Can I Get Logic Pro X for Free?

You can’t really get Logic Pro X for free, but you can take advantage of the 90-day free trial that Apple offers for the App. You can also install Logic on another computer you own if you have already purchased the app.

I’m Donovan, a musician and producer with years of experience using Logic Pro X and several other DAWs. I’ve researched to find out if you can get Logic Pro X for free, and I also looked into the cost of other apps. 

This post will show you how you can (kind of) get Logic Pro X for free by using the 90-day free trial. I’ll also explain why you don’t want to use pirated versions of the app and why paying for Logic is actually a pretty good deal. 

Let’s get to it. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can’t technically get Logic Pro X for free unless you were to use a pirated version of the app, which is not recommended. 
  • Apple offers a 90-day free trial of Logic Pro X, which gives you nearly three months of full access to the app before paying for it. 
  • If you want a free audio production app, consider using GarageBand. It’s similar to Logic Pro X in many ways, although it’s limited in function comparatively.  

Is There a Free Version of Logic Pro X? 

Technically, there is no free version of Logic Pro X. If you want this app, you’ll need to purchase it from the App Store, which costs $199.99. But a few workarounds give you (somewhat) free access to Logic Pro X. 

But the only way to use Logic Pro X and have full and unlimited access to all of its tools and features is to purchase it somehow. There are several options for doing this, and I’ll walk you through them in the sections below. 

If you happen to see an advertisement or link to a free version of Logic Pro X, it’s probably not real. Chances are, the link is malicious, or the ad is trying to get you to click for another reason. 

I have seen pirated versions of Logic Pro X before, but I wouldn’t recommend attempting to download or install those. Even if you did get that type of version of the app to work, you would probably run into potential issues down the road. 

How to Get Logic Pro X for Free

Even though you can’t get Logic Pro X completely free, there are a few ways you can save money or use the software for a while without paying. The information below will help you kind of get Logic Pro X for free. 

If you don’t want to pay for Logic, you should take advantage of the 90-day free trial that Apple offers. This lets you use the full version of Logic Pro X for nearly three months without paying for it, which is an extended trial period. 

Once those 90 days are over, you will need to purchase the full version if you want to continue using it. But chances are, by then, you’ll either love working with it and won’t mind paying or won’t want to continue using it.

A trial period is great for anyone who isn’t sure if they want to pay full price for Logic or if they might want to use other DAWs instead. And the 90-day period that Apple offers is pretty long, giving you a lot of time to explore what the app can do. 

The other way to kind of get Logic Pro X for free is to take advantage of the Pro Apps Bundle for Education that Apple offers. This bundle includes Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, and MainStage. 

All of these apps are great and offer high-level capabilities for a bunch of different creative purposes. If you were to purchase each of these on their own, you’d pay full price, which would be near $1000. 

But if you are a student, you can buy the entire bundle for $199.99, which is what Logic Pro X costs for everyone else. So you essentially get a bunch of apps for free with the purchase of one of them, which is a great deal.  

How to Get Free Plugins for Logic Pro X

If you decide to purchase Logic Pro X and want to expand your possibilities within the app, there are some great free plugins you can use with it. These plugins are made by third-party developers but work with Logic, no problem. 

To get these free plugins, all you need to do is go to the developer’s website and download whatever plugin you are looking for. Make sure you download the version compatible with macOS, so you can use it with Logic. 

There are quite a few free plugins out there that you can use with Logic Pro X. It’s always fun to explore these to see what free products can help you create better music or add depth and texture to your recording projects. 

Should You Pay for Logic Pro X? 

The decision to pay for Logic Pro X can be tough if you have never used the app or are on a budget. While it’s not that expensive compared to other professional DAWs, a few hundred dollars is still a few hundred dollars. 

If you want a great Mac-based audio production app, you won’t find one any better than Logic Pro X. I think it’s an excellent investment that will give you all the tools and features you need to make great music, no matter what style you are into or your experience level. 

If you don’t have a need for a full-scale audio production app, it might not be worth paying full price for Logic. You can always use GarageBand, which is free and has a similar look and feel to Logic. 

If you are on the fence about it, take advantage of the 90-day trial period and dive in and explore what Logic can do. Then you can decide for yourself whether the full version of Logic is good for you.


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to how to get Logic Pro X for free. 

Is Logic free for students? 

There is no free version of Logic, even for students. But students can take advantage of the Pro Apps Bundle for Education, which includes Logic and Apple’s other creative apps. You can get all of these for the price of $199.99. 

How do I get Logic X Pro for free on Windows? 

You can’t get Logic X Pro on Windows. It’s not compatible with that operating system even if you wanted to pay for it. Several good DAWs will work with Windows, but Logic is not one of them and probably never will be. 

Does Logic Pro come free with Mac? 

No, Logic Pro does not come free with your Mac. The app is only available in the App Store for purchase, and it costs $199.99. GarageBand does come free with your Mac and is included with all of the preinstalled apps on macOS. 

Final Thoughts

Even though you can’t get Logic Pro X for free, it’s still a great audio production app that is affordable compared to other professional-level DAWs. If you use a Mac and want great software, Logic is hard to beat. 

But remember to take advantage of the 90-day trial period to use Logic Pro X for free for a few months. Or, if you are a student, consider buying the app bundle and saving a bunch of money!

Do you think Logic Pro X is worth the cost? Did you take advantage of the 90-day trial period? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • House of Tone

    My old iMac (2012) has finally packed up along with Logic 9 and I was forced to order the new 24” iMac but now I’m extremely excited to download the most recent Logic Pro X on my new computer…..can’t wait!

  • Priscilla aka Sapphira

    Hey Donovan! Thanks for writing this great blog and pages. I totally connect with your intro about being mesmerized by musicians as a youngster, I felt that exact same way, in fact, I desc ribed it as The Pull many years later when I was invited to write my memoir. It kinda doesn’t leave us, does it? Anyway, your journey setting up in bands, creating home studios and all that you have learnt and kindly impart to us is really awesome! So, my journey lead me from Australia to London UK and I’ve now married my music producer, it’s a special connection. We’re getting ready to revamp our studio album before launching it and have run into a small hitch. We bought Logic Pro X some 10 years ago, do we need to repurchase it as we’re not clear on if you can upgrade, go for the free trial on our new machines or somehow revive the older subscription and just upgrade it. Like most recording journeys, this is a decade of writing and whilst we remember the lyrics, we can’t remember the AppleID we used 🙂 haha!

    • Donovan

      Hi Priscilla,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m so happy to hear you enjoy the posts and can relate to my musical journey. You never know where things will take you, and I’m always glad to connect with people on the same level. And it’s so cool you married your producer! Haha. I’m sure the connection is strong. Logic X comes with free lifetime updates, so you should be able to work it out. It might not be as easy if you don’t have or remember the Apple ID you used. But you should still be able to contact Apple Customer Support and get access to you. They might be able to help you set up a new password or ID and get things figured out from there. I bought Logic for the first time over ten years ago and am still updating often, so I know it’s possible. I hope that helps, and keep me posted if you figure it out. Good luck with the new album release!