How to Save a Song on GarageBand

Saving a song on GarageBand is similar to saving on many other apps or software you might be familiar with. You do this by hitting Command + S (macOS) or choosing the Save option from the File drop-down menu.  

My name is Donovan, and I’m an avid music maker. I like to create, record, and produce music as often as possible, and I know how important it is to save your projects frequently. I’m very familiar with GarageBand and the process of saving songs and files within the app. 

This post will show you how to save a song on GarageBand. I’ll show you the steps to make this happen quickly and also point out the differences between saving on GarageBand for your Mac and iPhone. 

Let’s get after it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Hitting Command S will quickly save your project in GarageBand for Mac. The process is a bit different for GarageBand iOS. 
  • You should save your projects frequently, so you don’t lose any tracks or parts if your computer freezes or you run into any other problem. 
  • You can choose where your song saves by clicking Save As and then directing the file to whatever location you want. 

How to Save a Song on GarageBand iPhone

Saving a song on GarageBand for your iPhone is easy, and the app basically saves your work for you. All your projects will automatically save into the My Songs folder whenever you leave the app or change projects. 

It can be confusing not to have a direct save option for your songs, but GarageBand iOS effectively saves all of your projects. I’ve never lost any parts or complete songs using the app, and I’ve used it quite a bit. 

Whenever you finish up with a song and want to work on another project or do any other task on your iPhone, GarageBand will save the project you close automatically. You can access it in the My Songs folder at any point when you want to continue working on it. 

If you click on the Navigation button in GarageBand, which looks like an upside-down arrow, you’ll go to the My Songs folder. This will also save the progress of whatever song you are working on. 

How to Save a Song on GarageBand Mac

Saving a song on GarageBand on your Mac might seem a little more familiar. You can access the save feature from the File menu at the top of the screen or simply press Command S to save things using the shortcut. 

If you have not chosen a location for your GarageBand file to save, it will automatically bring up the Save As window. From here, you can select the location on your computer where you want your GarageBand song to exist. You can also access the Save As option from the File menu. 

GarageBand on your Mac might not save things automatically like on your iPhone, so it’s always a good idea to save everything before you close the app. That way, you won’t lose any of the progress you’ve been making on your song. 

And I always like to save frequently because you never know when a glitch or other issue might occur and cause you to lose a track or those perfect presets you adjusted just right. You can never save too much!

How to Save a Song on GarageBand as an MP3

If you want to save a song on GarageBand as an MP3, you can read my post about How to Export GarageBand to MP3 here. You technically don’t save your song as an MP3 but export it into this format through the directions listed in that post. 

You also have a few other options of formats you can use when exporting or sharing the song, and you don’t have to always choose MP3. And if you want to save your GarageBand song as a ringtone, you can easily do this on the iOS version of the app.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to how to save a song on GarageBand. 

How do I save a GarageBand song to my phone? 

If you have an iPhone, your GarageBand song will save automatically in the My Songs folder of the app. You can also share the song and export it as a different type of file to save the completed piece directly onto your phone. 

How do you save a song in GarageBand on iPad? 

Both iPhone and iPad run the iOS version of GarageBand, so your song will be saved automatically within the app whenever you close it. You don’t have to follow any special steps to save GarageBand songs on your iPad. 

Does GarageBand automatically save? 

The iOS version of GarageBand automatically saves, and you don’t need to do anything in particular to save your songs. In the Mac version of the app, you should save your songs through the Save option in the File menu or by pressing Command S

Final Thoughts

Saving a song on GarageBand is really easy, and if you are using the iOS version of the app, it happens automatically. If you are using the Mac version, all you need to do is hit Command S, and your projects will be saved. 

Rember to save your projects often, so you don’t lose any of your good ideas and progress. It’s never fun to start from scratch!

How often do you save your GarageBand projects when you are working on them? Let me know in the comments below.  

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