Where Are JBL Speakers Made?

JBL manufactures its speakers in several different countries, including Mexico, India, Germany, Hungary, and China. The company has headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and was founded in the USA but is currently owned by Harman International.

My name is Donovan, and I’m a musician and all-around audiophile. I’ve used many different types of speakers in my home studios and home theaters over the years, and I’ve researched the history of JBL. 

This post will tell you where JBL speakers are made. I’ll highlight some of the history of JBL, tell you where many of the brand’s products are currently manufactured, and highlight some other related information to help you get a background on the brand. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • JBL speakers are currently manufactured in several countries, including Mexico, India, Germany, Hungary, and China. 
  • JBL was originally founded in the USA and still has headquarters in Los Angeles, California, but Harman International now owns the company. 
  • Harman International is owned by Samsung, which is a South Korean company. 
  • It can be difficult to tell exactly where a specific JBL speaker or product is made because the brand has such a worldwide presence with manufacturing facilities in multiple countries. 

Where are JBL Speakers Made?

JBL is an American-founded brand that currently has manufacturing and production facilities spread out across the world. Most JBL speakers are made in Mexico, India, Germany, Hungary, or China. 

Since JBL is such a popular and successful brand, it has expanded its reach to many countries. The company has also created a vast worldwide network to make and manufacture its products to keep up with demand. 

The brand still has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, which might make you think its speakers are also made in the USA. But this facility is more of an office space and corporate headquarters than a manufacturing location. 

And even though JBL was founded in the USA, it’s currently owned by a larger corporation that is not based in the country. Harman International is the current owner of JBL, and this brand is a subsidiary of Samsung, which is based in South Korea. 

I might have already confused you if you are not a business person. To put things in a more concise way, you can think of it like this: JBL is an American-based brand with manufacturing facilities in many countries owned by a South Korean corporation.  

Who Manufactures JBL Speakers?

JBL still manufactures all of its own products. Even though the brand is under the wing of several larger corporations, it still builds and develops its products under the JBL brand. Nearly all of the manufacturing is done outside of the USA. 

Trying to figure out where an exact JBL speaker model was made can be more challenging because the company has facilities in China, Germany, Mexico, India, and Hungary. The JBL speaker you have could be made from any of these locations. 

JBL really doesn’t list or advertise where exactly all of its speakers are manufactured and produced. You might be able to figure this out by looking at the serial number on your speaker and then contacting JBL. 

Typically, a certain section of a serial number will indicate where a product was made. But since JBL doesn’t list exactly how its serial numbering system works, there is no real way to figure this out without contacting the company directly. 

There’s a good chance that the speaker you are using was manufactured in one of the countries I just listed that is nearest to your home. This is because large corporations will typically ship to closer countries to cut down on costs. 

For example, if you live in the USA, the JBL speaker you purchased was probably manufactured in Mexico. If you live in Japan or other countries in Asia, your JBL speaker was likely made in China. And if you live in Europe, the speaker was probably made in Germany or Hungary. 

It really doesn’t matter that much where your JBL speaker is manufactured because they are all built with the same specifications and parts. But some consumers have preferences about where they want their products to come from, so it can be good information.  

Are There Any Fake JBL Speakers?

There are indeed fake JBL speakers. I haven’t seen any of these myself, but just like any other popular consumer product, there is typically a thriving counterfeit market for certain products. I’ve heard of some fake JBL Bluetooth speakers from some friends. 

If you are traveling somewhere and see really cheap JBL speakers or other JBL products, there’s a pretty good chance they might be fake. With a little modification, scammers and con artists can make a cheaper Bluetooth speaker look like a JBL. 

Only buy your JBL speakers from reputable dealers or directly through JBL if you want to avoid the possibility of fakes. A fake speaker might not work at all or will likely have worse performance and sound than an actual JBL product. 

Some signs that a JBL speaker might be fake include the product being sold without any packaging, any visible alterations to the brand or product name, and speakers being sold by street vendors in random locations.   


Here are a few short answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to where JBL speakers are made. 

Is JBL manufactured in China? 

JBL does manufacture some of its products in China, but the company also makes products in several other countries around the world. In addition to China, JBL has manufacturing facilities in Mexico, India, Germany, and Hungary. 

Are JBL speakers American made? 

JBL was founded in America, and the company still has headquarters in Los Angeles, California. But the brand also has manufacturing facilities all over the world and is currently owned by Samsung, which is based in South Korea. 

Why is JBL made in China? 

JBL makes some of its products in China because it has such a vast marketing reach, and it’s more cost-effective to manufacture some things overseas. The company doesn’t give an exact reason why it makes some speakers and other products in China. 

What speakers are American made? 

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find American-made brands in every aspect of production and manufacturing. But a few speaker brands that currently are made in the USA include Audeze, Avalon Acoustics, Klipsch, and Grado Laps. 

Are JBL Bluetooth speakers made in China? 

Some JBL Bluetooth speakers are most certainly made in China because the brand has manufacturing facilities all over the world. JBL does not list which specific models or serial numbers are made in China, so it can be difficult to figure this out. 

Final Thoughts

JBL speakers are made all over the world, including China, Mexico, Germany, Hungary, and India. The company was founded in the USA and still has its headquarters there, but it is currently owned by the South Korean company Samsung. 

If you want to try to figure out where your specific JBL speaker was made, your best bet is to contact JBL directly with the serial number. They should be able to inform you at which manufacturing facility that speaker was made based on that information. 

What type of JBL speaker do you have? Do you know where it was made? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  • Ronald

    What’s the price of JBL charge 5 original

    • Donovan

      Hey Ronald,

      I’m not sure off the top of my head exactly what the cost of the Charge 5 was originally. But if memory serves me right, I think these were priced somewhere in the $150-200 range. Hope that helps.