How to Remove a Turntable Platter

You can remove most turntable platters by first taking out the retainer ring that holds the platter in place. Then you can lift the platter out gently to access anything underneath. Some platters don’t have this ring, and you can just lift it out with your hands. 

My name is Donovan, and I’m a music lover at heart. I’ve worked in the music industry and consistently write and record songs. I’m also a vinyl enthusiast with an extensive record collection. I know through first-hand experience how to remove a turntable platter. 

This post will show you how to remove a turntable platter. I’ll walk you through all the steps to make this happen quickly and provide some tips and advice along the way. It’s an easy task, but you always want to know how to do it right. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • Most turntable platters have a retaining ring that keeps the platter in place. This needs to be removed before you can take out the platter. 
  • Once the ring is removed, you can typically just lift the platter out gently with your hands. 
  • Not every turntable has a retaining ring holding the platter, and you can just lift the platter out. 
  • You might need to remove the platter in order to change a belt, lubricate the motor, or access other parts of the turntable. 
  • Each turntable model can have a slightly different process for removing the platter, so follow any directions included in the user’s manual. 

How to Remove a Turntable Platter

Removing the platter on your turntable is a good skill to know how to do. You might need to get under the platter to replace the belt or lubricate the motor. The process for doing this is easy and similar on most turntable models. 

I’ll first give you some general directions for removing a platter that applies to most turntables. In the sections below, I’ll walk you through some brand-specific steps to provide you with an idea of how to do it if you own one of those. 

If you don’t see the brand of turntable you have here, and it seems to be complicated to remove the platter, refer to your user’s manual for better instructions. It shouldn’t be too hard, but some models are different than others. 

Before diving into the details, let’s touch on how the platter is held onto the turntable for most models. There is typically a retaining ring holding it in place. This is also called a circlip or C-clip, depending on who you are or where you live. 

Some turntables don’t have this clip, but it’s always good to check because you must take it out before removing it. You can break your turntable if you tug too hard on the platter while the ring is still in place. 

Follow these instructions to remove a turntable platter: 

1. Remove any records or mat from your turntable platter. 

2. Remove the retaining ring holding the platter in place. You might need to use small pliers for this, but it can often be done with your fingers. 

3. Most platters have access holes, allowing you to grab ahold of it and lift. Stick your fingers or hands in these holes once the retaining ring is removed. 

4. Gently lift or tug on the platter until it comes off the spindle. You don’t want to put too much force, as this can damage components. So just take your time and be gentle until the platter is removed. 

How to Remove Platter from Victrola

Victrola turntables are classics, and if you have one of these, it’s very easy to remove the platter. There isn’t a ring or clip holding the platter in place, so you just need to lift it up until it comes out. 

Be gentle when lifting the platter. If it’s an old turntable, it might be stuck on there pretty good. Grab from the sides or access holes and lift or tug gently until the platter comes out. 

How to Remove BSR Turntable Platter

Most BSR platters are connected to the main part of the turntable with a circlip. You need to remove this clip before you can take out the platter. Use pliers, a flathead screwdriver, or your fingers to remove the clip. 

This clip can be located in different places on different BSR models, but it’s typically somewhere near the spindle or the center of the platter. Use caution not to break the clip when using tools to remove it.  

How to Remove Technics Platter

Most Technics turntable platters are easy to remove. There are no clips on most of these, so you just need to pull the platter off the spindle. 

If you can’t pull the platter off directly, try inserting a flathead screwdriver between the platter and the table of the turntable. Use leverage to force the platter up a bit. Then tap the spindle lightly with a mallet or something soft until it breaks free. 

You don’t want to use too much force here, just enough pressure to help you break the platter free. 

How to Remove Garrard Turntable Platter

Garrard turntables are older models that are still floating around. These can be antiques, and people often pick them up secondhand. 

Most of these turntables have a retaining ring holding the platter in place that you need to remove before the platter will come free. This is the same as the instructions above, but remember, these old rings might be more challenging to remove. 

Once the ring is removed, you might need to pry to platter lose with a flathead screwdriver or similar tool. Be firm but gentle when you do this. 

Turntable Platter Won’t Come Off

If you are having trouble getting your turntable platter off, first check that you have removed any ring or clamp holding it in place. If that’s off, you can use a flathead screwdriver or something similar to try and pry up the platter from the base. 

Tapping the spindle as you pry up can help loosen things. You don’t want to bang the spindle too hard, so use a rubber mallet or something similar to avoid damage. 

If none of this works, you might be dealing with a seized platter. Sometimes they will get stuck in place and can’t really be removed. You might need to take it to a turntable repair shop, and even then, you might be out of luck. 

Most turntable platters should come off relatively easily if the clamps are removed. But a stuck or seized platter can happen if a turntable sits around for a long time or is neglected. 

How to Clean Turntable Platter

Once you have removed your turntable platter, it’s a good idea to clean it before you reinstall it. This will help get rid of any dust or debris that might impact the audio quality as the platter is spinning. 

To clean your turntable platter, just wipe it thoroughly with a slightly damp rag or towel. This should clean it up nicely without getting it too wet. You can clean the top, bottom, and sides of the platter. 

Some people also like to use a window cleaner. This is fine, but don’t use any cleaning product that contains bleach or other harsh chemicals that might damage the platter material. 


Here are a few short answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to removing a turntable platter. 

How do you remove a dual turntable platter? 

You can remove a dual turntable platter similarly to how you remove a single platter. Remove the retaining ring first on each platter and then lift up gently. Some dual platter tables might also have a lever you need to flip to release the platter. 

How do you remove a turntable circlip?

A turntable circlip, also known as a c-clip or retaining ring, is pretty easy to remove. You just need to widen the edges of the clip enough for it to slide off of its post. You can use small pliers or even your fingers to make this happen. 

Can you change the platter on a turntable? 

It is possible to change the platter on a turntable if it gets too dirty or damaged. You’ll need to remove the platter and put a new one on that matches up exactly for this to work. Getting the exact same platter is a good idea for optimal playback. 

Is it worth getting an acrylic platter for your turntable? 

If you are trying to get the best sound, you should consider upgrading to an acrylic turntable. If you are an average vinyl listener, you probably don’t need to get an acrylic platter and can stick with whatever is currently on your turntable. 

What is the best platter for a turntable? 

There isn’t one exact material that everyone agrees is the best platter for a turntable. But foam options help to reduce vibrations to give you excellent sound quality. Whatever platter comes with your turntable should work fine for the average listener. 

Final Thoughts

Most turntable platters can be removed by taking off a retaining clip and then lifting the platter up with your hands. If it’s an older turntable, you might need to be gentle and apply a bit more pressure than a newer one. 

Always be careful when using tools near the internal components of your turntable. You don’t want to damage the belt or motor with a screwdriver or pliers. You should have nothing to worry about if you go slow and be gentle. 

Have you ever removed a turntable platter? What kind of turntable was it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  • Jadeja Dharmrajsinh Harendrasinhji

    How can remove platter from Yamaha yp500 record player…..

    • Donovan

      Hi Jadeja,

      I haven’t removed the platter on a YP500 myself, but I am familiar with a similar Yamaha model, the YP800. For that model, you literally just pull the platter off. There are no screws or anything else directly attaching it to the drive. My guess is that the YP500 is probably similar. So all you need to do is grab ahold of the platter on either side with your hands and pull it up and off. If it seems stuck, you can use a blow dryer to warm up the metal and other components. This is similar to running a stuck jar under hot water. It will cause the parts to expand and should be easier to pull off. Keep me posted on if that works out, and I hope that helps!