Can You Use Logic Pro X on iPad? 

There is no iOS version of Logic Pro X, so you can’t use the software on your iPad. But you can use your iPad as a remote control for Logic Pro X to help you control the full version on your Mac. This can improve your workflow and be very useful in the studio. 

My name is Donovan, and I have years of experience as a musician and producer. I’ve spent a lot of time using Logic Pro X, and I know what devices the software works on. I’m also an Apple user and have lots of experience with Macs and iPads. 

This post will explain whether or not you can use Logic Pro X on your iPad. I’ll explain why the software isn’t compatible with the device and point out how you can use your iPad with Logic as a remote control. 

Let’s dive in. 

Can You Use Logic Pro X on iPad? 

The quick answer to this is no, you can’t. But in a way, you can. I’m not trying to confuse you here, so let’s explore this a bit. 

Logic Pro X is only available for macOS, which means it won’t run on any device running iOS like your iPad or iPhone. Even if you have the latest iPad, you still won’t be able to run the full version of Logic Pro X on your device. 

But you can use your iPad with Logic Pro X if you download the Logic Remote app onto your iPad. You need to understand that this is not the Logic Pro X platform itself but is an extension of the software that works alongside your existing Mac-based workstation. 

To use the Logic Remote on your iPad, you need to have the full version of Logic Pro X already installed on your Mac computer. Then you can download the app onto your iPad and control certain features of Logic X from your iPad. 

This can be useful in various situations, which I’ll explain in the sections below. But your iPad cannot run the full version of Logic Pro X on the Logic Remote app. 

How Does Logic Remote Work? 

The Logic Remote turns your iPad into a mobile controller for your Logic Pro X studio setup. It will connect to your Mac through a Bluetooth connection and give you the ability to control certain features of the software from your iPad screen. 

Once you have Logic Pro X installed on your Mac and the Logic Remote installed on your iPad, you can connect the two easily. You just need to ensure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Logic Remote gives you real-time control over your recording projects, which can be awesome when you have a multi-room recording set up. It provides you with a level of control that you don’t have when using Logic X only on a computer. 

Logic Remote doesn’t control every feature within GarageBand, so it’s not a replacement for the software. It’s also not the full version of the DAW, so you can’t use your iPad exclusively to make recordings or edit projects. 

Benefits of Using Logic Remote

There are several benefits of using the Logic Remote as part of your setup. It can streamline the recording process because you don’t have to be right in front of the main mixing window on your Mac when you want to record. 

I think this comes in handy when you have a multi-room studio running Logic Pro X. 

Let’s say you have a full drum kit mic’d up in a room separate from your control room. Rather than bouncing back and forth between your computer and the drums, you can make level adjustments and other controls from your iPad.

This freedom of movement is also really convenient if you are playing and recording a music project on your own. You won’t need to record your vocals or other instruments in the same room as your controls, which can open up the creative process quite a bit. 

The Logic Remote also gives you a lot of precise control over your music projects and can be good for workflow if you like using touchscreen controls instead of using the cursor or trackpad with your Mac. 

You can take advantage of Multi-Touch gestures to improve your ability to play a drum machine or edit loops that you insert into a project. You can even tilt your iPad, and the gyroscope inside will manipulate filters and repeaters.

Controlling the mixer with a touch screen is pretty sweet. You can adjust levels and faders right from the recording location, which will considerably speed up your setup time. The sequencer feature on Logic Remote is also really cool. 

And another excellent benefit of using the Logic Remote is that you can still use Key Commands to speed up your workflow. But how do you use key commands on a touch screen? 

Well, the Logic Remote uses buttons instead of keys to give you access to all the controls that help you speed up your workflow in the full version of Logic. Take a look at the image below for an idea of how key commands appear on your iPad. 

(Image from Apple

Using your iPad as a controller is super helpful, and I would highly recommend trying it out if you already own an iPad. I wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy a new iPad just to have the Logic Remote, but the two devices work amazingly well together.

Think of Logic Remote as another tool or instrument that can help you improve the quality and capabilities of your workstation. It’s not absolutely necessary, but if it helps you make better recordings, it’s worth looking into.

Do You Need an iPad to Use Logic Pro X? 

You don’t need an iPad to use Logic Pro X. While it can be very helpful to have the Logic Remote feature, you can still use everything within the full version of Logic without having an iPad.

An iPad can help you improve your workflow within Logic Pro X, but it also might slow you down at first. There will be an initial learning curve when working with any new tool, and your workflow might suffer until you get the hang of things.  

And it’s good to know that you can also use your iPhone with Logic Remote. Since more people have iPhones than iPads, this can save you some money. You might not have as big of a display, but you can still use all the features of Logic Remote. 


You can’t use Logic Pro X on your iPad. Even if you have the newest iPad Pro, it’s still not compatible. The software can only be used on macOS, which means you can only use the full version on a Mac.  

But you can download the Logic Remote app onto your iPad or iPhone and use that with Logic Pro X. This will give you increased control and capabilities over your workflow, and I highly recommend trying the app out. 

Do you use the Logic Remote on your iPad or iPhone? What is your favorite feature of the app? Let me know in the comments below.

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