What Does GarageBand Do?

GarageBand is a free music creation platform and small-scale audio recording software. It is a built-in app on Apple devices like your MacBook or iPhone. GarageBand is suitable for beginners and experienced music makers alike. 

I’m Donovan, and I’ve been making music for decades. I’ve used GarageBand extensively to record songs, hash-out ideas, and create music on the go from my Apple devices. I know how this app works and what it’s capable of. 

In this post, I’ll provide you with a quick look into what GarageBand can do. If you want to create or record music, this software can give you everything you need to get started, and I’ll show you some of the best features it offers in the sections below. 

Let’s fire up the studio and get started!

Key Takeaways

  • GarageBand is free on all Apple devices, making it a great way to learn how to record or create music. 
  • The software is very intuitive, so you don’t need to be an expert to get started.
  • GarageBand allows you to create digital music within the software itself, but you can also record real instruments like guitars, vocals, or keyboards. 

What is GarageBand? 

In the world of audio recording, any software designed to help you record music is known as a Digital Audio Workstation or DAW. GarageBand is a slimmed-down DAW that gives you all the basic tools and features you need to start creating music on your Apple devices. 

GarageBand is essentially one of the most straightforward audio recording programs out there. But even though it’s basic and easy to use, it still gives you plenty of tools and features to create, record, and produce good music

The app comes pre-installed on many Apple devices, which means that your iPhone, MacBook, and iPad have GarageBand set up and ready to go when you fire them up for the first time. This also means that the app is free, which is a great thing for struggling musicians. 

GarageBand has a very intuitive interface, which aims to simplify the music creation and recording process. If you are familiar with using Apple operating systems and devices, using GarageBand will come naturally.

GarageBand Features: Quick Overview

GarageBand has everything you need to start making and recording music. Upon opening up the app, you’ll be directed to the opening window that allows you to create a new music project or open an existing one.  

(Screenshot taken from GarageBand on my Mac)

If you want to start from scratch, you can open an Empty Project which will bring you to the main recording and music creation window. 

If you want to use any of the built-in software instruments, you can click on the Keyboard Collection or Amp Collection buttons. There are also buttons that allow you to record vocals or explore using a drum machine.  

This window also has a Learn to Play tab that will give you basic guitar or piano lessons, which is another sweet free feature for anyone just getting started. If you want more than basic lessons, you can also use the Lesson Store to find more. 

Once you open up a new or existing project, you’ll be directed to the main window and interface, where all the real magic happens. One of the best features for anyone just learning how to use GarageBand here is the Quick Help button in the top left corner.  

If you click on this, you’ll see yellow pop-up windows appear that will give you insight and advice into how to use the rest of the tools in GarageBand. If you ever feel stuck or confused, this button comes in very handy. 

The software instruments that come with GarageBand allow you to start making music quickly even if you don’t have or know how to play actual instruments. And you also get basic editing tools to help you record multiple tracks and start composing and producing songs.  

What Can GarageBand Be Used For?

GarageBand can be used for basic audio recording projects. It’s a good tool for beginners to use to get familiar with how audio recording works. You can compose, record, edit, and even do basic mastering within the program. 

The app is also an excellent tool for songwriters to use to capture creative ideas when they strike. This is especially true if you use GarageBand on your iPhone because you can record quick songs on the go and then work them out in more depth later on. 

GarageBand can also help you learn how to play an instrument like a guitar or keyboard with its built-in lessons and advice. I still think that learning from a real person is best, but this is better than nothing.

You can make music with the built-in software instruments or record real instruments if you have them as well. Just know that you’ll need other recording equipment like an audio interface, chords, and headphones or monitors to make proper recordings.   

Is it OK to Delete GarageBand from iPhone? 

If you don’t plan on making any music or just want to clear up storage space on your device, it is totally fine to delete GarageBand from your iPhone. While I think it’s a great app to have, not everyone feels the same way. 

Deleting GarageBand from your iPhone will not cause any issues, and you can always download it again if you ever want to start making music. It doesn’t take up that much space until you start recording complete projects with multiple tracks.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to what GarageBand does. 

Is GarageBand good for beginners?

Yes, GarageBand is an excellent music creation and recording tool for beginners. It has a very easy-to-use and intuitive interface, allowing just about anyone to get started in a matter of minutes. You don’t need a lot of music or audio recording experience to use it.  

Is GarageBand good for making music?

Yes, GarageBand can be very good for making music. It doesn’t have as many features as higher-end audio recording software, but it has all the tools you need to make basic tracks. You can also plug in and record live instruments if you have the right equipment.   

Do any artists use GarageBand?

Yes, there are many artists who use GarageBand. Most professional-level recordings are made with more involved software programs like Logic or ProTools, but I know plenty of artists who have done demos or other recordings with GarageBand.  

Can you make music on GarageBand and sell it?

You can make music on GarageBand and sell it. There are no rules to what type of software or recording platform you need to use to make music that people want to listen to. If you can make a great song or album on GarageBand, take advantage of that and try to make some money. 

Final Thoughts

GarageBand is a great entry-level digital audio workstation that gives you plenty of tools and features to start making music. It’s somewhat limited if you want in-depth recording capabilities, but it is free for all Apple devices. 

Do you have any experience using GarageBand, or have you used it to make or record music? Let me know some of your favorite tools or features in the comments below!

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