How to Split Tracks in GarageBand

You can split tracks in GarageBand by highlighting the track you want split, positioning the playhead at the location you want the split to occur, and pressing Command T. You can also split a track in the iOS version of the app by using the Split feature. 

I’ve been involved with making music in one way or another since I was a kid. I have years of experience writing, recording, and producing songs and am very familiar with the features and tools found in GarageBand. 

This post will show you how to split tracks in GarageBand. I’ll walk you through the steps to make this happen on your Mac and iPhone and provide you with some other tips that can be useful during the editing process. 

Let’s dive in. 

Key Takeaways

  • The shortcut for splitting a track in GarageBand for Mac is Command T. This will split a highlighted track wherever you have the playhead positioned. 
  • Splitting is also known as cutting or trimming. These terms are used synonymously by music producers and engineers. 
  • The process for splitting a track in GarageBand on your iPhone is a bit different than on your Mac, and there is no shortcut to use.

How to Split a Track in GarageBand Mac

Splitting a track in GarageBand is an important feature to know how to use because it comes in helpful during the editing process. You can split a track to remove certain elements, create a new track, or do many other editing tasks. 

Follow these steps to split tracks in GarageBand on your Mac. 

1. Open the GarageBand app on your Mac. 

2. Open the project with the tracks you want to split. 

3. Click on the track your want to split to highlight it. 

4. Position the playhead at the exact place in the track or region you want to do the split. 

5. Press Command T to split the track at the desired location. 

(Screenshot taken in GarageBand on my Mac)

You can also access the split command by going into the Edit tab from the main menu and then selecting Split Regions at Playhead. This performs the same function as the shortcut but just takes a few extra steps to get there. 

You can make as many splits to a track as you want. If you want to remove or move around a section of the song, follow the steps above to do another split in another location within the track or region. 

Once you have made two splits, you can move that section of the track around and do whatever you want with it as part of the editing process. 

How to Split a Track in GarageBand iPhone

Splitting a track in GarageBand on your iPhone is also easy, but you don’t have a quick shortcut to use. The steps are a bit different to do this, but the result is the same, and you can use split tracks to enhance your project in many ways. 

To split a track in GarageBand on your iPhone, follow these steps. 

1. Open the GarageBand app on your iPhone. 

2. Open the project with the tracks you want to split. 

3. Tap the track you want to split to highlight it.

4. Tap the same track again to bring up the menu options. 

5. Tap Split. 

(Screenshot taken in GarageBand on my iPhone)

6. A scissors icon will appear on the track. You can position this icon wherever you want on the track, similar to how you position the playhead in the Mac version of GarageBand. 

7. When you have the Split icon in the correct position, slide the icon down with your finger to make the split. You’ll see the track split into two regions. 

(Screenshot taken in GarageBand on my iPhone)

8. Repeat the steps to make any additional splits you want to the track. You’ll need to tap on each region of the track, select the Split option from the menu, and then drag the icon down again for each split you want to make. 

How to Split a Song into Multiple Tracks

Splitting a song into multiple tracks is another useful skill to have as a producer and can come be very helpful during the editing process. This is common when you want to put different effects on certain sections of a single track. 

1. The first step to splitting a song into multiple tracks is to create a new track where you can move your split section. You can easily add a track in GarageBand for your Mac or iPhone by selecting the add track button on the left of the track window that looks like a +

(Screenshot taken in GarageBand on my Mac)

2. Once you have another track added to the project, follow the steps in the sections above for splitting a track. You can make one split or multiple splits, depending on which part of the song you want to move to a different track. 

3. Click on the region you split that you want to move. 

4. Drag and drop the split region into a new track. You can position the trimmed portion of the track anywhere you want within the new track region. 

You can add as many tracks as you want to a project and repeat the process as many times as you need for your project. 

How to Join Split Tracks in GarageBand

Joining split tracks in GarageBand is also a valuable skill to know about. This can help you make adjustments to all of the tracks you split and enable you to line things up perfectly when you are doing edits after you have the song recorded. 

Follow all of the steps above to split your tracks. Then you can move them around to new tracks or within existing tracks until they are in the exact position you want. 

To join the split tracks, simply drag them together within the same track until the ends touch one another. You can do this with your trackpad or mouse on a Mac or by tapping and dragging the regions on your iPhone. 

You want to ensure that there is no space between the two split tracks, so drag them as close together as possible. You can use the time ruler at the top for a reference to help you precisely join the tracks together. 

Once you have the tracks positioned in the right place, hit the Play button to make sure that the tracks playback without any pauses or silence between the joined regions. Readjust the regions if necessary to remove this. 

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to split tracks in GarageBand is essential if you want to become a better producer. This skill will help you arrange different elements of your projects and make adjustments that will help polish things up nicely. 

Keep in mind that the quickest way to split in GarageBand for your Mac is by hitting the Command T shortcut. You should also learn the process of splitting tracks on your iPhone because it’s somewhat different. 

How do you use split tracks when producing projects in GarageBand? Do you have any tips for other musicians? Let me know in the comments below.

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