Why Sonos Keeps Cutting Out and How to Fix It

There are several reasons why Sonos can cut out, ranging from a glitch to WiFi interference. Luckily, there is usually a quick fix to this problem that will help you get your Sonos system up and running quickly again. 

My name is Donovan, and I’m a musician, producer, and audio enthusiast. Over the years, I’ve set up many home studios, stereo systems, and home theaters. I have first-hand experience dealing with Sonos problems and how to fix them. 

This post will explore the most common reasons why Sonos keeps cutting out. I’ll highlight what might be causing this problem and explore some fixes for each. I aim to help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue quickly. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • One of the main reasons why Sonos cuts out is because of a glitch or bug. You can typically resolve this by unplugging your Sonos speakers and powering them back on. 
  • WiFi interference is another primary reason why Sonos can cut in and out. You need a solid WiFi signal for everything to work correctly, and you might need to remove some devices from your network if your signal is weak. 
  • You might also be dealing with issues from the music streaming service you use with Sonos. There could be account limits to how much music you can listen to, or the app could need an update. 
  • Router problems are another potential cause for Sonos to skip, and these can typically be resolved by restarting the router. 

Reasons Why Sonos Keeps Cutting Out and How to Fix It

Sonos systems are a fun and convenient way to listen to music, and that’s why these speakers continue to grow in popularity. Sonos is not immune to problems, and sound cutting in and out is one of these. 

Usually, when Sonos cuts in and out there is an identifiable reason and a quick solution. I’ll break down all of the most common causes for this problem here and show you how to fix it so your system operates as it should. 

My troubleshooting tests dealing with Sonos systems have helped me develop this list. And I’ve arranged things in order so that you can start by troubleshooting the minor problems with quick fixes and then move on to some more complicated potential courses of action. 

If you run into the issues of Sonos cutting out, go through each reason and fix below in order until you get your system working again. Usually, one of these will get things working again quickly, which is the goal.  

Reason #1: Bug or Glitch in Sonos System 

One of the most common causes for your Sonos system to cut in and out is a bug or glitch in the speakers. This is typically nothing to worry about and happens occasionally, no matter the setup or situation. 

A bug or glitch can cause many random issues that don’t seem to have an easy explanation, so this is always a good starting point for troubleshooting. I’ve successfully fixed several Sonos setups with this problem in mind. 

There often is not a direct reason why a bug or glitch occurs. They just do. And much like other electronic devices you use often, it’s a pretty easy issue to deal with and fix. 

How to Fix It: 

Restarting or resetting your Sonos speakers or other devices is the best approach to dealing with a bug or glitch problem. All you need to do to restart things is unplug the speaker from the power source, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. 

If that doesn’t work, you might need to factory reset the speakers. This is a more involved reset that should iron out more persistent bugs. 

Follow these steps to factory reset your Sonos speakers: 

1. Unplug the Sonos speaker. 

2. Press and hold down the Bluetooth button. 

3. Plug in and power on the speaker while holding the Bluetooth button. 

4. Keep holding the Bluetooth button, and the lights will start to flash. 

5. Once the light flashes green, your speaker has been successfully reset, and you can use it as normal. 

You might need to reset and/or restart all of your speakers in your Sonos setup. Just repeat the process for any speakers you have that are cutting in and out. 

Reason #2: Issues with Sonos App/Control Device

Similar to a bug or glitch with your Sonos speakers, you might also be dealing with the same thing from your phone or whatever device you have installed the Sonos app on. The app is essential for controlling your setup, but it can also be the source of some issues. 

If you reset your speakers and that didn’t fix the problem, your phone could be the source of the skipping or cutting in and out. A phone can encounter a bug that causes random issues, which can be frustrating if you don’t know how to deal with it. 

How to Fix It: 

A quick reset of your phone or other control device should iron out these issues. The process for resetting your phone will vary depending on the type of phone you use, but often it’s as easy as turning the phone off and back again. 

You also might need to update the Sonos app or your phone’s operating system. Software and compatibility issues can cause problems that aren’t related to a bug, and these won’t be fixed by resetting your phone. 

Reason #3: Network/Router Issues

One of the best things about using Sonos is that these speakers are so easy to set up through a WiFi connection. But you need to have a solid WiFi network set up to get good performance, and without it, you might experience skipping and cutting. 

Your WiFi router can also be the source of the problem. Sometimes even if you think you have a solid connection, there can be issues with the router, and the signal will be affected. So don’t always trust the bars of service as an indicator. 

How to Fix It: 

This is another restart/reset fix. Most WiFi routers can be reset by unplugging them from the power source, waiting a few seconds, and plugging them back in. Some also might have a reset button you can hold down to initiate things. 

After resetting it, it usually takes a few minutes for the router to start working properly. It won’t be as quick as your Sonos speakers or phone. But just be patient, and the problem should be fixed after the reset.  

