5 Famous Producers Who Use Logic Pro

Many great producers use Logic Pro, and some estimates say that around 20% of all the producers in the world use this DAW. A lot of amazing music has been made with the software, which should continue for years. 

I’m Donovan, and I love writing, recording, and producing music. I have years of experience using Logic Pro, and I’m familiar with the ins and outs of the software. I’ve done some research to find out which producers use Logic. 

This post will provide you with a list of some of the producers who use Logic Pro. I’ll highlight more information on what projects these producers used Logic on, to give you an idea of how awesome this software is. 

Let’s get after it. 

Producers Who Use Logic Pro

Logic Pro is used by producers all over the world. It’s a favorite option for anyone who likes to record or edit with a Mac-based system. There are famous producers who use Logic Pro X and newbies who do as well. 

Here is a quick list of some of the most well-known producers who have used Logic Pro. 

1. Kygo

Kygo is the stage name of the Norwegian producer Kyree Gorvell-Dahll, and he’s been one of the most popular producers to use Logic Pro in the last decade or so. Kygo has made many songs using the platform and enjoys widespread success to this day. 

If you aren’t familiar with Kygo, you might know some of the famous musicians he has worked with and produced tracks and albums for. These include Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, and Ellie Goulding, to name a few. 

Kygo rose to success with the help of the streaming platform Spotify, and he holds the record as the fastest artist to reach 1 billion streams. Yes, 1 billion! He helps other musicians make amazing songs but also has success as an individual artist as well. 

Tropical House is the genre of music that Kygo makes in Logic Pro, and his production skills are reflected when he puts these elements on other musicians’ tracks. He’s also won several awards over the years for being so skilled. 

2. Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is another one of the biggest DJs and Producers in the music industry who uses Logic Pro. His songs are known all over the world, and his production skills are pretty legendary at this point. Chances are you’ve heard a Calvin Harris song or at least one he’s produced. 

Some of the famous artists that Calvin Harris has helped produce include Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande. These are some of the biggest pop stars in the world, and they all want to work with top producers. That tells you how good his skills are in Logic. 

Harris is critically acclaimed for his production skills, making him one of the world’s most successful DJs and producers from a financial standpoint. He travels the world playing huge shows and working with the best talent out there. 

He says that he has been working with Logic Pro for most of his career and attributes much of his success to the software. With such a good track record and ongoing success, it’s easy to see why he likes using it. 

3. Swedish House Mafia

Another big-name producer that uses Logic Pro is Swedish House Mafia. This is actually a group of three different DJs/producers, but they all use Logic to produce, record and edit much of the work they put out. 

Swedish House Mafia took some time away from the music industry after they initially rose to stardom in the early 2010s, but they dove back into things in recent years and have continued right where they left off. 

The members of this group have made millions of dollars perfecting their production skills within Logic Pro. It shows that the sky is the limit regarding how much success you can have if you get good at being a producer.  

Hip Hop Producers Who Use Logic Pro X

There are all sorts of producers who use Logic Pro X, and this includes Hip Hop producers. Some of the biggest names in Hip Hop use Logic to produce their hits, and all of the artists below fall into that category. 

4. J. Cole

J. Cole is one of the biggest names in Hip Hop and has been for a while. His albums always receive critical acclaim, and he’s respected and adored by friends and colleagues alike. And he makes most of his music in Logic Pro X. 

J. Cole is ranked in the top 100 worldwide artists on Spotify and has millions of followers. He likes to use Logic and a USB keyboard to make a lot of his music, which shows that you don’t need the most technical gear and equipment to make great songs in the box. 

He is always making music and takes advantage of using Logic Pro X even when out on the road. Cole says he has done much of his best work from his tour bus. And it must be nice to have access to a nearly full studio on the move. 

5. Pharrell

Pharrell has been one of the most well-respected Hip Hop producers over the last several decades, and his big hits are known worldwide. He’s a member of the Hip Hop group the Neptunes but also a really famous producer.

Pharrell has used several DAWs over the years and uses Logic Pro X often. He’s worked with all types of talent and famous artists. And he’s produced hits for himself and a lot of other musicians over the years. 

He is a good example of a producer who has used Logic Pro X to develop a really unique style that is all his own. It shows how you can use the platform to unlock creative potential and use it to achieve great success.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to the producers who use Logic Pro. 

Is Logic Pro used in professional studios? 

Yes, Logic Pro is very commonly used in professional studios. It’s one of the top DAWs in the music industry, and there are many famous songs made on Logic Pro X. This software is used in all types of studios, from professional level to DIY home studios. 

Which DAWs do famous producers use? 

Some of the DAWs most commonly used by famous producers include Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Reason, SL Studio, and Ableton. Every producer has their preferences, and some work with multiple DAWs, but these are the top options in the industry. 

Do pros use Logic Pro? 

Yes, many professional musicians, producers, and audio engineers use Logic Pro. It is one of the top DAWs in the industry because it is loaded with tools and features and has a friendly user interface that is still very capable. 

Final Thoughts

The producers in this post are some of the most famous artists who use Logic Pro X. Seeing how much success they have enjoyed, and the other artists they work with should inspire you to develop your skills as a producer!

You don’t have to use one particular DAW to become a well-known producer. But the more time you spend perfecting your skills in a given platform, the better you will be at recording, editing, and producing. Practice makes perfect, always. 

Do you know of any other producers who use Logic Pro? Let me know in the comments below.

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