How to Record Multiple Tracks in GarageBand

You can record multiple tracks in GarageBand at the same time by using the Configure Track Header settings in the Track menu. This is a great tool to utilize if you are recording full band setups or a rhythm section. 

My name is Donovan, and I’ve been recording and producing music for years. I’ve used GarageBand extensively, and I know all of the app’s basic tools and functions. 

This post will show you how to record multiple tracks in GarageBand. I’ll provide you with each step you need to know to make this happen and give you some background on when and why you would want to record multiple tracks. 

Let’s dive in. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Recording multiple tracks is a feature that needs to be set up through the Track window by configuring the track’s settings. 
  • This feature is only possible on the macOS version of GarageBand, so you can’t record multiple tracks at once on your iPhone. 
  • Multitrack recording is good to know how to do when you want to record multiple instruments at once, such as in a full band session or rhythm track. 

Initial Thoughts

This post will cover how to record multiple tracks in GarageBand simultaneously. If you are simply trying to add tracks to your song, all you need to do is add a track in the main project window. 

You can easily record multiple tracks separately in GarageBand on your Mac or iPhone. But you can’t really record multiple tracks simultaneously on the iOS version of the app. So the information you’ll find here only applies to GarageBand for Mac. 

You’ll also need an audio interface to record multiple tracks at the same time because your computer only has a single built-in mic. Depending on how many tracks you want to record at once, you’ll need an interface with at least that many inputs. 

You can check out my post on how to cut a track in GarageBand for information on recording multiple tracks separately.

How to Record Multiple Tracks in GarageBand 

Recording multiple tracks in GarageBand at the same time is a great feature to know how to use. It can be very helpful when you want to record multiple instruments or vocals simultaneously, giving you a complete recording studio experience. 

It’s also an excellent way to capture the energy of a track when recording track by track doesn’t quite feel right. You can uncover that live band sound that many people love when you record multiple tracks. 

Keep in mind that recording multiple tracks at the same time is only possible on GarageBand for Mac, and you can’t do it on your iPhone. But you can still record multiple tracks on your iPhone – you’ll just need to record each separately. 

Follow these steps to record multiple tracks in GarageBand: 

1. Open GarageBand on your Mac. 

2. Select an existing project or start a new one. 

3. Add as many tracks to your project as you want. You can record two or more tracks at the same time. Make sure to set the correct input for each track by using the Smart Controls and the Input Source in the recording settings. 

4. From the Track menu at the top of your screen, select the Configure Track Head option from the drop-down menu.

5. You’ll see another window with a few options pop up. Check the Enable Record box to add this button to all of your tracks. Note that you must check this box to record multiple tracks simultaneously, and it will turn the Track Lock feature off. 

(Screenshot taken in GarageBand on my Mac)

Once you configure the track settings to include the Record Enable button, you’ll see the button appear in all of the current tracks (or any more you add to the track) you have in your project. 

6. Turn the Record Enable button on every track that you want to record at the same time. You can enable record on all of the tracks in your project or just select a few of them. 

(Screenshot taken in GarageBand on my Mac)

7. When you have enabled all the tracks you want to record on, hit the Record button to begin recording. Each track you selected will be armed, and they will record the input source they are set to. 

8. Hit Stop when you are done recording the tracks. 

Quick Tip: It’s a good idea to use the Metronome feature when recording multiple live tracks at the same time. This will help keep all the different musicians who are playing on time and ready to record all at once. 

How to Record Multiple Instruments at Once 

The process for recording multiple instruments at once is the same as recording multiple tracks in GarageBand. You need to configure the track settings to make sure the Record Enable button is in the track window. 

You also need to ensure that every instrument you want to record is plugged into the audio interface you are using and that you have the correct input source selected to record it. These steps are the same as setting up different microphones. 

If you are using microphones to record multiple instruments at once, you need to isolate each instrument so the sound from one doesn’t bleed into the track of another. This happens in different rooms in the recording studio. 

If you don’t have isolation booths and are recording at home, you can use sound barriers or even a large piece of furniture to keep sounds from bleeding into one another. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to how to record multiple tracks in GarageBand. 

How do I record multiple clips in GarageBand? 

Recording multiple clips or takes is a different feature than recording multiple tracks at the same time. To do this on GarageBand for Mac, all you need to do is move the playhead to the beginning of the track and hit record again, and you will have multiple takes recorded. 

How many tracks can GarageBand record simultaneously? 

The number of tracks GarageBand can record simultaneously depends on your audio interface and how many inputs it has. Technically, the app can record over 200 tracks at once, but you realistically won’t be able to connect that many instruments or devices to it.

How do you add another track in GarageBand? 

To add another track in GarageBand, all you need to do is press the + button from the main project window. This will allow you to add another track to the current project, and you can choose an input source or select a software instrument. 

Final Thoughts

Recording multiple tracks in GarageBand is pretty straightforward, and you just need to configure the track settings to have the Record Enable button. Then you can arm as many tracks as you want to record and fire away. 

Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to record as many tracks simultaneously as you have inputs for on your audio interface. A small interface might only have 4 or 8 tracks, so you can’t record dozens at once without specialized gear. 

Have you ever recorded multiple tracks at once in GarageBand? How did it go, and what was the project you were working on? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • DJ

    The only problem In having is with the record button on the 8 individual drum tracks I’m using through a Tascam 18X20 interface. I click on each button until they turn red, then start the count in. I start playing, look at the GarageBand mixer, and only one or two mics are recording. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • Donovan

      Hi DJ,

      I don’t have experience with that interface directly, but make sure you have all the tracks armed and routed properly before recording. Sometimes the pathways get crossed during setup, and it can cause only a single track or two to record rather than all that you have set up. There could be other issues going on, but it’s hard for me to access anything directly other than the basics. Restarting your Mac, GarageBand and ensuring your operating system is up to date will rule out any bugs or glitches. Or give me a few more details related to the problem, and I’ll see if I can be of more help here.

  • RF

    Hey there, followed the instructions above, but GB won’t let me activate “Record Enable” on two tracks at the same time. It appears that inputs are routed properly from my Focusrite, but nothing will allow two tracks to sync. Selecting Record Enable on one track deselects is on the other. Sure I’m doing something wrong, but not sure what that is! Any thoughts would be welcome.

    • Donovan

      Do you have two inputs on your interface? And if so, are they assigned properly to the tracks? If you only have the ability to record one track in the interface, that might be why you can’t record enable both tracks in GarageBand. If that doesn’t work, try unplugging the interface, plugging it back, and restarting the GB app. Hope that helps!