Reason #4: WiFi Interference or Weak Signal

A good WiFi connection is essential for using a wireless Sonos setup. Sonos speakers rely on WiFi to transmit signals to other speakers and won’t work effectively if the signal is bad or weak. 

WiFi interference is another similar and related reason why the speakers will skip, so I included it here as well. Some other devices you have in your home might be causing interference, as can the broadband channel you choose on your router. 

How to Fix It: 

This reason might sound a bit technical, but it’s pretty easy to fix. You can use a WiFi speed check app to see how much WiFi signal is reaching your speakers where they are currently located. 

If there is a weak signal, move your speakers closer to the router for them to work correctly and stop skipping. You can also get a better WiFi router or move the router location to help. 

To resolve issues with WiFi interference, start by changing the 2.4 GHz wireless channel on your router to see if that helps. Sonos recommends using channels 1, 6, or 11 on your router and speakers. 

If you have a lot of other devices that use WiFi in or around your Sonos system, you should turn them off or move them away to fix the problem. Even microwaves and old-school cordless phones can cause interference issues. 

Reason #5: Bad or Broken Cable/Connection

If you use a wired Sonos setup, a bad or broken cable or connection can cause skipping. As cables get older, they can start to degrade, affecting their ability to transmit data and signal properly. 

Cables can also get broken by being crushed or bent, so even if you have a relatively new one, it still might be bad. And sometimes cables just fail without any evidence of being damaged. 

How to Fix It: 

Getting a replacement cable will fix this problem in a hurry. Ensure you get the proper cable that matches the exact inputs of the one you suspect is broken. You can get these cables online or at most electronics stores. 

Also, remember that the cable connection points can also be the problem. This is where the cables plug into your Sonos speakers or TV. If those look damaged, you might need to replace the devices.  

Reason #6: Streaming Service Issues

Streaming service issues can also cause problems with your Sonos system and result in the sound cutting in and out. Depending on which service you use, you might have a specific issue to address. 

Some streaming services have limits on how much data you can stream. As you approach or surpass this limit, you might run into issues. Or the streaming app you use might be outdated or dealing with bugs. 

How to Fix It: 

Ensure that you have the latest version of the streaming app on your control device. Download and install any updates if necessary. If you are using a service with content limits, contact a representative to see if you have reached the limit. 

If this is why you are having issues, there can be several potential fixes. Updating the app can fix it, but if it’s something more complex than that, you’ll need to contact the app provider directly. 

Reason #7: Unsupported Network Devices

There are a number of unsupported network devices that can interfere with the performance of your Sonos system. These devices will connect to your Network, whether you are aware of that or not, and use a WiFi signal or cause interference. 

Some examples of potential devices that will cause problems include mobile hotspots, WiFi extenders, and LTE routers. Sonos has a list of incompatible hardware devices that is worth checking out if you suspect this to be the reason for skipping. 

How to Fix It: 

Removing any unsupported devices from your network is the best way to fix this problem. This can be as easy as unplugging the device while using Sonos. But if it’s an older device you don’t use, consider getting rid of it.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to why Sonos keeps cutting out and how to fix it. 

Why do some of my Sonos speakers keep cutting out? 

There are a few reasons why some of your Sonos speakers can cut out. To troubleshoot this problem, first disconnect the power source and then power the speakers back on to rule out a glitch or bug. This will often fix the problem quickly. 

Why is my Sonos not staying connected? 

A weak WiFi signal is the most common cause of a Sonos setup not staying connected. Make sure that your speakers are close enough to the WiFi router to get a good signal. You can also try resetting the router if you are having connection issues. 

How can I improve my Sonos connectivity? 

If you are having connectivity issues with your Sonos system, try resetting the speakers and router first. If that doesn’t improve things, you might need to move your speakers closer to the WiFi router for better signal and performance. 

How do I factory reset my Sonos speaker? 

Unplug your Sonos speaker to begin the factory resetting process. Then press and hold the Bluetooth button while you plug the power cord back in. Continue to hold the Bluetooth button until the light starts flashing, and then stop pressing when it flashes green. 

Is it better to have Sonos wired or wireless? 

A wired Sonos connection will generally improve overall performance and sound quality. But a wireless setup is often more convenient and easier to set up. Which is better depends on your needs and preferences for your system. 

Final Thoughts

Dealing with a cutting-out Sonos system is something you want to avoid. And even though there are several potential causes for this, most of them have a quick and easy solution that will fix things and get your system running smoothly again. 

Run through all of the troubleshooting tips I gave you on this list to prevent your Sonos speakers from cutting out. Chances are, you’ll be good to go after a quick reset of your speaker and phone. 

Have you ever dealt with Sonos cutting out? How did you fix it? Let me know in the comments below.

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