ll need to use the Sonos app or an ethernet cable connected to your router and Sonos product to reconnect when your WiFi has changed. The app will give you easy steps to follow to make this happen, and a cable will get things set up quickly for wired connections. 

How do I reset my Sonos Connect? 

You can reset your Sonos Connect and many other Sonos speakers and devices by powering down the speaker and then turning it back on while holding the Bluetooth button. The light will flash while resetting and then turn green when the reset is complete.

How do I disconnect and reconnect my Sonos? 

Disconnecting your Sonos speaker is as easy as unplugging the power cord. You can then plug it back in to reconnect if you are using the same WiFi network. You’ll need to use the Sonos app or an ethernet cable to reconnect to a new network or router. 

Why can’t Sonos find my system? 

Ensure your speaker is turned on and connected to a WiFi network. Your system won’t be able to connect to the Sonos app without a good WiFi connection. You also might need to reset your speaker or other Sonos device. 

Why is my Sonos flashing green but not connecting? 

Your Sonos speaker is flashing green when it is powered on and ready to join a network. If this is the first time you’ve used the speaker or tried to connect to a new network, you need to enter the WiFi information through the Sonos app for it to connect. 

Final Thoughts

Reconnecting your Sonos speakers or systems to WiFi is pretty straightforward, and you can do this right in the Sonos app. Remember that the Sonos S1 app is for older speakers, and the S2 version will work with all newer ones. 

You can also hard-wire an ethernet cable directly from your router to your Sonos speaker. This will provide you with a quick reconnection and is a good option for wired setups. 

What type of Sonos system do you have? Have you ever had WiFi connection issues? Let me know in the comments below. 

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