How to Make Hiphop Beats on GarageBand

You can easily make Hiphop beats in GarageBand by using the Hiphop project template when you start a new project. This will let you choose from several different hiphop beats that come with the app, and you can begin to build an entire track from there. 

I’m Donovan, and I love writing, recording, and producing music. I’ve been involved with the music industry for over a decade and have a lot of experience working in GarageBand. I know how to make all sorts of beats with the app. 

This post will show you how to make hiphop beats on GarageBand. I’ll walk you through all the steps to using Project Templates and Apple Loops to start making a beat and will give you some other tips to help you create a solid hiphop track. 

Let’s get bumping. 

Key Takeaways

  • Using the Project Templates in the GarageBand app is a great way to start making a hiphop beat. 
  • You can use the virtual drummers in the app to help you lay out a hiphop beat and build the rest of your track around that. 
  • You can also make a beat from scratch using the software instruments and drum machine built into GarageBand. 

How to Make Hiphop Beats on GarageBand Mac

Making a hiphop beat on GarageBand with your Mac is a lot of fun. It’s also pretty easy to do if you use the project templates or virtual drummers included with the free app. 

Follow these steps to make hiphop beats on GarageBand with your Mac:

1. Open the GarageBand app on your Mac. 

2. Open a new project if the app doesn’t open in the new project window. 

3. Select Hip Hop from the available project template options. 

4. Select Choose

(Screenshot taken in GarageBand on my Mac)

5. The Hip Hop Template will load in the main project window, and you will see eight measures of a beat already laid out in the track. Hit the Play button to hear the first beat that GarageBand puts into the project. 

6. If you like this beat, you can start making the rest of it by playing the software instruments built into the track. Start recording at the top and play any instrument you want on top of the drum beat. 

7. You can also change up the type of beat or the virtual drummer if you want a different beat. Choose any of the Beat Presets to hear different beats from the same drummer.

Choose a different virtual Hip Hop drummer if you want to see what they sound like instead of the one GarageBand first sets you up with in the project template. The Hip Hop virtual drummers are Dez, Anton, and Maurice. 

(Screenshot taken in GarageBand on my Mac)

8. Once you have the basis of the beat that you like, you can also adjust the beat’s feel and vibe. The knobs and grid to the right of the Beat Presets will give you control over the beat. 

How to Make Hiphop beats on GarageBand iPhone

Making a hiphop beat in GarageBand on your iPhone is also simple, and it’s a great tool to work with when you are moving around because the mobile version is so portable. The steps to make a beat on your phone are a bit different than on your Mac. 

Follow these steps to make hiphop beats on GarageBand with your iPhone. 

1. Open the GarageBand app on your iPhone. 

2. Go to the My Songs folder by tapping the icon that looks like an upside-down arrow and the upper left side of your screen. 

3. Tap the + button to start a new project. 

4. Choose the Drummer option from the available project template presets. 

5. Tap More Drummers in the bottom right of the Drummers window. 

6. Tap Electronic. 

7. Scroll down to see the Hiphop virtual drummers. Select either Maurice or Dez. 

(Screenshot taken in GarageBand on my iPhone)

8. The project window will appear with eight measures of a hiphop beat already on it. You can adjust the beat to your liking by using the grid or symbols you see below the track. 

9. You can also add more tracks to the project and build more sounds into your beat by clicking the + button on the lower left corner of the screen. 

Making Beats From Scratch

If you don’t want to use the project templates or virtual drummers to make a hiphop beat on GarageBand, you can always start from scratch. This takes more skill and experience with the app, but you can create original beats this way. 

You’ll want to start a brand new project in GarageBand on your Mac or iPhone to make beats from scratch. I usually start the beat with a drum machine or other sort of rhythm track, but every producer has their own method. 

You can use the keyboard on your Mac to control the beat of a drum machine or drum set. You can use the tap features on your iPhone to lay out a beat on the virtual drum machine or drum set. 

You can also add extra beats or parts on top of an Apple Loops track or virtual drummer. This is sort of like a mix between using the project template and making your own beat. 

Creating beats from scratch is usually way more time-consuming for beginners than using the project templates or virtual drummers. It’s worth knowing how to do it if you really want to be a hiphop producer. But if you are a casual musician, take advantage of the templates.

Read my post on how to make beats in GarageBand for more basic information about the process.    


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to how to make hiphop beats on GarageBand. 

Is GarageBand good for rap beats?

GarageBand is an excellent tool for making rap beats. You can take advantage of the project templates and virtual drummers to help you create a beat in minutes. The app is free, so it’s a solid option for anyone who wants to make beats to explore.  

How do beginners make hiphop beats?

Beginners can make hiphop beats in GarageBand by selecting the Hiphop project template and using that as the basis of their beat. This template gives you access to GarageBand’s virtual drummers and many awesome software instruments. 

How do you make drum beats on GarageBand? 

You can make drum beats on GarageBand by using any of the software instrument drum kits that come with the app. You can also use virtual drummers or project templates to work up a cool beat quickly. 

Final Thoughts

The easiest way to make a hiphop beat on GarageBand is to use the Hiphop project template and take advantage of the virtual drummers included with the app. You can still customize the templates however you want once you load them. 

You can also make beats from scratch, but this is more technical and requires some skill and understanding of the app. It will give you more creative control over the beat in the long run. 

Do you have any good tips for making hiphop beats in GarageBand that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments below.

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