How to Make Beats in Logic Pro X

There are multiple ways to make beats in Logic Pro X, but the Drum Synth or the Hip Hop Project Template is the easiest. These let you use stock software instruments to make your beat quickly and effectively. 

My name is Donovan, and I live for making music. I’ve been writing, recording, and producing for years and have a lot of experience working with Logic Pro X. I’ve made many beats with the app and know the best tools and features to make this happen. 

This post will show you how to make beats in Logic Pro X. I’ll show you some of my favorite tools and give you some tips and advice on how to make good beats. There isn’t one way to do it, but with the right tools, you can make awesome beats. 

Let’s drop a beat. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Drum Synth software instrument and Hip-Hop project template are my favorite tools to make beats in Logic Pro X. These will give you access to different drum and beat sounds. 
  • There isn’t one exact way to make a beat in Logic Pro X, and every producer has their own method. But there are some tips and techniques that pretty much everyone uses. 
  • Knowing how to use the Quantize feature in Logic will help you make better beats by keeping every hit exactly on time.

Initial Thoughts

Making beats is essentially an offshoot of songwriting. That said, you need to be creative and have some skills to make a good beat, and there isn’t one right or wrong way to do it. The best way to get better is to practice, which means knowing the tools to help you out. 

Logic Pro X is packed full of tools and features that can help you make a beat. I’ll walk you through some of those here, but it’s impossible to list everything within the app that could potentially go on a beat. 

Just remember that beat-making is about finding a unique groove you like. You can keep it simple or go as complex as you want, depending on how far you want to go.   

How to Make a Beat in Logic Pro X for Beginners

Expereinced beat-makers will already have a good idea of the tools and features in Logic Pro X to use to create a good beat. So this section is aimed at beginners who don’t really know what they are doing at all. But everyone needs to start somewhere!

Using the software instruments that come with Logic Pro X, specifically the drum machines and synths, is my go-to method for making beats. You have a ton of different sounds available that you could spend days exploring. 

To get started making beats in Logic Pro X, follow these steps. 

1. Open a new project in Logic Pro X. 

2. Select Software Instrument from the menu. 

3. Click on the Software Instrument tab and select Drum Synth from the available options. 

(Screenshot taken in Logic Pro X on my Mac)

You can also add the Drum Synth software instrument to a track within an open project, but doing it this way will set up the track right away, so it’s a little easier for beginners. 

4. If you are using an external MIDI keyboard, make sure you have that plugged into your Mac. If not, the musical typing window will appear. This allows you to control all the sounds in the Drum Synth. 

(Screen shot taken in Logic Pro X on my Mac)

5. Now, take some time to play around on your MIDI keyboard or with the musical keyboard to hear all of the drum sounds on the Drum Synth. Do this before you start recording a new beat. 

There are all sorts of kick drums, high-hats, and just about any other type of drum sound built into this synth. 

6. Make sure you have the Metronome turned on before you start recording. 

7. Pick out a cool kick sound that you like. Press Record and lay down your kick groove on the track. I recommend recording 8 to 16 measures for a basic beat. 

8. Once you have the initial kick track, choose another drum sound in the synth and lay down another element to the beat on top. Do this as many times as you want for your beat. 

9. When you have all of the drum sounds down, you can add synths, samples, or other elements to it by adding new tracks to the project and recording these parts.

Making Hip Hop Beats in Logic Pro X

I suggest using the Hip Hop project template to make a Hip Hop beat in Logic Pro X. This will give you access to a great drum machine with which you can lay down cool hip hop beats. 

Follow these steps to access the Hip Hop project template and make a hip hop beat in Logic Pro X. 

1. Open Logic Pro X on your Mac. 

2. Select Project Templates from the left side of the main menu.

3. Select Hip Hop. 

4. Select Choose.

(Screenshot taken in Logic Pro X on my Mac)

5. Now you’ll see the Hip Hop project appear in your project. It will have a drum sound pre-loaded onto a track, but you can select from any of the virtual drummers for a different beat. Choose one that you like as the foundation for your beat. 

6. Make any adjustments you want to the type of percussion or volume levels in the window at the bottom of the screen. You can move the sliders around the change the frequency, volume, and type of percussion. 

(Screenshot taken in Logic Pro X on my Mac)

7. You can also add synth sounds to your beat to give it more texture or rhythm. Just click on the synth track and hit record to lay down another line on your beat.

The sky is the limit here with everything you can do with the project template, but it gives you everything you need to quickly make a hip hop beat.  

How to Make Drum Loops in Logic Pro X

Drum loops are also an easy way to make beats in Logic Pro X. All you need to do is open a new or existing project and add the loop from the Sound Library.

Follow these steps to make drum loops in Logic Pro X. 

1. Open a new or existing project. 

2. Add a new track to the project where you want the drum loop to go. 

3. Click on the Loop icon on the top right of the screen. It looks like the loop of a Roller Coaster or a piece of rope. 

4. Select a drum loop from one of the available options. You might need to download a loop if you don’t have it already installed on your Mac. 

5. Drag the loop onto an open track in your project, and adjust its length or position however you want. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to how to make beats in Logic Pro X. 

Is Logic Pro X good for making beats? 

Logic Pro X is a solid app for making beats of all kinds. It comes loaded with software instruments and templates that you can take advantage of to make beats. It’s good for beginners and experienced producers alike. 

How do I make beats better on Logic Pro X? 

One trick for making beats better on Logic Pro X is using the Quantize feature. This will help ensure that all of your hits fall on the beats they are supposed to, and you can fine-tune every element. Practice is the best way to make your beats better, though!

How do you make drum beats in Logic Pro X?

The easiest way to make drum beats in Logic Pro X is to use a drum synth, one of the virtual drummers, or add a drum loop to your projects. All of these make it quick and easy to add a drum beat. 

Final Thoughts

Making beats in Logic Pro X isn’t that complicated, but making good beats can take a lot of time and practice. If you are brand new to using Logic, explore the tips in the post and use the features within the app to help you develop solid beats. 

There isn’t a right or wrong way to make a beat, and the best way to get better is to keep trying. The more time you spend making beats, the better you will be!

Have you ever made a beat in Logic Pro X? What tools or instruments did you use? Let me know in the comments below.

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